Full moon energy

What a roller coaster of emotions our world is on my dear readers! Seven planets in retrograde, 3 lunar eclipses this month plus the revolution of change in America is underway. The position of Neptune and Pluto right now is the same as when the Roman Empire fell, that historical fact should speak volumes my loves ❤

I have been doing my best to channel the waves as I usually do, through my creative endeavors of writing, dancing and painting. I hope it serves as inspiration for you all. The best way to deal with emotions, which is energy in motion, is to allow them to flow through your entire body. Creating space with movement makes me feel alive and really grounded, in my body. It’s where I need to be as the multidimensional human vessel I am who works regularly with Spirit and Divine. My world is a dance in and of itself 💃

Sending so love love from my soul to yours, get movin🥰

Dream a little dream
“This is bliss”
“What a Feeling”
“Bust a move”

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9 thoughts on “Full moon energy”

  1. Woo hoo!!

    Do you know one reason I’ve been doing so much better lately? Because my period is no longer at the full moon. For many years, it was, and yikes! is all I can say. Although my most recent period, ending yesterday, was horrid. Lots of stuff going on with astrology? I read something like that on social media and how it ties into the civil unrest. Interesting. And I got sort of mad at a really good friend of mine and sent him to the doghouse, but we worked it out, and God bless, ’cause he’s one of my favorite people. Life is very strange lately!

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    1. It sure is sister and speaking of our monthly MY sis and I have our “friend” currently visiting LMAO 😜 so you know what I’m movin through! It’s all good, I haven’t felt like this since high school. Flyin on that mid-life renaissance vibe😊💃

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