I stand up

This photo was originally posted by city close to Dallas. The message is clear. I stand with my black brothers and sisters to call out what needs to stop. We all deserve better than this. Nobody, should ever have to live in fear.

I have a story to share….my partner of 7 years is a black man. Four years ago we were on a road trip from Florida to New England. He was driving the car and we were pulled over for speeding. As most of you know already, I’m a person who’s highly in touch with my emotions. As he distinctly knew how to handle this, all windows rolled down, his both hands on the wheel holding his wallet. He was calm yet I became overwhelmed by fear. I thought I was about to watch the worst unfold as the officer approached his window. I began hysterically crying. The officer took both of us out of the car and questioned us separately. Nothing happened yet I believe my crying actually made him more suspicious something was going on. We pulled away with a mere speeding ticket which is common. I can’t help but think about how different that scenario goes down for other black people. How it ended for George Floyd and his family. Unjust, unfair and senseless.

Love and compassion for all humankind. We’re at a tipping point in our society. This revolution is now. We need to enact real change. This country has so much blood on its hands and can’t continue to sweep systemic racism under the rug.

As a white woman who has grown up with priviledge, it’s crucial for me to stand together with the black community and call out what is going on. The peaceful protests being met with military forces. The white supremacists joining in because our disgrace for a president fans the flames. There are people protecting the police from violence. There is TOO MUCH VIOLENCE. People, wake up to the desensitization and numbness and rise in this revolution and say NO MORE. We all deserve better than this. We are better than this.

Quit the separateness thinking. What happens to one of us affects ALL of us as a collective. We are one. The human race.