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My Soul’s Dance, Accepting the shadows while embracing the Light: poems about death & rebirth

My dear readers I’m absolutely thrilled to announce my largest collection of poetry has been published! I’ve been writing the poems for “My Soul’s Dance, Accepting the shadows while embracing the Light: poems about death and rebirth” for over a year now. The transformations I have experienced over this time can be felt throughout the flow of each expression and on every page. This book is truly a labor of love, which is the main ingredient in all of my writing. The path away from what no longer was serving my soul meant the end of long term relationships, including the one with my only living parent. Loving myself and allowing myself to grow, to continue “Triumphing over Trauma” takes an introspective awareness when it comes to all I choose to engage with in my life. I lead with my authentic voice and my heart first, taking care of my energy always. Learning patience and having forgiveness with myself and others are also topics I stayed heart centered and focused on throughout this past year. In times of doubt, asking myself the question “what would love choose next” and my response would become clear. I feel a tremendous peace, a settling within my being, now that this book is complete.

I couldn’t of imagined how much my life would change from the time I wrote the first poem up through the last in this book! At times, I still can’t wrap my head and heart around it all. Very little remains the same about me from the beginning of this book. My heart is fuller, my mind is more open and my soul is deeper. How I view the world and my place in it has taken on a much more profound meaning. I’m an observer as a writer, choosing to share my life force and light energy with all I meet as a catalyst who intends to influence others by sparking their remembrance of the Light within themselves. That is the part we all play for one another my dears.

This is the introduction to the book along with a few poems and videos I recorded for my new TikTok page, Emotional Musings. I’d love to hear your feedback my dear readers in the comments. Please reach out to me personally for an autographed copy of my book and I will be happy to send one your way!

My Soul’s Dance is my sixth and largest collection of poetry highlighting my first year as a practicing shaman. Writing is the art of my soul’s expression and how I process life as an intuitive empath, psychic medium and channel. I understand the world through sound and movement which transforms into the words of my poetry. In June of 2019 I experienced a powerful and life altering spiritual awakening. I am compelled by my soul, to learn the lessons I am here to learn. These poems are a reflection of the death and rebirth cycle as I embrace my shadow pieces, loving them into the Light. I believe we are all infinite and eternal beings of Light, here to raise the vibration of Earth. I am extremely dedicated in doing my part to help heal humanity one heart at a time through poetry and shamanic healing. Many of these poems are dedicated to a man I was in an eight year relationship with and had to finally leave as I continued to awaken and embrace my own journey. I’ve learned that not all relationships along the awakened path are meant to endure.

I believe love is the power that will heal us all. My life serves as a testimony of strength and resiliency, healing from addiction, an eating disorder, physical, emotional and sexual trauma. Writing is how I process this vast, vivid and beautiful world we live in as the gift it truly is!

I live a full spectrum and awakened life. Moving with grace through this three dimensional experience stepping intentionally, filled with kindness, compassion, empathy and love for all living creatures. May these poems become the music to your own soul’s dance as we hum together and explore this collective experience called life. The movie we are all connected to, at differing speeds while playing different roles. We are all connected by our Light and by love!

“The pain of letting go”
“Time’s up”
“No fear”
“Independence cry”

If you’re interested in a long distance shamanic healing session via phone, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations and other ritualistic services I provide or to purchase any of my 5 books of poetry please click the link below. See the Services tab in the menu on this website.
For a personalized autographed copy of any of my books, please send me an email.

In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

12 thoughts on “My Soul’s Dance, Accepting the shadows while embracing the Light: poems about death & rebirth”

    1. Big hugs and big smiles to you Cindy🤗💗🙌 it’s been an amazingly transformative year, experiencing every feeling in the rainbow kaleidescape of life! I keep listening to Spirit and shining light through shadows. Your support plays a big role in my ability to keep on keepin on, I love you dearly soul sister 😁


  1. Wow, what a journey you already traveled, Maria. And what a journey of this one special experience of letting go and becoming anew. “Today I’m boxing all the snapshots in my mind” what a line! I love that poem since it is the last step the transition from understanding, making real peace, and embracing the decision and the process while the weight is about to drop. Amazing!

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    1. Thank you a million times over, big hugs and loads of love💗 yes indeed this has been a labor of love and letting go so I may grow and continue to become what God has planned for me here in Earth school 😁 I feel so utterly at peace, similar to when I actually gave birth to my boys. My youngest will be 17 next month, the day before I start yet another new adventure. I took a position at a new store that’s opening as their wellness person. My heart is full of gratitude and love for this amazing journey I’m on. Thank you for always supporting me with love and kindness soul sister 💗 💖 💓💞😁🙌

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      1. Wow, what a great job. I understand so well how this fits your being. I am very happy for you, Maria. Amazing to see the proof that “the better it gets, the better it gets…”
        Blessings and love to you, my dear Sister💖💖

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      2. Thank you dear soul sister, indeed the stars are aligning for me and I’m so excited for this next phase. We are rising as lightworkers and healers. The energy is heart opening and do expansive. So much love and Light with enough shadows to explore the lessons💗💗💗

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  2. I loved in the poem ‘No Fear’ the words…’it was me I was fighting and afraid of all along, fear is the lie and it will never win’…it is indeed the path we all take, and a hard but very winnable, courageous and loving journey when it is all said and done. When we reach our destination it will indeed show us our love, free of our fear and open us as only unconditional love can ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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