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Summer’s Sun

This past week has been extremely gray here in South Florida with lots of thunderstorms showing up daily. This time of year it’s to be expected. The absence the Summer Sun left me feeling a bit out of sorts. Yesterday was the first day without any rain in over a week. I made the most of the bright sunshine by spending the day at the beach. I’m a Sun worshipper my dear readers and I needed my fix. Taking some time to myself in solitude was also called for. Now that my partner and I are reunited, I realize how incredibly important my “me” time is.

I received exactly what I needed while I practiced my favorite pastime of cloud gazing. Watching the clouds dance across the sky delights my imagination and brings so much contentment to my inner child. Connecting with nature in this way is Mother Nature’s gift to us all. As I lay upon the warm sand, time and to do lists fade away. Practicing an open eyed meditation, I allow myself to be rocked in Gaia’s arms. This poem started nudging at me on the bike ride there and birthed itself by the ocean’s edge.


Last week’s full moon and Sumer solstice had me in a space of deep reflection. The rain played an important role in cleansing the energy and charging forwards a rebirth. As I practiced yoga outside on the patio, overlooking the lake while the rain poured down, I became hypnotized by its rhythm and heard the sound of my footfalls while running. I felt pulled by the desire to be free and went out for a long run. I’ve begun training for a triathlon in August, my 1st in ten years. I enjoy challenging myself physically and the mental piece that goes along with breaking down walls when our bodies reach an edge. The sensation is euphoric. The same medicine that I receive after practicing conscious breathwork. I heard this quote yesterday and it suits this next poem. “Every breath is a chance to reborn spiritually. But to be reborn into a new life you have to die before dying”. Healing from the past, shedding layers and growing into new skin can be highly uncomfortable. That’s why I practice high sensation training, to teach my body how to be comfortable in uncomfortability.

Hypnotized by the rain
Ancient rhythms expressed through sacred dance medicine

I’m pleased to announce the first shipment of my latest book, “My Soul’s Journey:Lessons learned through love” arrived my dear readers! Here’s a couple videos of me reading the introduction and the back cover. The rocking chair I’m sitting in belonged to my beloved Nana and her spirit is indeed with me whenever I sit in it. It’s the chair I allow myself to fall into shamanic trance during long distance healing sessions with my clients.

Back cover summary of the journey

My prayer for you my dear readers is that you take the time to allow the Summer Sun to warm your spirit and spark the fire’s of imagination. It’s important to take time for ourselves in solitude. Shamans plant seeds of awakening through storytelling. Our minds are dreaming all the time and through storytelling we can begin to pierce the veil of illusion the mind creates which keep us separated from all creation. We are one. Explore whatever allows you to embrace our oneness.

If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations and other ritualistic services I provide or to purchase any of my 5 books of poetry please click the link below or click the Services tab in the menu on my website.
For a personalized autographed copy of any of my books, please send me an email and use my PayPal account for payment.

In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

20 thoughts on “Summer’s Sun”

  1. Beautiful post, Maria Teresa. Congratulations on receiving your latest book. Cloud gazing and yoga in the rain sounds amazing. Love cloud gazing but have yet to try yoga in the rain. Thanks for the tip.❤️


  2. Such beautiful reflections and so glad you got a sun goddess break and such inspiration with your poems. Such a beautiful summer solstice and celebration of your creativity and gifts Maria. Sure wish the rain would come our way. Love your bright smile the beautiful video in nature with you always lightning💖💖 the page.

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    1. Thank you so very much my dear Cindy 💖 I will send the cleansing rains your way for we have spent an abundance of time with them lately. Your loving kindness and support mean so much🥰 our soul bonded connection continues to bring such warmth and smiles 🤗💗🙌

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s only fair…. lol… Thanks my friend. Oh you are easy to love my dear friend and we are for sure connected by heart and soul. Have a great day and love and hugs and smiles to you💖❣️❤️🤗

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  3. Ahhh how did I miss this post?!? I always look forward to your beyond beautiful writings and this post delivers just that…beauty beyond!! And your poems, omg they are stunning. I especially love the first one, there is such divinity intertwined in each line. Your honest, vulnerable and raw expressions are such an amazing force of love – it’s an honor to read. Love you, my dearest friend. You are my inspiration 🖤🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. W😍W Ace, what a humbling honor to be your inspiration. I can honestly tell you that the feeling is synchronistically mutual. Our soul’s sing in the same key and dance in the same pace. Your heartfelt commentary on my writing means the world to me. So much love to you dear sister ❤❤

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  4. Oh yes, the rain is always refreshing for me, a time to wash away any doubts or worries and trust in rebirth! I’m so excited for you taking on a marathon is a big commitment and challenge! You always inspire me, keep it up, sister! 🥰✌🌞🌈

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