Month in review

It’s the last day of March and wow what a month this has been! It feels more like a year my dear readers. If somebody had told me where we’d all be finding ourselves today (quarantined in our homes) in the 1st week of March, I wouldn’t have believed it. I have been doing my best to allow whatever feeling or emotion that pops up to flow through although the past two days I have been feeling really tired. I have given myself permission to do absolutely nothing. Take my energy engines down yo neutral and regroup, nap and do mindless activities like binge tbe latest series on Netflix🎬 The weather has turned back to clouds and rain here in Dallas which always translates into sheer laziness for me😉

In my last post I mentioned the sheer frustration I was feeling in getting my Covid-19 test results. Finally, early Monday morning I found out I tested negative. Phew! The amount of relief I feel that such a weight has been lifted. I don’t think I realized how much I was internalizing, fear wise until I read the report again twice. It was an overwhelming sense of release because Lincoln and I had been at each other understandably with so much unknown. It’s like we both stopped white knuckling life. I believe that’s why I’m so tired now. I’m still unraveling the ability I have to dissociate from uncomfortable feelings. This situation has given me another opportunity to learn that doing that doesn’t serve me very well. I’m in the throws of an emotional hangover🤪 and usually I would be beating myself up for it……now not so much. Being gentle with myself is a much better way of handling it.

“Highest self” describes the place within ourselves where we can operate and make decisions based in our own best interests. It takes practice y’all and is ever unfolding and shifting. Self healing is never over and we never completely master any part of our psyche. Since life is cyclical we are presented with an ever deepening understanding in each area of our lives that requires our attention in new ways throughout our existence here as the humans we embody. I chose to believe I am a spirit,a soul having a human experience. We are multidimensional. Getting in touch with each part of myself is the greatest adventure.

I am a naturally upbeat and positive person. However, I still have my moments of anger, sadness and fear etc. I don’t allow myself to stay stuck in any one feeling or emotion these days because I continue to do the inner work required to live a happier and more peaceful life. I was once very disassociated from my own feelings because as a HSP, they seemed too big and overwhelming. As an intuitive empath, I chose to focus solely on the feelings of others. This did so much harm to my body, mind and spirit while wreaking havoc upon my life. My transformation to the better place I now find myself in started 10 years ago.

Again, it takes lots if practice and time. With our current situation, we all have plenty of that. Ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable looking at certain parts of yourself. Get in there and meet yourself. Give yourself a chance to grow and evolve during this forced reset our world is in. Start the transformation. There’s no time like the present. I believe that is what we are all being called to do right now. It’s the only way to survive this my loves.

“Highest self”

Yesterday was my nephew Nick’s 18th birthday and I wrote this for him to officially welcome him into adulthood. I am honored to be his aunt and watch him grow. He has grown into such an awesome human being. HBD 🎉Much love always Nick ❤

“Look at you now”
Nick & my sister Gina

One of the things that has kept me going is connecting to my creativity. I have such a passion for dance and I try to set aside some time for a little solo dance party in my apartment no matter what💃

Continuing my solo dance party loves. I was blessed to travel around with The Grateful Dead in the 90s with my best friend Lynn and a bunch of our other friends from high school. Here I am grooving to “Shakedown Street”. What are you up to my dear readers?

I’m also really appreciate many of my friends, family and followers repost my poem, “Love marathon”. This is my wish for our world right now. I share it now again in this post as a way of injecting more love and positivity into our Universe 🌎

“Love marathon”

In my next post I have taken inspiration from my dear friend and fellow blogger Erika Kind of Share Your Light and I will be sharing the story of the favorite place I have ever lived. That place came quickly to mind because ten years ago I rented a beach cottage on a private beach in Rhode Island. To this day, that home is the only place I ever felt truly at home at besides the house I grew up in. I adored that beach cottage with all it’s windows, natural light and sea drenched air. So many beautiful views from all around that property because it was right across the street from the beach itself that was open to the residents only. I really love Erika’s idea of posting something that brought joy and happiness in life. It’s part of her recent post you can check it out here and join us under the hashtag #Momentsofjoy



Let’s dive into our soul

This post has been trying to manifest itself for sometime my dear readers. With this ever changing situation our entire world is in, coupled with the spiritual growth I myself have been experiencing, HOLY MOLY y’all!!!! The messages, downloads actually, come so intensely at times it overwhelms my entire system. This week as I sat in Mother Nature’s excellence, I was finally able to piece together all of what was being revealed to me. I’m so grateful to have been able to finally sit with it all to make sense out of it😊

It is said that we attract what we need in this life and I firmly agree. The relationships I cultivate are exactly what I need to learn and gain wisdom from. For a very long time I brought in others who were broken, narcissistic and displayed deep sociopathic behaviors. Yet after this summer’s breakthrough, I see everything from a new light. I thank our God and creator for that whole heartedly. The perspective of “victim and why me” is now thank God me, what is this meant to be teaching me? I feel like my soul is this giant sponge just soaking up the energy of others to be nurtured into a more acceptable and loveable Maria❤

We are all interconnected and only together do we rise. Plug yourself into a soul tribe, learn from others and in turn gain an inner wisdom that is your own soul’s language. My dear reader’s that is what this down time has taught me. Whenever I am feeling resistance to what, specifically my partner whom I have been forced to be with 24/7 in a very small space is saying (at times shouting at me) I can go outside and say ah-ha!!! The stubborn Itialian girl inside needed to hear that. I needed to see that side of my own ego thinking to be able to accept that there is always another way of looking at the world 🤗

I feel very blessed to have so much quiet time lately. Tuning into my own natural rhythm and parsing out just what I make of the world around me. Going deeper. That is always my destination. As my son Ty would say, wow Mom that’s deep. Yes my dear it is and it’s only there that the truth lies. Whether I’m bouncing off the walls exercising, tap dancing or sun bathing in my backyard…..the Universe is constantly sending me affirmations and synchronization of prior messages as if to say “keep going, you are on the right path my dear.” As a devoted student of this spiritual journey, I bow my head and oblige 🙌

The things that have brought this naturally high vibe, extroverted and upbeat woman an abundance of peace has been maintaining my routine. Like my partner Lincoln asked once, “does spirituality take a day off?” In response I shook my head casually and said “Nope baby.” Everyday I open my eyes and charge forward with a real conviction to meet my soul wherever I am at and in that moment. Here is a small list of what I do before I begin interacting with the world around me:

Reading affirmations

Open Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening” to read that day’s passage

Putting the chakra balancing crystals upon my chakra points while I turn on the SoundHeal app, sitting quietly for 10-15 minutes in whichever frequency I feel suits me in that moment.

My holistic arsenal of essential oils and chakra balancing crystals

After that I grab my journal and pour out my thoughts without thinking, judging or stopping. I believe in free association writing in the morning so I can get in touch with whatever my soul is connecting with at that moment. My dear readers, I can’t express to you how much these practices have meant to me over the last 9 months and how much inner wisdom I have gained from allowing myself to go in whatever direction is necessary. Working up that spiritual muscle 💪is needed for when I am called into battle as the human vessel I embody in this life. It’s all gravy or a cherry on top, however one chooses to see it🍨

This morning I was served the first test of my patience as I awaited the test results from the Covid19 test I had administered to me on Tuesday. My brother in law drove my partner and I to a drive through testing facility in downtown Dallas where they stuck a q-tip up to my brain space quite literally to retrieve a sample of my mucus membranes. I was then told to wait 2-3 days for a phone call giving me the results. This morning at 8:22 AM I answered that call only to find out that the person who took down my information had made an error in documenting my address (yes, I know what you’re thinking dear readers, why wasn’t my driver’s license scanned digitally) Without being able to verify me properly, even by my driver’s license number (I offered it too) I would have to wait for a call back🙄

I’m not someone who accepts NO for an answer. So I went about calling any official number I could find, even finally speaking to a supervisor at the state of Texas board of health to not only tell them of my story but to ask how I retrieve the result. In the meantime, 5 plus hours of frustration ensued. My partner and I are quarantined in our small apartment with no hot water (that’s another story for another time) his mother and aunt who are elderly and immune deficient are alone in the main house without our help and his brother has been banished to a room in his house all because we don’t know for sure if  I have this dreaded virus 🤬

Houston we have a problem

One more avenue I exhausted was registering myself on the website of the lab who administered the test only to find out that there were no known lab results for me. As of 5:45 PM, the time I am writing this post, I still have no answers. At this point, can I trust the result to even be accurate?

I share all of this to express to you all that we truly have very little control over what happens in our world. Even when we follow the guidelines and do what we are instructed. The only real truth is what lies within our soul. There lies our true North star and whatever I find there is what God wants for me to know and understand. I trust in that. I am guided by love and driven by faith🙏

I will leave you with this my dear readers. After my morning of frustration and aggravation, I put on my favorite music and got my workout on!! Sweating out all the crap I can’t change or control. Dancing to my favorite tunes until I was thoroughly exhausted and expressed💃

Live your truth, express your soul because that’s all that matters 🙌❤

A great man who helped to shape the music industry in our world, Mr. Quincy Jones said this and I firmly agree…..”Not one drop of my self worth depends on your acceptance of me”


Life in quarantine

Ah my dear readers, here we all are…..at home. My fiance and I are sharing space here in our small apartment which at times seems smaller than it really is if you know what I mean🤪 Thankfully the weather here in Dallas has been absolutely gorgeous, sunshine with crystal clear blue skies allowing me to spend a lot of time in my backyard by myself. Feeling one with nature as I sit in self reflection. Here is some of the beauty Mother nature has shared with me over the past 2 days….

It is said when you see a cardinal it is a sign from a deceased loved one…hello Nana🖐
Tree limbs that tell a story

Just last evening at dusk while I was gazing up at this tree in my neighbor’s backyard….I came up with this poem📝


I have been using my free time quite constructively, squeezing all of the creative juices I can muster into my passions. I made pasta primavera for lunch and then afterwards I felt inclined to lace up my tap dance shoes for a bit of toe tapping💃

I’ve told y’all before that I am a Jersey girl, half Italian, Puerto Rican and Venezuelan with a splash of Polish. During these uncertain times we must keep our spirits up and tap our toes to the rhythm of our soul….mine’s extra seasoned y’all💃🤗❤✌

This post focuses on the lighter side of this forced down time aka 24/7 with my partner. Honestly it hasn’t always been a ball of laughter and smiles. Tomorrow I plan on writing a more serious and insightful post that looks at how very challenging this time has been for my fiance and I. It’s been over eighteen months since we have had this much down time AND spent this much time with each other with no reprieve. As much as we love each other….oh boy have we both gotten in each other’s space in an annoying way 🙄 Lincoln holds the title of being the only man I have ever allowed get close enough to me to even urk my nerves. But that’s for tomorrow’s post my dear readers.

Give me some space baby 🤨

For tonight, let me leave you with this. This is what is printed across the shirt that I’m wearing in the tap dancing video:



A little bit of sunshine

Hey y’all!! I returned back here to Texas from Florida late Sunday night. I gave myself permission to rest and do nothing yesterday which is a real challenge for me having the amount of energy I do 😜 The weather cooperated however and was quite dreary with rain, inviting me to lay under the covers, snuggle with my partner while we watched movies🎬 one of my favorite down time activities.

To do list

The clouds parted and the sun was shining bright today here my dear readers! YAY, I am a huge sun lover 😉 I must express how welcoming this felt here since Dallas has been under rain storms for over two weeks now 🌞 I made my daily morning shake using these supplements. Took my vitamins, put on my work out clothes and headed into my backyard😎

Plant based protein & maca powder
Supergreens for superior health

First I read my daily affirmations, repeating them once over with my eyes closed. Then I read a page under today’s date in Mark Nepo’s “Book of Awakening” which focused on growing even in darkness. Ah Mr. Nepo, how your words hit so close to home today. I would be lying if I said that the current state of our world hasn’t gotten me rattled and worried. As an intuitive empath, the energy swirling around me affects me differently throughout the day. I am doing my best, my damndest to allow my emotions to flow through without getting stuck on the fear or sadness too much. My anxiety is amped up however, I do have CPTSD and it feels more intense lately in a new way my dear readers.

I spent three hours out there in solitude and it felt wonderful❤ I balanced my chakras using my crystal set too. Putting all of my energy into keeping my thoughts light and positive. Here’s a little video I took afterwards featuring my latest mantra🧘‍♀️

As Above So Below

I am centered. I am balanced. I am encased in white light. I radiate love from the inside out. I am alright🥰

Until next time…..peace, love & light ✌❤🌠


Love marathon

Out for a run today by the beach and it dawned on me that this world right now needs a huge boost of love❤ Our current situation with this virus is calling for a marathon of energy not a spirit my friends. Sending love out to you all, stay safe🥰

My loving intentions
My wish for the world 🙏

If anybody would like to reblog this please do

A poem with this intention can really help others and our world needs all the love it can get right now! We can never have to much love!!