The heartbeat of a nation

I awoke suddenly from a sound sleep early Saturday morning at 4 AM. I could feel the tides of change in the air, a drop in pressure from the collective. I remained quiet and still while this poem evolved from the thoughts about how much power words hold and how in the past 4 years we have seen a drastic change in their meaning and placement. An outright battle for truth and facts. I’m not just referring to the political landscape but also the online social media one. It seems so many are quick to react, attack and behave aggressively towards absolute strangers. My partner and I nicknamed these types of people “keyboard gangsters”. I pray so often for the decency I once knew to return to humanity. I pray the next 4 years are a time of healing, not only in my country but world wide.

Words matter

In the past few weeks, as the pressure cooker turned our society here in the U.S. temperature to a boiling degree becauseoftheelection, I often found myself telling others that no matter who was elected President, it wouldn’t change the way I myself showed up in the world. I will still be a kind and loving person in my daily interactions with others. Change starts from within, then spills out from oneself to every other living creature we encounter. If more of us understood this, we’d be less concerned with who is controlling “us” and more concerned with the control we actually govern, within ourselves.

I often write about the trauma I have endured and survived throughout my life. I’m a huge fan of hope and the acronym for it…Hold On Pain Ends. My motto is, “Triumphing over Trauma” and I feel now is one of those times to remind myself and you my dear readers to always keep hope alive in your heart. Everything in life is so temporary. There’s always tomorrow.

Hold On Pain Ends

I’ve been back home here in Southern Florida aka SoFlo for 4 days now. It feels really good to be back despite the dreary weather we’re having with tropical storm Eta’s heavy rain and wind. I am so thankful for what I’ve learned over the past 2 months since becoming a shaman. I’m fully committed to my practices and rituals. It was an absolute honor to finally work on my Mom who was simply amazed by her session. I learned a lot of advanced techniques that helped me to become the master I now stand as. I’ve risen to a new height of understanding how powerful and magical I truly am. Knowing and understanding my purpose like never before feels fantastic. I know November and December will be abundantly successful for me as I embark on new adventures. I can feel the 7 month odyssey of separation my partner and I have been on is nearing its close. I accept what has occurred for it has served a great purpose in my growth this year both personally and professionally. I release the pain of the past and am grateful to the experiences for the many lessons I learned. As a fire sign, a Sagittarius, I often have to put my hand on the hot stove top and get burned to truly learn. That’s how I’ve always been. Mistakes are how we learn and I chose to keep it movin forward my friends!

Accept and release

In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations or to purchase any of my 3 books of poetry please click the link below.

21 thoughts on “The heartbeat of a nation”

  1. I completely agree that we must stand in our own power regardless of what goes on around us. We must have HOPE…I love your acronyms Hold On Pain Ends…it’s true. And your writing inspires hope as well☺️ I believe you are such an inspiration that whoever reads this will be touched by your words and reminded that we weren’t put here to be “keyboard gangsters” (love that). We were put here to love and to have peace… something you’re always delivering on. Thank you sister for holding the light for others to see. 🤗💜🌟🙌🙏💗

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    1. The reason I have always enjoyed yoga and the philosophy behind it are the reasons you just stated here. Namaste dear sister. We are the lightworkers, bringer, bearers and sharers. I lovingly and proudly shine. It’s a humbling honor to do so by your side my dear. Always so much love to you❤


  2. In some ways words are used as weapons or medicine. I believe we can say anything to each other but it will always hinge on how we say it, how we talk, out of caring and compassion or not. The choice is ours. Great post.

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  3. What a beautiful Post with such powerful truths and heartfelt words Maria. Your poem is awesome and I LOVE the term “keyboard gangsters”. So true and praying for renewed vision and kindness for our planet. This was so well delivered with hope and vision for our planet. Glad you are back in Florida and praying the hurricane will retreat. What a powerful gift to work on your mom for both of you. Big hugs and always love and light! Thanks for the uplifting words! ❤️👏👏👏👏

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    1. Your words make my ❤ sing Cindy🙏 It’s pary of my continued mission to help provide as articulate a commentary for these times on our planet as possible, seen through the eyes of an intuitive empath and a woman who has seen enough pain and suffering. We all need to heal on a mass scale. That’s my prayer🙏 I look forward to our interactions because they are so uplifting to my soul. I came back just in time for my Dad to fall ill and be admitted into the hospital. Now I can help my Mom in that way too. Both my parents are elderly and have a shortened time left. My Dad is 87 and my Mom is 76. Helping her heal is part of our contract. She is coping with a lot. As the middle child, I’ve always been the glue❤😊🎆

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      1. Oh I’m so happy to hear that Maria!!!
        You are a gift to all of us on the planet and now circling back to your parents even through all you have been through. Kudos to your and lucky them to have you… sending live and prayers to you with strength and a boost of energy to see you through!! Take care of you to💕🥰

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    1. I agree, hope is infectious. I am so blessed to have used this year’s energy to my advantage by alchemizing the fearing a creative force. Life is all about perspective my friend. Receiving your positive vibes and returning the same to you with lots of love! Thank you for reading and commenting here. Blessings to you🙏


    1. I’m so happy to share it! I 1st learned about while I was in a psychiatric hospital 10 years ago. It has always stuck with me. I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and comment so kindly. So much love to you ❤ always my dear❤


    1. I deeply appreciate your kindness, reading my post and commenting. We can’t leave our future and fate in the hands of power greedy men. We must change within ourselves, reach out and help each other and most importantly love one another. We shape our world, not these broken systems are living within. That’s my mission, to empower others to take back their power. Unplug from the mass mind control and be kinder to each other. We are the change. Not the systems. Love to you my friend ❤


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