I love you

Just finished watching “The trial of Gabriel Fernandez” on Netflix which is a horrific account of child abuse, torture and murder at the hands of his own mother and her boyfriend. It got me thinking about how much I love people. Life is so precious and short so I want to tell you all, I love you❤ Let’s make an effort to show each other more love and kindness because it’s so needed in this world today!

From me to you 😉✌

In other news, I am really excited to be taking an adult tap class tonight! It’s been a good ten years, probably more since I have taken a proper tap class! It’s definitely honoring my inner child so little Maria is thrilled to get her tap shoes laced up again💃

I need to carve out some writing time so I can share with you my dear readers all about my son’s visit here. Spoiler alert** he wants to move here!!

13 thoughts on “I love you”

  1. Oh my!! I don’t have Netflix so I can’t watch it. It sounds intense!!

    I tried taking a tap dance class a few months ago, and it was really hard! I’m not naturally athletic, though!! 😮

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      1. YAY! I hope you have fun at tap dancing!!

        I don’t have a “smart” TV to watch live streaming on, and I hate watching TV at the computer!! Any ideas?

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  2. I’m not having a great day myself, but reading your upbeat post really made me want to cheer you on for being happy. People think just because I have depression that I relish misery and loathe happiness but it’s not true. Maybe this isn’t my time to be happy, but I read your happy post and it made me feel happy things so…I think that is a good thing all around ❤

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    1. Awwww you are so sweet! Don’t count yourself out my friend, it’s a mind shift. I have expierienced two spiritual awakenings back to back since June. I am now in an abundance mindset. Your comment made my day, thank you😊

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    1. Yes my friend! I started soon after I could walk and was trained in all styles by Broadway dancers. I was Broadway bound in my youth and dreamed of starring in the next “Chorus Line”. I quit abruptly at 16 and didn’t pick it up again until my oldest was 2. Then I taught for years. I made it a goal in 2020 to get back in the studio! So much fun while honoring my inner child😉💃

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    1. YES…..truly. I tend to intellectualize my emotions because of conditioning from trauma. As I heal more, I’m noticing that I am moving closer to my heart, which is very big! Thank you for noticing my friend and commenting 😊

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  3. I watched that series on netflix too! Oh my gosh, it was heartbreaking to see how sinister our upbringings can turn us if we continue the cycle of abuse.

    I am thrilled to hear your eldest son wants to relocate to you!

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    1. 100% chilling and tragically heartbreaking 💔

      Yes, me 2!! We have spent 7 years living in different states, very far away from each other and it’s super exciting to think of him living close by again. We talk everyday and he is one of my favorite people. He has grown into such a mature and kind young man, so heartwarming 🥰

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