The brilliance of my heart’s passionate fire

Do you hear that sound? It’s your soul calling. Take off the blindfold of lies society is force feeding you and answer the call my dears. For the fire I feel is all around me and it’s all consuming. Burning away the aspects of my being’s coping behaviors and patterns that no longer serve my soul’s spirit. Also igniting the passionate fire that holds my soul’s wildest dreams. These include new insights into my sensuality and creativity. I’ve learned so much in the past two months that has helped me to reach master status as a shaman. My skills are growing by leaps and bounds. The big ah-ha moment which revealed itself to me this week is the realization of how much I actually am channeling Spirit. I created this understanding with them as a child because I could see, hear and feel them all around me. I have written often about how loud my childhood felt, in all aspects. The environment I lived in was dysfunctional and chaotic, especially frightening for a highly sensitive child who was communicating with lots of different spirits as though they were in the realm of the living. I’ve started remembering much more of this time since officially being anointed as a shaman. In my soul’s past lives I have served this world as a shaman many times and during healing sessions I’m remembering exactly where I was and what I have done to heal others, new techniques are sprouting with the percussion instruments I use, the way I move my hands and body and the words I say are all play an intricate part of this dance with Spirit that is the basis for the art of shamanism. It thoroughly takes my breath away every single time. The fire that burns inside my soul during these moments is awesome and so gratifying.

Allowing myself to accept these memories takes me by surprise while I sit and meditate. The visions that have started popping up whether or not my eyes are opened or closed have steadily increased. I used to only have these visions while gazing up in the sky at clouds and now they’re everywhere. I see more angels, colored shapes and animal faces. For 40 years of my almost 43 years I actively blocked and ignored these visions. I pretended they weren’t happening at all. The amount of pain this caused my being was tremendous and so very confusing not to mention incredibly distracting! Now that I’ve moved away from chaos and live a quiet and simple life, they are too much to ignore. I must mention that these are sensibilities I was born with and have always occurred whether or not I was on medication. In fact, I experienced them in more challenging ways during the years I was on medication. I write this to tell you all my dears that no, I’m not crazy. That is something society has conditioned us all into thinking and forces those of us with these gifts to feel like something is wrong with us! Difference unfortunately isn’t celebrated and appreciated as it should be. In fact, these senses are available to all humans, mine just have a volume setting that has been turned all the way up. I have felt cursed, damned, ashamed and alone for most of my life like I was trapped inside a body that was all wrong. I now know there are many, many others like me and we are here to help heal humanity one heart at a time.

We have been gifted with the many “clairs” of clairvoyance ( clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairalience (clear smelling), clairgustance (clear tasting) and claircognizance (clear knowing). I have all of these at different times with the exception of diminished volume of hearing because I suffered a loss as a child by having my ear drum punctured by a q-tip accidently. Most of us are either afraid to admit to feeling this way or are too distracted by technology and our fast paced world to pay attention to them. Science has only measured a tiny percentage of wavelengths and frequencies within the electromagnetic field that consists of all the energy around us. These different frequencies interact with the body in many different ways. Depending on how much you understand about your own EMF, how much work you’ve done on it and how aware you are all depends on how affected your body is. For example, when someone walks by you and you get a weird creepy or “bad” feeling simply means that their “vibes” don’t jive with yours. Your gut tells you to stay away or your mind casts a judgement that you don’t like that person but you can’t come up with a tangible reason of why. You may of heard the term, “oh that’s heavy” or “let’s keep it light”. Both of these are examples of judgements made about energy and the vibrations they carry.

Here’s where I am my dears. I understand that my soul is here to be a part of an Earth angel army that’s meant to shine the pure light of love’s brilliance upon all of humanity. Living my life operating from my soul’s full spirit and the love vibration continually adds more and more fire that burns brightly throughout my entire being and that is transmitted out into this world through my beliefs, thoughts and actions. I have an immense gratitude for the painful moments that have brought me to my knees to see the grace of God work miracles in my life on multiple occasions. Magic and miracles are created and fueled by love. Love is the greatest untapped superpower our world has ever experienced. In the past 16 months since my soul’s spiritual awakening began, I have met many sisters and brothers who have the same vision and are on the same mission. My poems aim to inject the love vibration straight into the hearts of all who read them. Here are two new ones that will be featured in my upcoming book, “My Soul’s Light” and a republish of two others.

In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations or to purchase any of my 3 books of poetry please click the link below.

What are you aiming for?
I am a shaman
God’s eternal sign of hope
Humanity’s love march