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Love’s activation in Autumn

The ending of Libra season and the beginning of Scorpio (with a solar eclipse helping Venus’s powerful love activation) allows the winds of change to blow all around us my dear readers. As I look back on the poems I’ve written since my last post in August, I can feel how much I’ve changed. I’m happy to share that there is a new person of interest who has entered my life and is beginning to mean a lot to me. He is very special, quite intuitive and loves to make me laugh. We met one another organically. He’s a regular customer at the cafe I work in as a barista. He always orders the same thing (a medium blackberry cheesecake Gelato) yet from the first time we met, I knew there was something different about him. His high vibrational energy and light captivates and intrigues me on a soul level. One of our favorite things to do together is to go out dancing which you, my dear readers already know, is my number one soul expression.  Dance marries itself insightfully to writing as the messages I receive from Spirit to express myself authentically and divinely.

Welcome the air of being gifted to us during Libra season

I have been very busy too since August’s post and the release of the podcast interview for “Bring on the Woo”https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Dy8AqPHNamHJIKbLxlIcC?si=xZoy7556REGrCRFVXWevDA&utm_source=copy-link I’m shopping the manuscript for my 7th book of poetry called, “My Soul’s Music” to literary agents and publishing houses. Currently, I’m writing poems for my 8th book to be called, “My Soul’s Love”. I’m already thirty-two poms into it. I began this blog in October of 2018 and this month is my 4 year anniversary of sharing the channeled messages that have become the poems I’m meant to share with the world. During this time period, I’ve written 599 poems. The entirety of my body of work is documented throughout this blog to encompass the awakening experience both before and after.

The following poems and videos will be featured in the latest collection as the reflection of love I’m currently experiencing. I remain in awe of the messages from Spirit and from my soul as I continue to piece together the lessons and meaning for my life here as a writer and healer. As a channel and a vessel for the wisdom Spirit shares with me, these words come through to help me piece together my soul’s journey. Tiny breadcrumbs and clues that are bestowed upon me for the purpose of healing. Many of them end up in the healing sessions I provide to clients. Some come through clairaudience while others are whispered through my strongest ability which is clairsentience. “Ancient history” describes the karmic resolutions and the carrying out of a timeline to begin what I’ve waited many lifetimes to conquer. The beginning of the life I’ve only dreamed of until now. I’ve been promised a Divine love. My words as a writer are meant to be shared with the masses. All is about to be revealed as I break free from ancestral trauma and finally start to live my truth.

“Hear my words and watch my climb”

We are all golden threads of an Universal tapestry of Light, holy and bright. God bless your heart as we walk together creating the art of life! Embrace the holy child within and heal.

A glimpse inside my “awakened story”

Many people like to compare me to Mother Teresa, my namesake and the energy I bring into a space, with loving grace. I am continually humbled by the responsibility I carry as a vessel for Spirit. This poem was born from a word prompt to “introduce yourself” on the app I use to create my poetry. I’m an awakened and realized soul, enjoying a human experience as a woman walking this journey of life in truth after answering the call to heal from the trauma I’ve survived. I walk the path of the shaman by utilizing the insights I’ve learned to heal myself, I now specialize in healing trauma, addiction and mental health disorders in my clients. Claiming my truth as a psychic medium and channel by practicing the art of shamanism has transformed my life! Today, I am a free and authentic spirit, using my sensibilities as superpowers to transmute energy by the power of love, which is the fuel for magic. 

Maria Teresa

Love is the focus for my expression. Experiencing love at first sight is like electricity running through my heart. Two worlds colliding together making art. Musing upon every aspect that’s alive with an uniqueness all its own. Being in love is such a wonderful feeling and a blessing after so much healing. This is a reward for all the work I’ve put into my self growth!

Rejoicing in the aliveness of being! Enjoying the journey through this human experience. Spiritual healing is my calling and allows me to shine peace, love and joy. Believing in being, truth in seeing. All I can dream arrives in divine time. Love guides my steps as I walk gracefully ahead.

This poem is a prayer for my mother who suffers from severe, unhealed mental illness. I pray she finds peace. I ended our toxic relationship over 15 months ago because I know I needed to grow beyond the dysfunctional, codependent ties that we were bonded in. Only my siblings and I know our truth. I forgive her by accepting myself, something she doesn’t have the ability to do. It’s taken a long time to claim my wholeness and be healed through Spirit. By allowing myself to feel, I can be all I’m meant to be. I’m the one who is free!

If you’re interested in a long distance shamanic healing session via phone, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations and other ritualistic services I provide or to purchase any of my 6 books of poetry please click the link below. See the Services tab in the menu on this website.
For a personalized autographed copy of any of my books, please send me an email.

In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

12 thoughts on “Love’s activation in Autumn”

    1. I was strongly guided to share that one and it means so much to me ❤️ knowing you feel that one so intimately is very special to me ❤️ big hugs back and lots of love as we transform by love’s guidance at this amazing time on our planet! We are pioneering human evolution by the light of love ❤️ I feel it aside know you do too 🙌✨️💕


  1. I love your post but most of all your last paragraph. It speaks a lot to me since I made the same experience with my father. At some point, I realized that whatever happened had never been about me but about him. I was ok all the time, the problem was his fight with himself. I was only the mirror of someone he couldn’t be. After he died unexpectedly there were “no open bills”. It was my inner insight that healed and gave me awareness. I am so glad you are at that point with your mom, dear Maria Teresa 💖

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    1. Another beautiful synchronicity that we share on this journey dear Erika❤️ it’s taken me a long time to get here and it’s a beautiful gift to receive…each and freedom! My Dad reminds me constantly how proud of me he is. Love and Light to you dear sweet soul sister ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, a very long journey with a lot of broken hearts. It took me about 36 years until I finally understood. And it was in the midst of an argument when all of a sudden I realized it just by watching my dad. I have never been that steadfast before and it was to defend one of my kids. He had no chance to break me. It gave me a compassionate strength. It is such a huge liberation, isn’t it?
        It is wonderful that you a this close contact with your dad, probably closer than ever. I am so happy for you and what more encouragement do you need, right? Blessings, dear soul sister 💖

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much my friend ❤️ I am currently writing a new post to be published soon. Since my last, I’ve been in a deep dive of reflection with the healing process. Tying up some loose ends and coming to some hard earned conclusions about people I have decided don’t serve my journey moving forwards. Thanks for checking and sharing your kind heart here with me ❤️

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      1. I did miss you. I need my dancing poet dear Maria Teresa. Don’t allow the blind folks to change your journey. I will begin my journey this month. I haven’t seek publishing in 15 years. Time to be less lazy. Have some fun and be safe dear friend.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. How exciting 🙌 sending you the biggest and brightest of wishes for success in this new year! I have decided that no one is allowed to effect my journey in a less than positive way…ever! No worries on that one my friend. At times I require a stillness and a quietness so that I can attune to what this human experience is asking of me. I appreciate your loving support of me always and I send the same to you John🙏💛🌠✨️

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      3. Thank you dear Maria Teressa. I believe you are a beautiful woman. In your voice. You make people wander to better places. All of us need to be reminded. We are loved and cared for. Sending love to you from rainy and cold Michigan.

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      4. What a beautiful compliment, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ your words are welcomed with a smile 😊it’s snowing here and the accumulation is more than the past 20 yrs here in the valley. It’s the perfect atmosphere for coziness with my beloved family.

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