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Soul freedom 2021

I write about my emotions and those of others around me within this blog. That’s why I call it “Emotional Musings”. We are four days into this new year of 2021 and I can feel the door many of us have walked through that has given further rise in humanity’s elevation and ascension within our evolutionary process. I have been given lots of signs and information already from my guides. In this post I will share with you my poems and art that has further activated my soul’s purpose and freedom!

In my last post I shared that my word for 2020 was beauty. This is the word I chose at the end of the year. The one I chose at the beginning of 2020 was create. By setting clear intentions and goals, I created a whole new life for myself as a writer and shaman. I released three books last year that I’m immensely proud of and finished my master certification to become a shamanic healer. Both are incredibly important to my own healing journey and my soul’s purpose. This year for 2021, my word is freedom. In every sense of the word, I choose to remain free. My soul’s spirit is free from the judgements and opinions of others or any constraints that previously blocked its ability to sing, to love and to live! I continually strive towards financial freedom, something that has eluded me in the ten years since my divorce. Freedom to feel all of me, the intricate parts of self and soul. Integration of Serena, who I call my soul, and Maria Teresa, my birth name.

When I started this blog two years ago my main objective was to be as transparent as possible in regards to my journey through mental health, emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs which led me onto the spiritual life path I travel today. I want for all of my dear readers here to feel heard, seen and loved. To have hope enlivened, faith restored and love injected directly into your souls! We only get such a short time in this precious life, to experience consciousness in these human forms we inhabit. My intention is to inspire others to heal, live out their dreams and best life according to their soul.

I recently watched the Disney Pixar movie, “Soul” and felt inspired to share my spark here with you all my dear ones. Through my poetry and the healing I perform as a shaman, my soul sings loudly and freely. Another psychically inclined woman who I consider a soul sister wrote that we are Spirit’s “boots on the ground” and I firmly believe that! Please follow her blog at I am a mere conduit for Spirit and it’s a real honor to share their wisdom with others. Together, I vow to do my part in helping to raise the vibration here on Earth, to heal humanity one heart at a time.

My most favorite Dead song ever because it speaks directly to my deep purple, turquoise and green soul. Listen to their best version of “Eyes of the World” from 1977, the year of my birth, at Englishtown, NJ (I’m a NJ native)

I make small promises to myself everyday along with intentions that I burn during shamanic rituals. I listen intently to to the guided messages from Spirit. I love deeply. This poem and painting is dedicated to my soul’s burst of 6 soul sisters and our eternal connection. We have all found one another and come back together in 2020. I want us to reunite in person this year! A soul reunion ✨

Colors of my soul

After I sit in my morning meditation is when I feel the most poetic energy influences flowing. These come directly from Source. The Divine. The angels, ascended masters, my ancestors, spirit guides and highest and holiest vibrational beings of light.

The only vaccine we need

Lastly, this poem is one I wrote to process some of my own observations regarding interactions in the relationships we have with one another. Awakening to my soul has afforded me a pause button, to really see the truth in life and what others serve to teach me here. It’s an ever unfolding, always fascinating and awe inspiring process. To view the internal struggle from an energetic perspective.

Shine love towards one another

Until next time my dears, keep staying curious about your intentions in life. Release what no longer serves you, love hard and live the life as the tremendously beautiful gift it is!

In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations or to purchase any of my 4 books of poetry please click the link below. For a personalized autographed copy please send me an email and use my PayPal account for payment.

29 thoughts on “Soul freedom 2021”

      1. Yes my dear because time here is an illusion, we have been connected in other lifetimes too, I feel this🙌 It’s why I get tbe soul shivers when I read your posts and in your yoga classes🧘‍♀️
        The truthest meaning on Namaste dear one💗

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  1. This is such a beautiful post filled with such raw honesty and exquisite depth. Congratulations on all you achieved last year, that is truly incredible!! And I love that your word is “Freedom” for this year, I too feel a connection to this word. Hence, my website and my sophomore video album!! 🤪 Thank you for all you do to make WordPress a better place!! Much love my friend 🤍🤍

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    1. Awww, I just got such a warm feeling, a hug from you Ace❤ Yes, keep striving for that fearlessness and freedom of your own soul! I’m not sure where you live but it wouldn’t an honor to work with you in a session. No pressure, just an invitation. Here’s to loving ourselves even more in 2021🎆🌠🌈🥰❤🤗

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      1. Me 2…that’s what this journey is about I believe. Most of the healings I give are long distance over the phone. Here in Florida, I am a “shaman on call” and visit people’s homes, like a doctor used to😉

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  2. Beautiful. I the soul, immortal, pure, bright light, goodness and whole. I am the being in Human being. I am eternal I am not this body, this body is just for I the soul to express.

    Your poems are beautiful and express the spontaneousness of your journey, and touching if the universe, divine and you mr journey of rebirth.


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    1. Magical it is, yes my dear Bella. It’s funny because my friends and I 9ften joke about this meat suit we inhabit and they used that exact phrase in the movie “Soul” it had me 🤣

      Thank my dear for being a part of my journey❤

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    1. Thank you Warren, much appreciated 🙏 As we journey, I am becoming more aware of the skin that no longer fits and outfitting myself with a cloak of the many colors of love, to suit my ❤


  3. Wow!! Thank you for the support and the love 💕🤗 I absolutely love your word for this year of freedom. It’s a good one and one that resonates with me immensely! I just want to say that you inspire me to let loose on my writings…letting people in. Spirit keeps telling me that I need to open myself up and be seen for many can learn from my own experiences. You show so much courage and strength by putting yourself out there. A wonderful example and leader for all of us. We are in a time where we must operate from the heart and you do just that. Thank you so much for always being you!! Love you sister and your poems…they are a wonderful breath of fresh air!! ☺️🌟💜🦋

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    1. It’s my sincere pleasure always. Spirit has created such an incredible life for me here and I understand that my mission is to document my own healing journey and help others to heal, it’s an honor. My soul is compelled to do so, I just follow Serena’s lead. It makes me so happy to know I’ve inspired you and touched your soul too🥰 My angel guides are always nudging me to reach out to other humans so I understand why at times we can retreat into our own solitude, it’s important to have balance of both. I love you so much, always ❤❤❤

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  4. One of my favorite songs too!!! I love that you chose the word Freedom for your word this year! I resonated with your poem Soul Burst, and your painting perfectly expresses your energy and the gift that you have to give! I look forward to seeing how you grow and share in the upcoming year, don’t stop spreading light and love!!! 🤗💕🌼✨

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    1. YAY💜💙💚 yes sister, I truly love being seen by you. It’s a real honor 😊 We creative forces are so free and our art is how we express the importance of the feelings that ooze out our pores! My Mom and other soul sisters had similar reactions, it’s my shape. My dear friends here call me the Sun as my fiery energy comes bursting forth🔥🌞 I miss going to Dead shows so much, those were some of the best years of my life🌈💃💖 there is a cover band down here in Florida but since the pandemic it hasn’t aligned yet for me to see them play again. Soon I feel🥰 Love you so much Tiffany❤🧡💛💚💙💜


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