Book Review: My Heart’s Song

My Heart’s Song: Emotional Musings 3 is a book of poetry by Maria Pratico, who you may know from her blog Emotional Musings. She explains in the introduction that after a messy divorce, she realized that her purpose was to use her own experiences to help others heal. She describes the poems in the book […]

Book Review: My Heart’s Song

18 thoughts on “Book Review: My Heart’s Song”

    1. Why thank you my love…..I’m still limiting my time until September on here but I pop on every now and again to read. My sweet friend @mentalhealthathome was kind enough to review my book so I just had to give her a shoutout❤❤❤ love our little writing community.

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    1. Hi my dear😊 I feel so humbled and honoredto serve others in this way. It’s a most beautiful gift to be connected to Source, share my experiences with others and light a path ✨
      Thank you for your kindness, namaste to you my love💗

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