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June is in bloom

June 2021 has arrived my dear readers and after this first full week I’m in love with a renewed sense of peace. Since publishing my latest book, “My Soul’s Journey: Lessons learned through love, I feel like I’ve unfurled more petals of the flower that symbolizes this love that is intuitively expressed through soul. In my last post I wrote that the more I heal, the more I reveal. This power is coursing through my veins portraying the truth found within the superpower of love.

Ah, peace….at this present moment I am enjoying the birds singing in the trees, the breeze off the lake and the bright sun shining upon my face. A few days ago while on a run, I spotted a wild parrot. Parrots in spirituality evoke a freshness as they spread their wings into your life delivering new ideas and signals that indicate a new direction for your work, relationships, or spiritual  pursuits.  Seeing them often, is nature’s way of sending omens and signs that come repeatedly. This meaning is alive in all three areas of my life! This morning I saw another one sitting on a tall branch of a tree as I ran under it for shade from the early morning sun. It’s bright green feathers stand out against the leaves while it’s yellow head brings a smile to my face. Looking at a parrot makes me happy because they are so naturally beautiful. I didn’t even stop to take a picture, instead choosing to capture it’s presence in my heart.

Electric light flower blossom

Back in March I shared some hard truths about my personal relationship with my partner. Since that time, I’m happy to say we have reconnected. Our bond has lasted eight years and has survived many challenging times that would break most couples for good. However, as a testament to both of our spirits and deep commitment to one another, we have learned through the tough times how to triumph and heal, choosing love every time. I believe we have taken this past year and our physical separation as a time to focus on our own individual needs which has allowed us to see how much we truly love one another. Patiently we planned on reuniting and I’m so thrilled that he has finally moved here to stay with my Mom and I here in Southern Florida. The past two days have ushered in a tremendous amount of gratitude, relief and joy! Being with my best friend again has my heart singing in the key of unconditional love. He is my muse and I dedicate all the poems I write about love to him, most especially this one.

Let love lead

This week I’m celebrating the two year anniversary of my spiritual awakening and soul healing by taking a much deserved break from my usual routines to spend time with the love of my life. Too often we rush through life’s milestones and goals, charging forwards into the next phase without taking time to recognize how far we have come. Well my dear readers, not this time! I’m honoring our love reunion by relaxing with one another. To be a human being rather than a human doing, which is a choice in conscious presence. Whatever life holds for us on this new adventure together and wherever the wind shall take us, I’m accepting it! May we each decide to allow the peace, joy and love that life has to offer us, open our hearts further to the beauty and magic that surrounds us. I invite you to unfurl your soul’s petals and rediscover life’s blessings in new ways this month. June is indeed in bloom and I’m in love all over again!

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In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

24 thoughts on “June is in bloom”

  1. This is just such wonderful news that you two are together again. It is great that he already even moved to your place. Action speaks more than words and he proved that he really means it that way. I am really happy for you both, Maria 💖

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  2. What a beautiful post filled with love, peace and soulful divinity!! Your poems are all so amazing, as usual!!! I especially love True Power 👌🏻👌🏻. And your art, omg you’re so talented!!!! It’s absolutely beautiful…all the ways you create are full of spirit and joy, such a gift! I’m so happy for you and your partner!!!! I can feel the love you have for each other through your words! Wishing you both all the best and to enjoy every moment together!!! Much love, my friend 🤗🖤

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    1. Yay🎆🎆🎆 Thank you so much my sweet soulful friend for celebrating with us!! I’m so elated right now, joy is flowing out of my being ❤ It’s such a blessing to share in this joyful love with you, love you dearly 😁

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  3. Indeed, the more you heal, the more you reveal. Strength comes, when peace is felt. Wonderful lines, and share! Let love, continue to guide the way. A heart taking each step, on every found petaled flower! Congrats, on the two anniversary!

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  4. Soooo happy for you reconciling with your partner Maria❣️
    Life reveals itself the more work we do on ourselves. What touching poetry you wrote with your beloved in mind. Blessings and love to yhou always💖❣️❤️❤️

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    1. Exactly 💯 that’s what was needed my friend. We both have been working hard on reconnecting for months. This year provided both individual lessons and ones as a couple. I’m overjoyed to be reunited with him, he’s 1st and moremost my best friend. Thank you for your insights and support Bryan, take care 😊🙏❤

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    2. I must add, the synchronization of the use of the word recalibration is right on! I held a session for him today to do exactly that on his field. He’s come a long way since my healing sessions and is experiencing much more freedom and less mental conflict. Recalibration magic indeed ✨

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  5. This post brings me much joy on your behalf. What a wonderful thing to be re-moored and re-connected to your love. How glorious of you to take the time to be human beings together. I am sincerely happy for you that the paths though temporarily and perhaps as you say, necessarily, diverged, have again become one path. Enjoy, rejoice, and joy in each moment of your lovely life, my friend.

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    1. These sweet words are a hug from you my dear friend ❤ These past two weeks have been a reawakening and reconnecting of our love and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Love to you sister ❤❤❤


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