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The Sound of Silence

It’s been a little over three months since I’ve written a blog post. The longest stretch of silence for this passionate writer who enjoys sharing her journey with all the world as a testimony of “Triumphing over Trauma”. Since July, I’ve been quietly tending to my own personal healing journey. Some people have swiftly left my life in order for me to move onto relationships that serve my highest alignment. Big changes include endings that were necessary yet bitterly difficult and led to rebirth. I’ve moved (again) twice actually, leaving Florida for good and finding myself settled back in the West, with my big sister and my brother-in-law outside Salt Lake City. I’ve stepped back into the world of working a job outside my home as a vitamin and herbal supplement expert in a local farmer’s market while still growing my healing business and writing many new poems to be included in my 6th book of poetry, “My Soul’s Dance, Accepting the shadows while embracing the Light: poems about death and rebirth”. The things I have felt, processed, experienced and healed required solitude, peace and the priceless sound of silence.

What does listening to the sound of silence mean? I found one writer’s definition on Google stating that “It helps us see the empty, selfless, uncertain, transient nature of all experience and patterns of consciousness. The sound of silence is also helpful in developing attention and continuity of mindfulness. When the mind becomes very calm and focused, the breath can grow quieter and quieter”. In my practices I have developed the ability to attune to my own heartbeat and feel into both the nothingness and all encompassing everythingness. The grand abyss of the unknown. There lies peace and love which brings a joyful curiosity to all of creation surrounding us. After such sessions in silence I can feel how intricate a role we are all invited to play by our interactions with one another. Leading with love or reactive to fear. These vibrations yield choices and play a major role in how we treat ourselves and one another.

Growing up in a chaotic and dysfunctional home, silence meant anger, sadness and an intensity of unease would set in as I awaited the shoe to drop. It felt like a bomb going off as the emotional roller coaster would begin and I, an unwilling passenger was forced upon it, never knowing when it would end or if I could ever get off. Over time I learned how to drown my sensitivities out and abandon my self care needs. It’s required years of introspection to understand how all of my past now serves me today. How to heal myself, take care of myself and create healthy boundaries with others. I use my sensitivities and sensibilities as superpowers to discern the energy all around me. It’s helped me tremendously decipher what’s mine, what’s not and how to transmute the fear I feel back into love for myself first and then others. Many of the life experiences these past thirty-five years could have turned me bitter, angry and resentful. Instead, I choose to allow them to shape and mold my heart into a more loving, kind and empathetically open person who sees the Light in others. Silence has taught me to be compassionate towards the struggles of my fellow sisters and brothers. Listening to my own heartbeat, I hear the rhythm that lies within us all. Beating steadily is a message that we all need love, forgiveness, understanding and acceptance. These are what I choose to shine onto others. It all starts from within. We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. Be your own hero, best friend and love the crap out of yourself my friends!!

Resurfacing now from the silence is poignant because October celebrates the milestone of my three year anniversary here on WordPress. In December I will be ringing in my 44th birthday and these are the 44 poems I’ve written since my vow of silence July 4th. I invite you to close your eyes after reading each one and allow whatever emotion is stirred in you to rise and be seen, accepted and loved. We heal together, as one. We rise together in love. Within every season is the cycle of death and rebirth. My dear ones, we are to embrace all the sensations and every feeling for they are the sacred messages life presents us so we can continue this ride through life, to heal with more wisdom and clarity. Change is constant and growth is guaranteed if one can be brave enough to fail and keep trying. Sure the road is bumpy at times, there are detours and new available routes will arise when we trust that where we are being led serves a higher purpose. I urge you dear ones, through these poems to witness each piece of your soul and dream. Life continues to amaze, inspire and teach me. May you see your path illuminate and direct you clearly forwards. In light and in shadow, always with love ❀ Namaste πŸ™

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19 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence”

  1. Dear Maria,
    So good to see you back writing and sharing your heart my friend looking radiant. I love the the look with your light shinning through. An arduous but important journey and I can see you in that perfect role sharing health and wisdom with the masses. OMG you have been busy with 44 poems. And you’re birthday coming up.. 44 years blessed are we! I’ll have to get to your poems one at a time. Happy new digs and opportunities my beautiful friend.πŸ’–

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    1. You covered these last 3onths of mine so beautifully in your love ❀ I’m feeling into all your support and loveliness here. Our words are our bond towards one another and I love that we are hand in hand 🀝 on this journey together. It’s great to be back, big hugs πŸ€—πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

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    1. Absolutely, that’s the deep connection we have shared since I first encounter your writing. I’m here to learn, teach, grow and heal with my siblings. My brother lives here with us too. The transformations are upon us and i’m so blessed to be here with the peoo6i love so dearly. We rise together ❀

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  2. Those three months were not quiet at all. Amazing, how much transformation it brought to your life and even more amazing how you were managing this all. But it clearly feels like you have been completely clear about this all and are content and happy with where and who you are and how far you’ve come. And I agree, silence can have so many faces!

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    1. Indeed, i have been flowing and moving as the wind through what I needed to face and heal. I’m so honored and blessed to be seen in our community. I feel so incredibly loved. Your comment touches every step I took these past 3 months. It’s been all encompassing and I took the pressure off by getting quiet on technology and sharing until I was ready to cone back. Soul integration takes mindful rest periods and as someone who has a challenging time with focus, I needed to have it all on me. Selfcare, self love and peace… last… much peace. Thank you sister for being you and sharing your light with me. Big hugs and love πŸ€—β€πŸŒ 

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      1. We cannot be everywhere at the same time. If we want to inspire, we need to be inspired first. Those breaks focused on our inside and watching the outside world bring insights and wisdom for the sake of everyone. You are doing wonderfully in that by listening to yourself and following your intuition. Much love to you, Maria πŸ’–

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  3. Fascinating post! Silence, for me, is the place where I can experience that crazy ongoing stream of thought, the constantly moving world of “thinking” that pretends it’s me. And in the same silence I can move my attention away from that and into presence, being with the breath and body exactly where I exist in these passing moments.

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    1. Fascinating indeed my friend. This awakening and healing process, stepping into using my gifts fully has been an accelerated ride since June of 2019. Being here near the mountains I have such peace. Taking these last three months and stepping out of technology was crucial. I needed the stillness within to carry me forwards and moving as created a more grounded and stable inner peace.
      As a shaman, the places I visit require that. The need for me to care for myself, go easy and be gentle are new practices that I’m still learning. These quick death and rebirth cycles have taught me so much. In order for me to continue, taking an intentional pause is a must. The two biggest concepts for me have always been balance and boundaries, being easily caught up in energy. Nowadays, I let my internal system and intuition guide me. Thank you for your insights Bryan.

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      1. You are welcome. I am so happy you gave yourself that gift of time and distance. A contemplative life seems to both crave and yet need that to evolve. Silence is truly golden in so many ways! I’m glad you have returned and looking forward to reading more of your remarkable journey and insights.

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