Taking it all in

I woke up thinking about the Book of Ecclesiastes, written by Solomon son of King David. Specifically, Chapter 3 verses 1-8 where he writes about “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”. It goes on to talk about how there is a time, reason and place for everything. I just finished watching a bit of the 12th day of protests going on in this country and I for one am so happy to see people, specifically white people coming together making the statement like “Enough is Enough”. As a woman who has grown up with white privileges I believe it is a part of my duty as a human being to stand hand in hand with the black and brown folks who have been pushed to the margins in this country and treated poorly just because of the color of their skin. Also, stand up for inequality of gender and economic status….ALL OF IT! This is that time and this is the season for change to happen.

Our world is so out of balance. Priorities are not focused on the good of the people as a whole but instead on separateness thinking of me, me ME! This is a time we are all being forced to examine what our own values are and I for one have had it with the violence against others based upon either gender, race or beliefs. Our systems have needed an overhaul for some time now and I believe this pandemic’s lockdown has created an atmosphere ripe for something new! If you’re reading this and are annoyed by what’s going on or you can’t understand why so many people are out in the streets, I urge you to take a long hard look at yourself.

Too many of us run around through life, caught in yesterday’s trauma and drama. Go, go GO and consume all we can. I mean that in all aspects, food, material items, entertainment etc…..consumerism run amuck and add into that greed. There is just too much of everything being wasted and not enough to go around for all. It’s disgusting to me that the bend towards capitalism has completely left out the humanitarianism in our society. People are hurting and as an empath I feel it in an acute way.

I’m a woman who loves to stand up for what I believe in and I want to get out there and march with my sign, with my son by my side. This is a great opportunity to teach him that we need to look out for our brothers and sisters. We quite literally ARE our brother’s keeper. It’s hardwired in our DNA for community, compassion and democracy. I have had so much time to think about why we find ourselves where we do in this world. The pandemic and now the social unrest has created to perfect storm for a major shift to occur.

Just observe nature my dear readers. Do animals hoard, take more than they need or overuse the natural resources? They understand the natural order of our vast Universe and what Mother Nature is trying to teach all of us right now is to stop raping her! I know that may sound harsh but that is what we have been doing. Pillaging our forests, fracking the land, polluting the waters and displacing folks who were there originally to begin with to boot!! There are so many sins this country in particular must atone for.

I’m going to paraphrase something I wrote on my Instagram a few days ago……

We all have something to contribute in this world. My lane is love. God created me to feel in an extrasensory way and share what I have learned through having this gift entrusted to me is this. Love is the meaning of life my dears. We are created from it and made full of it. It’s actually been scientifically proven by a company called “Heart Math” that our heads don’t have the most sense. In other words, it’s not best to lead with our thinking, our brains, but instead to lead with our hearts. I’m living proof that when you follow your heart, happiness will follow. As in the Book of Ecclesiastes, which Solomon wrote as an explanation of how there is no happiness outside of God. He outlines the reasons why the 5 W’s I call them, wisdom, wine, work, wealth and woman don’t create lasting happiness and joy. They may provide it momentarily but understand this. Nothing external is going to bring you lasting happiness my friends. It’s an inside job and it starts with each and everyone of us going there and loving ourselves.

God is inside of all of us. He created all of us in his image with so much unconditional love that when I think about it my heart ache’s from the beauty and I cry with gratitude for it all. Living life is a miracle and there is so much magic in it once you can understand that we are all meant to enjoy love. First love of ourselves and spilling it to others then causes ripple effects onto everything we come across. We all deserve peace, happiness, health and yes I’m saying it again LOVE!!!

As the creative woman I am, my duty is to dance this thing called life and remind my fellow humans to love. I have been in the middle of a super creative explosive time in my own life. The lockdown, physical move to a new place and a career change has afforded me so much time for myself that I feel there isn’t enough time in my day for all I want to do! I recently realized that I have enough poems to put together my third book of poetry so stay tuned for that my dears. Here are some of my projects that reinforce the message of balance and change. Whatever you do my dear readers, do it with love and kindness ❤

Table inside my favorite family owned ice cream parlor in town, serves as a sweet reminder
“Yin and Yang” energy explained

If you enjoy my poetry, please check out my books available on Amazon at the links below 😊

7 thoughts on “Taking it all in”

    1. Exactly! I always say to my son, he’s 18 and will be 19 in August, it takes so little to be kind. My goal is to leave people better than I found them. To be the #change I want to see in our world. Loving each and every person I encounter. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comment ❤❤❤

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