The power of love is my magic

Today marks “Emotional Musings” 2 year anniversary my dear readers. My heart is full of such immense love for you all here as it is for every living creature of this Universe. That being said, it’s immeasurable and powerful. The blessings that have been bestowed upon me on this journey and what I’ve learned allow me to lead my life with genuineness and gratitude. What I’ve learned is that the power and intention of love is magic. It can and does heal us. It’s a choice and a way of being that has completely changed my life!

I see fear, sadness, judgement and opinions being cast onto others that cover what our pure nature is which is love. Love that beats loudly and in a hypnotic rhythm inside all of us. We are all the same and we are all one. Rising above the animalistic behavior to a higher consciousness is the goal and the theme for arriving at peace and unity. Fully eradicating all stigmas that are fueled by hate and evil. The path of the wounded healer encompasses seeing this truth and healing our beings to be able to vibrate love, the highest vibration of all. Breaking out of the low frequency of fear which erodes the human body, breaking down DNA and breeds disease.

We are one

My mission and the motto I live by is “Triumphing over Trauma”. Through my posts here, I have shared my story of abuse and trauma. I have survived emotional, physical and sexual abuse and dysfunction my entire life beginning with my family of origin. The toxicity is what covered my spirit creating the disease and utter deregulation in my being which is what the mainstream medical community calls Complex PTSD. I’ve endured years of severe panic attacks and debilitating dissociative episodes that brought me to psychiatric hospitals over thirteen times. I’ve been through a divorce that caused estrangement from my two teenage sons. I’m still currently estranged from my youngest. I spent twelve years as a stay at home mother before breaking away from my ex-husband to find myself and my purpose. I’ve been homeless and bankrupt. I’ve spent the last ten years healing and laying the necessary groundwork for the spiritual awakening that I experienced in June 2019 which has ultimately brought me to my calling of becoming a shaman.

Becoming my own hero is the best gift to myself
My testimony is my truth

From my ❤ to yours my dear readers, thank you for connecting with me here and helping me to spread my messages of light and love ❤ Be the light in your own life, love and heal yourself and then share that love with others. This is how we will rise together and create a more peaceful existence for everyone in this world. Namaste 🙏

If you’d like to book a shamanic healing session with me, long distance over the phone or a tarot card reading and to purchase my three books of poetry please click the link below. In light and in shadow🌠