Back in the swing of routine

Getting back on the horse after a wonderfully restful 4 days off while my son was here. The 1st day back always gives me trouble yet I’m determined to keep pushing myself forward.

Getting back on that horse

Started working on a new post incorporating this new poem about letting go. I entitled it “Control” and is still another opportunity to recognize my recovering from perfectionism. The Universe will gives you lessons over and over again until you learn from them. This lesson has been a hard learned one for me because for so long on the inside, I kept a white knuckle grip on life while maintaining an Oscar worthy performance smile on my face! Ultimately, I was only kidding and hurting myself.

I love this picture so I borrowed it from a friend of mine’s Instagram page….

Choose wisely

Everyday is another opportunity to continue this work in progress which is the journey to self😊

10 thoughts on “Back in the swing of routine”

  1. The plastered on smile thing-I relate to that, big time. At home, I wear the mask so my kid doesn’t think mom is mad or a bummer or whatever. In public, I wear the mask so I don’t have to contend with being asked if I am okay, only to have people’s eyes glaze over if I dare be honest an answer the question.
    The mask is hurtful but sometimes, necessary,

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    1. I can definitely relate. I’ve reached the point in my journey where there’s no more “faking it until you make it”. In this post I’m referring to keeping my emotions alive, my inner world presence because as an empath, I would rather focus on others feelings and disconnect from my own.
      Nowadays I feel me, heal me and am 100% focused on me. My writing is intimate and personal to that struggle.
      Happy it resonated with you. Thank you for your input my friend 😊

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