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Riding the waves of emotion

It’s been 9 days since my Dad’s passing. I have running conversations and numerous signs from him. We are definitely more connected now than ever before which is beautifully strange and has dug up some deeply seeded beliefs and old mindsets that I’m being forced to examine. That’s what grief and processing is all about, continuing to heal. The journey never stops my dear ones, it may slow from time to time and lately I feel we in the worldly collective are on an accelerated track towards the New Earth paradigm that is being ushered in by this month’s winter solstice.

I am honored to be connected so strongly to Spirit. I feel a big shift in how my passions are unfolding which will no doubt help my business grow. I hadn’t painted in months so a few days ago when the urge struck me, I grabbed my paints and headed out by the lake. Walking through the pain, sorrow, gratitude and beauty of the moment fuels my days with both laughter and tears. The hardest part is being separated from the love of my life. He is my #1 muse and the one I dream about every night. This poem and painting are inspired by our love affair.

We can weather any atorm
Navigating the seas of love

I have a confession. Yes, I admit that I’m an extremely passionate and fiery woman but there were many times in my life that I feared the depth of my passionate drive. This year, 2020 has presented me with the choices of passion vs. fear over and over again. I chose passion every time despite what others judgements and opinions were. I used to be bashful, embarrassed and even scared of the life force energy of passion that coursed through my veins. Now, I embrace it and allow it to lead me down whatever path life presents me! If I can keep staying true to my spirit, I know God will continue to show me the way. Here’s my 2020 review and outlook for 2021 video.

Welcoming in my birthday month of December

Despite the fact that I may or may not be alone on my 43rd birthday next week, there is no doubt that I will be celebrating!! My Mom and I had planned to bring my Dad home to say goodbye, to provide nurturing and comfort in his final days. We had the hospital bed all set up in the living room overlooking the beauty of the lake. I told my Mom that I would dance for him. This one’s for you Dad because I know you are dancing with the angels now. I love you eternally. No matter what, nothing stops me….I always keep it movin and groovin!

“Can’t stop the feeling” Justin Timberlake

Life keeps marching onwards my dear ones. I’m so grateful to have stepped into my power this year, having healed my soul and became a shaman.  I have been told by both my trusted friends here and by Spirit that I have helped my Dad’s spirit rise on the other side which has made him much stronger. I often hear him telling me to “rally the troops” and I see him soaring overhead singing about how free he is! I gotcha Dad and I love you.

My Dad is a short-tailed hawk over our house daily

In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session (over the phone), tarot card reading, my recorded meditations or to purchase any of my 4 books of poetry please click the link below.

41 thoughts on “Riding the waves of emotion”

  1. I’m so glad that you’re connected to your dad. I too feel connected to loved ones who’ve died. It’s a blessing to be able to tap into it! If there’s anything I can do to help you cope, please come and find me!! Your dad was lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!!

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  2. Sending you and your beloved dad lots of love! And I adore your dancing! I know the feeling of being connected with someone even after they have left their physical form behind. I talk to my paternal grandmother all the time! She is awesome! And I am so happy that you chose passion! Yay!

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    1. Yes sister, yes!!!! I lost my grandmother almost 16 years ago and she has been the closest spirit to me until now. I’m so blessed to have become a shaman now because I understand so much more from the other side. I’m happy my dancing made you 😊 your love and support makes me 😊❤

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  3. Beautiful post and poems honoring spirit, your dad, the love of your life, your beautiful art, 3 books, concecreted as a shaman, dancing, coming into your power and your birthday next week!~
    I celebrate your beauty as you walk into this next year in love and power with your Dad’s inner voice and awknowledement! Yay Maria!!!! ❤️👏👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗 🌷
    ❤️ So much love,

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      1. You’re so welcome Maria!! You are a bright star in our world and in my life specifically. Sorry about the power on zoom going out but I hear you had a good visit after yoga. So weird I couldn’t get powered up and you were still talking. 😜💕xo

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      2. Haha yes, I know you will believe this…I frequently messed up or experience technology glitches. It’s my high vibration. I believe Spirit has a hand in it too. Annette needed to talk and I was more that happy to oblige, what a kind woman she is. It warms my heart to have such a sisterly connection with you dear Cindy. Hugging you beyond the distance between us for you are in my heart permanently ♥

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      3. I do believe it because when I was uploading the video I couldn’t hear parts and it was bizarre and then I heard you were still talking later and when you were done, it was all there.. soooo wild. I tried to email you but not sure it went through. Oh yes, she is a dear and I know she love her time with you. Love trancends all space and you too are in my heart dearest.. Have a great weekend! ❤️❤️❤️xo

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  4. Wow Maria!! I believe your light just gets brighter and brighter!! Happy Birthday early!! 🥳🎂 And I have that same card deck!! I can only imagine what 2021 will hold for you as you and your Dad walk together through your next chapter in the book of life. Sending you so much love sister!! 🤗💗💜

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    1. 😁 it truly is amazing how life unfolds and that we are so connected in such an authentic way. It warms my ❤ and I think of you often my dear. I’m getting an early jump on my rest for the weekend and going to binge some Netflix in bed 😴 Sending out so much love to you Dorrina❤

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  5. I totally know what you mean. After my dad passed, we had multiple communications, mostly through very vivid dreams, and then they stopped after a couple of months. But, I always feel his presence and strength within me! 🥰💕☮

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    1. Yes, I am blessed to have the sensibilities I have and have learned how to use them as a shaman. It’s an amazing gift. We truly are closer now in death than we ever were in life. He is my guide and I am his. It’s the most sacred of connections.
      As my birthday approaches my heart feels very heavy. My Dad always sang to me, every year. I keep riding this wave 😊🙏🌠❤

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  6. When the heart is ready, the master will appear. Emotions begets passion, when a soul has felt the shift. There’s no holding back, the waves until glory! May peace be the days, and may strength be every step therein!

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      1. Thank you I will. But please tell me if this is too soon. . I m going to do the solstice cleanse I believe it us where you write what you want to let go of and burn it over a candle. I believe that’s Mon so I’m thinking but you could tell me if I should then wait till after I’m as or around the new year do a reading.

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