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Poetry is the notes of my heart’s hymns and soul’s songs

The notes of my heart’s hymns deliver the music to my soul’s songs. Discovering the love within is what drew me to my soulmate. This experience is teaching me more about the tremendous power of love. It’s purity, the ability to heal and to encompass everything that is alive! Writing poetry is my soul’s expression and how I process the world around me. I channel these messages through clairsentience, clear feeling and clairaudience, clear hearing, like notes of a song. In this post, I will share twelve poems that celebrate the aliveness within my heart and the love that surrounds me. My heart is bursting with excitement for the love I feel inside, gratitude for the journey, and the gift of having true love with another. I’m experiencing a huge paradigm shift with the ushering in of new energies with this relationship. Absolutely, everything is different in the best ways and serves the higher alignment I now find myself in. The connection I feel with my mate is as easy as a summer breeze. As natural as a waterfall, flowing over a mountain peak. Our hearts hymns are a poetic match that amplifies the soul songs we hear from one another, singing a duet in the key of love.

This gift is something I have prayed for and yearned for for many years. Our union is a direct answer from the universe, showing me how much I have grown and healed through. This man freely gives me the love I deserve. Our love language is a match through physical touch and our love for The Grateful Dead. Our hippie hearts love to dance! Many of these poems are born from reflecting upon this current love adventure.

It’s an amazing miracle to witness how tremendously love grows between two hearts as it flows. Powerful feelings sprouting from an intuitive and shared language. My heart is eternally grateful for meeting its counterpart in another.

Since my suicide attempt in 2011, I’ve been gathering the pieces of myself. Shadow and Light combine to create the human experience equally by holding magical power. All these years later, I can see the value in both. I accept who I am. I love me. There’s no one I would rather be.

May we all become our own best friend

Throughout my life, I have always felt like I didn’t fit in. Now I understand it’s because I am born to lead. To help others see their own light. I’m not the only one. There are many of us who are different. We serve different roles here to spread God’s love. My purpose is to help heal humanity one heart at a time through poetry and shamanic healing. I lovingly refer to myself as a rainbow unicorn. I am here to blaze a new path. Today, I embrace this role and ask others to join me! Let’s all dance to the beat of our own internal drum. Composing a new Universal hum, LOVE!

The human experience is vast and deep. Soul awakens to hear the angels speak. Remaining in awe of its brilliant magic. Grateful heart filled with joy after releasing the static.

Searching for my heart’s song in another has brought me to my soulmate. He is my ultimate love for this lifetime. It’s like we’ve been seeking out one another for years. Listening for love’s song by deaf ears. Divine purpose has ignited our connection. Finally, we hear our love song as a complete and combined chorus!

I am ecstatic and in love with the man of my dreams! He sees me fully and embraces all my feels. We are deeply connected by soul. He is my divine match and together we are imperfectly perfect. I was given guided information back at the end of 2021 about how, in 2022, I would meet my soul’s true match. Read for a detailed description of what Spirit was predicting for me. I met my man 12/17/22.

The choice is clear. Only love resides here. In the heart of us all, it sets us free!! May we choose to follow its intuitive language. Happiness is the product of this choice my dear readers. Hold onto it  and treat it as the precious commodity it is inside. One of the main prayers I recite daily is for God to help me to share the peace, love and joy that I hold inside with others on my journey. That is my intention. And so it is.

The greatest desires create the experiences of life. I’m learning to trust more deeply in these instincts. Embracing the complexities of my soul’s wholeness. Life is a mysterious adventure and love is the fuel that drives my desires.

The things I’ve learned in this life could fill thousands of pages. For now this poem is what is on my heart.

The path of healing taught me many things. Love is the greatest of all superpowers. May we all utilize its amazing frequency to change this world, starting with ourselves.

The human experience is about remembering who we are and creating that knowing into being. This occurs by our journey through darkness and acceptance of light. Both are vital. May your adventure be fruitful my dear readers. Amen.

Love is my muse, while I fall deeply into its grasp with the man of my dreams!!

Love is grown from inside and is alive

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In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

23 thoughts on “Poetry is the notes of my heart’s hymns and soul’s songs”

    1. You repeating my words back to me gives me such glee!! May we both continue to shine as we rise together ❤️ ✨️ Thank you for your continued kindness and support 🙏 Graciously receiving your love and sending ❤️ right back!!

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  1. And everything that ever was, was worth it to arrive at the place you are today because only that way you could get here and meet who matches your being at this time of your life. The universe is breathtakingly amazing. What an orchestration of stories to develop into the person you need to become to meet the person you are destined to meet. Goosebumps all over. So happy for you, Maria!!

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    1. Reading your words here me goosebumps too Erika!! I am SO grateful for this tremendous journey through heartache and pain to blissful love and laughter!! Everything serves and is worth its weight in treasured gold! I couldn’t wish for anything less. Big hugs and love to you!!!
      Today I was honored with the post of the day on the app I use to write my poetry. This is the caption: I’ve always loved words and reading. Books were my best friends growing up while attempting to block out the abuse I was experiencing in a dysfunctional home. This word prompt was fun and the lines came to me with ease. Shamans are the storytellers of Spirit. It’s in my DNA. I come from a long line of great storytellers. I dedicate this poem to my ancestors. Thank you for guiding me and passing your wisdom along to me. This is the poem:
      Tell me a story
      The stories you read
      Composed with the intention to heed
      Lessons for the journey
      Some long and too wordy
      Others simple and poetic
      Playing upon heart strings that are empathetic
      Captivated by wonder
      Listening in as lightening strikes through raining thunder
      Their words stick to the walls of the soul
      Weaving the tapestry of who we are

      Extremely fitting for where I am and the current story I am writing ✨️💕


      1. Powerful words that come and go to heart. I love when everything concludes in a happy ending that actually is only the beginning of a completely new adventure.
        It is such a poignant thought that all the pain and hardships we had to go through needed to be to make us create ourselves into something so amazingly powerful. Looking back and realizing it, gives a strength that we would not have without the difficult times. Blessings to you, dear Maria 💖

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      2. Absolutely ❤️ 100% truth!! Crawling, walking and now carefree running into my dreams!! We did it all and are wiser for it. It’s a blessing to share this with you my kindred spirited soul sister ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. There is something so beautiful about relationship. And some seem a reconnection with an other that seems thousands of eons old. At an old age of 80 Gautama told Ananda that the most important thing in life is Wisdom and Sangha, because it’s in Sangha we find out who we really are, if we pay attention. Great post, lots to contemplate. Take care, my friend!

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  3. So happy for you in all the ways your journey is connecting!!! And so happy for you on your new love, it’s a treat to read your true happiness!!!! Beautiful to see how love is guiding you in your words too, keep on sharing/shining dear friend 🤍🤗

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