What is a shaman: Celebrating my ancestors and soul work

I was recently blessed by having the opportunity to work on a fellow shaman sister who has trained under the teachings of Lindsey Luna, my shamanic healing teacher extraordinaire at her Soul Healing Academy. Spirit presents itself in such interesting ways in each session and I’m continually learning something about myself along with my clients. New ancestors show up and different guides make an appearance with messages from the great beyond. All in an effort to realign whomever it is I’m working with for their healing and highest good.

I’m a true artist at heart and I love to incorporate different percussion instruments in my sessions like Tibetan finger cymbals, drums, wood chimes, a singing bowl and my favorite energy shifting tool is my African rattle. I find myself speaking in different languages, mostly phrases I’m getting from Spirit that I either speak or sing. I like to chant and of course clap, stomp and dance. I intuitively chose different crystals to use on my clients along with essential oils that I use to evoke intentional healing on different levels depending on what we’re healing.

A question I often get is, what is a shaman and what do they do? The following description is from an article called “Mythology for Smart People” and then another example I pulled from a different source, they are in two excerpts:

“Shamanism can be considered to be the practice of entering an ecstatic trance state in order to contact spirits and/or travel through spiritual worlds with the intention of accomplishing some specific purpose”

The following is from another shaman I follow named Elizabeth Clemants and her website “Planning Change”. Her explanation is so on point:

“A treatment with a shaman has been called “ten years of therapy in one session,” and can be a powerful way to free oneself from repeating unproductive patterns.

What is a shaman?

Shaman are practitioners of traditional medicine methods that have been passed down by indigenous peoples for millennia. Shaman believe that all “problems” –whether physical or emotional–have a source in energy. The job of the shaman is to locate that energy lying at a problem’s source in any individual and shift it, causing the symptoms of the problem to shift as well.  

A shaman believe that each of us have a soul that has lived many lifetimes, and that this particular lifetime has a unique purpose and agenda. Determining one’s individual path in this life is aided by clarity and lightness; many of us are short of these qualities. Shaman watch and listen to an individual at ever-deepening layers until they identify the energy that needs attention; the shaman then works to remove heavy energy, add light, and shift the balance of a person’s system. This process can bring about healing at a foundational level.

 Why go to a shaman?

There are many reasons to go to a shaman: emotional depression, anxiety, long-lasting periods of grief, anger, a sense of dread. Physical symptoms such as insomnia, recurring nightmares, sudden weight changes, addiction, or disease (especially stress-related illnesses or unexplained physical pain) are also problems one might bring to a shaman session.

The cause of these problems may be obvious, such as a response to some sort of trauma. Distress emanating from relationship-based issues like divorce, infidelity, toxic family or work relationships, even the inability to get pregnant are also clear sources of pain. All of these can often be helped by a shaman.

But often the reasons for felt pain are unknown to the sufferers. Many who seek out a shaman shoulder a simple but overwhelming sense of just being “stuck,” with something unseen blocking movement forward. It is up to the shaman to find this energy source, setting into motion the shift necessary to alter problematic symptoms”.

I have lived an unconventional life my dears. It’s taken me 42 years to uncover my soul’s purpose. The other day while in meditation, God told me the work I’ve accomplished in the past 16 months is enough for 8 lifetimes. I recently broke a karmic contract from a past life thus freeing my spirit to ascend to new heights. I’ve reached master status now which is an extremely humbling honor. I will be returning to Florida knowing that even though I’m not meant to stay in Idaho right now, my time spent here has been incredibly enlightening and chock full of insightful lessons. This is such important work and I’m blessed to be able to perform it on others.

I originally first came here to Idaho on September 5th and will be returning to Florida on November 5th. I’ve done things that I wouldn’t have dreamt of in August. That’s the excitement of living a heart centered life while allowing my soul to be the driving force in my work. This poem sums it up perfectly.

My soul’s purpose

I took a video of myself reciting it too:

“Here to Heal”

My message is to be yourself my dears. That is your special brand of magic. The medicine that only you can share with the world. Love yourself fully and then spread that love to others. Allow yourself to be held in God’s grace.

God’s grace is always goodness

If you’re interested in a long distance shamanic healing session via phone, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations and other ritualistic services I provide or to purchase any of my 6 books of poetry please click the link below. See the Services tab in the menu on this website.
For a personalized autographed copy of any of my books, please send me an email.

In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

16 thoughts on “What is a shaman: Celebrating my ancestors and soul work”

  1. Yes very truthful. Shaman’s are healers, at least from the American Indian tradition. I noticed that the training centered on “Do no harm” combined with “Express the only self” were great and challenging directions. Be well.

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  2. Such a beautiful poem whispering to you as you make your dance and mark on the page with beauty and Love. Perfect description of the work of a Shaman and the gifts they share. I love the dance and ritual of all of the modalities used and your instruments are beautiful to infuse light. I also gifted my mom as session and she was in awe of the work and so blessed. Sending love as you grow your wings in flight in Florida. The gifts of Auguse will sustain you dear Maria!
    ❤️❤️❤️ 🙏 Cindy

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    1. Hi my love, just fished your loving comment out of spam (WordPress drives me bonkers sometimes 🤪) and I thank you for sharing your love always🙏 I was eyeing these pants for weeks so I had to gift them to myself. They represent the many pieces of my soul❤


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