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Being humbled by love

My dear readers, what an adventure I am on! In my last post, I wrote about meeting my soul’s mate and how our heart hymns and soul songs were orchestrating the most beautiful of dances. Currently I am understanding how setting boundaries is an important aspect of experiencing true love. This connection is definitely humbling me. In fact, it’s stretching and opening my heart more. Initially, I felt provoked by fear and anxiety as I attempted to dive deeper into my soul and its stories. The ocean that  my heart swims and floats within. Intuitively guided by the emotions that have been triggered, I have decided to take some space from this romantic relationship in favor of addressing my own needs that aren’t being met within the current state of our union together.

As a woman in recovery from abuse, I have survived and overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol which has gifted me clear insights into why I chose to use in the first place. Altering myself by obstructing the lens through which I viewed the world only masked the core wounds I had. It drove a huge wedge between my heart and my soul, numbing the feelings out and blurred the memories of the many traumas I had endured. Choosing to love myself, I now embrace my sobriety as a priority for my well-being. It keeps my channel clear to receive messages from Spirit. My purpose is to use what I’ve experienced as a guide to show others like you, my dear readers, that healing is not only possible but is the pathway to owning your power! I believe this can only be achieved through loving ourselves to wholeness. Accepting all of our human pieces, the dark and the light. The heavy feelings of pain and sadness are to be honored as equally as joy and peace. This is the messiness of being human! Learning to embrace my own humanity, through love, is how I evolve and raise my consciousness.

This current romantic relationship is mysterious and unique in the ways in which I dive into the depths of soul, now as a sober person. Parts of me I felt were broken are healed, creating an awakened wholeness. Awareness of purpose brings goose bumps to my skin and an inner grin of knowingness within. I am here as a vessel for Spirit, God, Source, Universe…..a higher power. Humbled by love, I embrace every moment, hour by hour. In the spiritual realm where I dance, time and space don’t exist. We all are one magnificence. Choosing my sobriety is empowering and an act of self-love as I let go of someone who is choosing another lifestyle.

Humble love

I choose to live life with no regrets because every experience is an adventure! Every relationship is another piece of the puzzle of me, showing me more and more of myself. I’m grateful to find myself at a place in my life where I’m meeting the depths of love I never truly knew before while in addiction. Abusing myself was void of any love to be given or received genuinely. Over the span of twenty-five years, I continued to block out God, which obstructed the understanding of what my purpose is. I was disconnected from my soul. The prayers of love have finally been answered. And so it is. Amen.

Love’s prayer

Believing in myself and trusting Spirit, I take a big leap of faith. There’s that word again, faith, my chosen word for 2023. Mysterious unknowns surround me, yet I know that only love is what serves me. It’s the only truth I have. Going forward with Divine’s grand plan. Here I go, step-by-step, into an adventure of a lifetime. Pushing past self-imposed fears, I am ready to embark upon my calling. I’m happy to announce that I have just completed the 8th book of poems to be titled, “My Soul’s Love, a book of spells”. I intend for my 7th book (“My Soul’s Music”) as well as this latest one to be published and marketed by a publishing house. “My Soul’s Music” has already been accepted by a publisher, and now I’m focused on achieving funding to see this book onto the shelves of stores!

Adventure of a lifetime

We are in a massive shift, my dear readers, otherwise known as ecplise season. The cosmic energy, including solar storms, is bringing the highest frequency of love into our atmosphere. Life as we have known it is changing for the betterment of  all by directing us to our highest alignment. I’m compelled to answer this call, which is deepening the relationship with what truly matters. Love is all we need. Listening in as the ascended masters proceed to share their wisdom with me through channeled messages. I am humbled by this journey. For this human experience, I am worthy of all the love that resides in my heart. To love all that is is an aliveness of art!! Breathe deeply and accept all of this Light energy into your heart, for it breeds more love and is the fuel that manifests all the abundance you desire to create, my dear readers!

The Light of Love is calling

I’ve always loved words and reading. Books were my best friends growing up while attempting to block out the abuse I was experiencing in a dysfunctional home. This piece was inspired by a word prompt on the app I use to create my poetry, Miraquill. The platform was originally called Mirakee, which is derived from the Greek word Meraki, which means imbuing one’s soul, passion, and creativity into something. My soul is expressed through the poetry I write. The word was “story.” The lines flowed through to me with ease. Shamans are the storytellers of Spirit. It’s in my DNA. I come from a long line of great storytellers. I dedicate this poem to my ancestors. Thank you for guiding me and passing your wisdom along to me. I am humbled by your unwavering protection and deepening presence in my life!

Tell me a story

If you’re interested in a long distance shamanic healing session via phone, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations and other ritualistic services I provide or to purchase any of my 6 books of poetry please click the link below. See the Services tab in the menu on this website.
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In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

19 thoughts on “Being humbled by love”

  1. It’s interesting, all my favorite folks, seem to recovering from something. I think the process must bring one closer to reality and the genuine responsive self. And y0u used one of my favorite words to describe, well, ever thing.
    Life is always mysterious. ❤️🙃

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    1. I agree with you, Bryan, in that many of us sensitivities and highly intuitively inclined folks choose a destructive path of pain at first. This reality was extremely confusing for me for most of my life, and I did anything to alter, hide and escape. The “too much” mark of shame was branded to me in childhood. Every sense I possess was so incredibly intense that all I wanted to do was numb it all away. Now that I’m sober, I understand how I experience this world is my gift. I was handicapping myself to “fit in”. Now I know I am born to stand out 😊 (Dr.Suess’s famous line). Indeed my friend, life is definitely mysterious!! Thank you for your valuable insights always 🙏

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  2. An interesting thing to see that the very thing that was causing me pain, was that same thing that would show me love too. And then finally understand it was only me creating it so that I could see it within myself…nobody else could. Great post dear lady, may that up and down truly allow your heart to find that level ground that love is 😀❤️🙏

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    1. I believe in love, and I embrace my journey of receiving it from another in a grounded way. I know now what I deserve. I like how you explained that love is a “level ground.” I pray for that too. Thank you dearly my friend 🙏❤️😊

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  3. It sounds like this relationship takes you very deep into every space of yourself and makes you discover yourself in a new way. Of course, and regarding your history, that can be scary and overwhelming at times. If you really found your twin soul then this will only tighten your bond.

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    1. Isn’t it fascinating? I agree with you about our bond and pray that this period of aloneness brings us back together in a stronger way ❤️ I have learned over these last few years that I must take care of me 1st and choose me. What’s meant to be will be❤️ Love you sis ❤️

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      1. The more you are you, the more things you attract that are like this pure you. As you said, what’s meant to be, will be. And so far, this went bad for you 💖Love you too, dear Sis 💖

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