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Being is freeing, a poetic testimony

Everyday when I tap in and ask Spirit what it is I most need to pay attention to, the reoccurring theme and message I receive is to practice the art of allowing. Finding a balance between the complexities of living as an awakened soul in human form while swimming in this intense cosmic atmosphere requires courage. It was George S. Patton that said, “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer” and so as I move through last week’s full moon and partial lunar eclipse, diving head first into the energetic pressure that breaks and dissolves layers of fear from this third dimensional density, the physical environment on Earth, life reveals the many truths that were hiding under trauma and emotional scars. Being is what’s freeing. Being me and accepting all that is within while letting go of the lies conditioning has fed me.

Remembering the purity of love and the feeling that freedom’s essence gives forces me to drop what doesn’t serve the highest alignment of myself and my true nature. The more I try to hold onto the old and outdated beliefs I’ve been fed, the more pain I create for myself. The truth is I have been covered in a heavy blanket of fear to fit in, assimilate to those around me,  shaped by anger’s tones as they maniplated and taught me to betray myself, my soul became suspended in its human vessel. I learned to numb my innate nature that is love, pure and divine. Seeking this love and attention  from outside of myself in an external form creates suffering. I believe our culture has become addicted to the lie of suffering and control which causes us to forget the spiritual beings of light we are. Right now we are experiencing bursts of light pouring in that require us to breath more deeply as we dance with the change and newness that our world is in desperate need of. Throw away the old, the “normal” and embrace the unknown. This is a great challenge my dear readers! Welcome New Earth! This month continues to stretch me as I observe an abundance of truths that continue to rise like bubbles to the surface of my consciousness healing deep emotional wounds from the past. The people we choose to have relationships with become our greatest teachers and the lessons we learn give us a closer glimpse into ourselves. I’ve been in observation mode, focusing on healing with the people around me now and the ones with whom I’ve detached from with love. Poetry expresses these growing pains as my Light body grows.

The eleven poems in this post are the emotional musings from these relationships and what I’ve learned. Poetry is how I understand my soul’s journey, it’s expansion and the direction in which it’s heading. “Highest self” is the poem I recite in the shamanic healing sessions I hold with clients to connect our energies and explore what soul has to teach, what is ready to be revealed and what is to come. Alchemizing fear, sadness, anger and shame chords of energy back into love and light so that the soul can continue to rise and tell its truths. This is the adventure of life my dear readers, what sparks aliveness and keeps me ever curious of the connection we all share. The raw life force within us all that continues to heal and amaze me. Observing how we effect one another brings tears of gratitude to my eyes as love overflows.

“Being is freeing” came to me through meditation. Each line is a mantra for the chakras. At the base of the spine lies the root chakra which grounds us into the Earth with love. Two finger widths below the belly button is the sacral chakra, the center of our feelings. Two finger widths above the belly button, at our core is the solar plexus chakra, the center of energy controlling our relationships with both ourselves and others. In the middle of our chest lies the heart chakra, our center for love, a magnet to both give and receive. In our neck is the throat chakra, the energy there allows us to communicate our truth openly and honestly. In the center of the forehead lies the third eye chakra, center of energy where intuition lives, feeding us inner wisdom. At the top of the head is the crown chakra, the center for Divine wisdom, understanding of the Universe and our place in it. Blockages of energy within each chakra create negative chords that inhibit us from expressing ourselves freely and are the root cause of all physical ailments from skin issues, digestive problems and heart conditions. These poems are created by tapping into divine guidance, listening to Spirit as they deliver the truths that flood my system with love and heal the chakra system thus furthering the healing of my soul. May each of these poems create the peace, love and joy that sparks the life force within as you continue to remember the truth of your soul’s journey.

Yesterday I awoke at 4:44. The number four is the most stable number. Almost from prehistoric times, the number four was employed to signify what was solid, what could be touched and felt. Its relationship to the cross (four points) made it an outstanding symbol of wholeness and universality, a symbol which drew all to itself (Source:Google) It is said that repeating 4’s/444 is a spiritual number that signifies the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. … 444 can also be interpreted as a sign for patience, faith, and peace in your life. The meaning of 444 is usually that you are on the right path. Whatever you are pursuing in life, you are heading in the right direction. (Source:Google)

The synchronicity of 4 continued as I wrote my 444th poem, “Dream a little dream of me”. I’m turning 44 on December 9th. Wherever my path leads, I am at peace. My journey here is that of a storyteller, a time traveler as I connect to my soul in the astral plane through lucid dreams, transcending the physical body and experience astral projection. This is a phenomenon that has been occurring a lot more lately. The more I feel, the more I heal and can connect to these mysterious places within that require nothing more than being, in quiet and stillness.

November 24th will mark one year since my Dad passed over into the spiritual realm thus leaving this physical plane. Upon hearing the news of his passing, most people tell me how sorry they are and my honest response surprises them when I smile and say, please don’t be. My Dad and I are much more connected, our relationship is much more meaningful now than it was when he was here on Earth in human form. He is my top advisor and guide. As a shaman, I have the unique ability to hear souls. My Dad is always reminding me to let go and be free as I hear his voice sing the song of sovereignty through the hawk that flies above. On Halloween, I dressed as Fire, my elemental sign as a Sagittarius. I am passionate, creative and fiery in my presence. I express my love as fire in this world and burn as brightly as I can, dulling my shine for no one. Does fire ask permission to burn? This is my truth.

Burn as bright as you feel my dears

Lastly, I want to leave you with a meditation I created in August called “Harmonious love”. It serves here as a preview and an introduction to what a healing session with me is like. Each of us holds a piece to the grand movie that is life. We’re all playing a role and experiencing the action together as one just at different levels and speeds. I’m here to reach a hand out to my brothers and sisters in love and in light for guidance and healing.

If you’re interested in a long distance shamanic healing session via phone, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations and other ritualistic services I provide or to purchase any of my 5 books of poetry please click the link below. See the Services tab in the menu on this website.
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In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

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24 thoughts on “Being is freeing, a poetic testimony”

  1. This addition to your story (stories) was quite meaningful today as I continue to read Thich Nhat Hanh’s “The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching” — your confidence in who you are and the namaste within you and All, is just the paradigm shifting “relationship” I need right now to help me see and seek — vague I know, sorry about that, but bottom line — thank you as always for digging deep (poetry always requires that deep dive and letting go for Someone bigger than ourselves, in the collective consciousness to take a part). Thank you and love to you in your journey, Jane

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    1. Not vague at all dear Jane, remember with who you are connecting to my friend 😉 I read deeply into energy and take all into account. I embrace all teachings on God as there are many interpretations. I love that you see me on my journey as I see you on yours sister❤ Always, with so much gratitude and love ❤

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    2. Dear Maria and Jane,

      I concur with both of you. Maria, this is one fine post and highly commendable in the multitude messages that you have conveyed to us so eloquently and thoughtfully.

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      Wishing both of you a productive week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most!

      Yours sincerely,


      1. Hey there my friend, please understand that I don’t have anyway to view your site in its full glory at this time. Please refrain from leaving these lengthy comments that come across very aggressive on my end. I think you’re an amazing artist. I don’t appreciate these directives however. I struggle with the technology piece of blogging and don’t have the capacity to interact the way that you’ve asked. Thank you for understanding.

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      2. Dear Maria,

        I apologize to you. It is not my intention at all to come across as being aggressive to you or anybody for that matter.

        A number of bloggers have really benefited from my suggestions. In particular, Google and other search engines cannot index and recognize pictorial quotes as they do not contain true texts. Therefore, all of your quotations do not really exist as real texts for posterity. I am merely trying to alert you to the situation, plus other related issues.

        Yours sincerely,

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      3. I completely understand my friend. I’m sorry that I can’t view your site in all its glory. The amount of information is overwhelming to me right now as I process internally. Writing online has become a struggle for me altogether, I much prefer face to face interactions. I’m happy you understand. I wanted you to know that I’m not ignoring you, I simply can’t proceed with your requests. I’m glad you understand all of the technical ins and outs. I really don’t 😊 it takes me hours to put together what I do across different apps etc. I much prefer creating with paper, a pen and my paints or dancing to music 🎶 I have set the intention for someone to come into my life and manage the tech side of my creations. I applaud you and your efforts what what you create. We ate artists that paint with different rushes my friend 🙏💫💜

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      4. When I find some time and can focus on it, I will try. It’s really a language I don’t speak. I’ve never been into computers or technology at all. I know my strengths and weaknesses,, rightly? LOL 😆Dancing with all this newness has me busy enough for now. My teenage sons have helped me tremendously along the way yet they live on the other side of the country now from me. I sincerely appreciate you. Keep shining your light as the amazing technical artist you are.

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      5. Dear Maria,

        I enjoy reading your posts and your conversations with other commenters.

        Art and music can indeed make our lives more fulfilling and holistic, perhaps even more so now that the viral pandemic is all around us.

        It seems that we have a number of things in common, namely, our love of art and our promoting other artists. Also, as a lover, collector, composer and connoisseur of art and music, I like to think about and comment on art when time permits and circumstance prevails. Here is a multimedia post of mine promoting the works of John Clinock, available at

        In addition, I often explore the intersections of art and science, of public and private spaces, of the cultural and the technological. Whilst I concede that technology offers enormous unexplored potential allowing emerging artists to express themselves in unprecedented ways, I do have certain concerns and caveats regarding science “reproducing” reality and artists representing it. In a special post entitled entitled “🎧 Facing the Noise & Music: Playgrounds for Biophobic Citizens 🏗🌁🗼“, I have endeavoured to give a very good inkling of the kind of society that humans might be heading towards.

        I am certainly glad and grateful that we are all artists here conversing with each other enthusiastically, and seeing what others have created with flair and passion!

        Yours sincerely,

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      6. Me too!! I highly agree and affirm what you’re saying here. Yes, we are part of a wonderful community here online. I contribute what I can in my own way as do you and the rest of us artists. It’s a beautiful connection that i’m incredibly grateful to have. Humanity is muticolored, multicultural and dances to many languages. We as artists have our unique voices and interpretations of it all. Always a pleasure my friend, always. Big piece of my ❤ thank you!

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  2. I deeply enjoyed this! I am currently looking at how I know when I’m experiencing FROM beliefs and conclusions that are so embedded, I experience them as “Me.” For years I was aware that I have them and left it there. Recently I have become interesting in seeing how they color my perspective if not noticed when rising. I can see that I’m seeing from the conclusions and beliefs and that provides very little clarity. Thanks for this article, you express well!

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    1. Thank you so much my friend 🙏 I know what you’re referring to. This journey through soul is awe inspiring and ever so fascinating. How we “see” ourselves and others, then the shifting of perspectives as we awaken and learn to love more deeply. Acceptance and allowing. I love Spirit’s sense of humor with it all. I’m grateful to hold the feelings of both myself and others we s so deeply and then be able to express the experiences through words. Lately, so much of what I’m feeling defies human language. It’s all such a tremendous gift, behind the veil, dancing with all. It’s always a pleasure to share, be seen and felt by you Bryan. Enjoy your day🌻💛🌞

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  3. Absolutely, and I can confirm this. We are so much closer to our loved ones who already passed away. There are no restrictions for energy, and once the body is not in the way anymore, it is free to connect – connect even stronger because the mind has gone too.

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    1. Yes yes YES 🙌 It’s the most precious gift to interact with my Dad now. He’s always been a teacher and now the lessons have much more impact with the unconditional love they are surrounded in. No more constraints, barriers or impediments. Thank you for always seeing me and loving me dear Erika. Our connection is very meaningful for me😇🙏💫💛✨

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