Anxiety, Depression, Mental health, Spirituality


Walking slowly pictures blurring
Emotions flowing, my insides are glowing
My heart grasps hold now my words are slurring
Easy girl just close your eyes
Breathe in deep you’re about to weep
All is good, this is your prize
A new one is coming and it’s not cheap
Rich with colors bright and bold
You can let go, don’t have to hold
It lets go of it’s grasp
Settle down my friend, you made it at last
Stop fighting your mind there are no more
Walk free from it now you are on the right path
Next time you will know better
And not be so scared
You got this and that’s good
Until the next lapse.

This poem is inspired by what it feels like at the height of a panic attack. The total sensory overload and short circuitry going on in my brain. My writing is helping me process these attacks. It feels like my mind is ultimately at war with itself. My mind and body become disconnected and total fear takes hold.

The line about there being a prize is meant to explain the relief afterwards. Once my mind and body can reconnect and calm down I feel rewarded. I understand that because of my conditions, this is how my psyche processes it all. I’ve been on a journey of introspection and self discovery. This is a path I intend to stay on so that I may continue to evolve and grow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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