Soul Medicine, a collection of poetry

My dear readers, I’m so grateful to have met so many wonderful writers on this platform. One in particular has illuminated a soul reflection that runs deep within my being. Ace of https://fearlessfreesoul.com and I connected organically because of our similar writing styles and the way we view the world. Leading with our hearts, full of love and rejecting fear, our souls dance a duet that has been born in the cosmos and aligned divinely in this life at this moment. Thank you so much Ace for being a brilliant example of authenticity, pure love and light. Your divine essence shines through your words. It’s an honor to call you my sister and my friend.

If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations and other ritualistic services I provide or to purchase any of my 5 books of poetry please click the link below or click the Services tab in the menu on my website.
For a personalized autographed copy of any of my books, please send me an email and use my PayPal account for payment.

In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

30 thoughts on “Soul Medicine, a collection of poetry”

  1. Awwww my dear sister, thank you thank you thank you for your beautifully kind words. I am so touched and honored 🤗🖤, truly means more than I can say!! Thank you so much for this magical experience of joining forces…it was a true joy!!! Thank YOU for being such a divine example of love, strength and the Universe always!!!! Here’s to soul medicine and the healing of humanity!!!! Love you 🤗🖤

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    1. Graciously received with a humble heart. My mission is to touch everyone and remind them of their own Divine essence and beauty. So happy it serves you my friend. Thank you for reblogging this one!

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  2. WOW! My head is spinning, literally, for I have discovered another Soul who knows Love is who we are and have always been. Your poetry combined with Ace’s words, stun me, and touch me so deeply that those very words bring to life in me the very core of why I am here. I am just blown away!! Just in the past 2 days, I am meeting people who resonate with my vibration, fully revealing as I am, that love is leading us to a New World. OH for the joy!! I am in awe, MariaTeresa. I know I am following you, yet I have no memory of doing so. Yet today I sit her stunned knowing I have found another Soul Sister. Bless you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing. So many still don’t understand. I do. OH I do!!! Much LOVE to you!! xo

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      1. *tears* Bless you. We are almost to our goal. I can feel it. I’ve become so blissed out at times it’s almost too much. I have to hang on to a tree to stay grounded. Keep shining, keep singing, as I do too. I honestly don’t know what to say. This goes beyond words …… xoxo

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