Strengthening my roots

This has been another extremely transformative week for me here in my new home in Idaho. The combination of the cosmic alignment aka Mercury in retrograde during Scorpio season paints the perfect landscape for a shamanic healing experience. The Universe is drawing out deep wounds, coping patterns that no longer serve and giving us the astrological salve to truly heal. I told a client of mine this week, healing can and does hurt. The power of change is only possible when the pain of living the same way becomes too great. Otherwise we wouldn’t do it! Also, it’s a lifelong pursuit that never ends. The pain doesn’t last for long however, as everything in life is temporary and the benefits far outweigh the negatives. It’s all in perspective my dears.

Stop and look around yourself

I began the week transplanting four of my chakra points including my root, sacral, solar plexus and throat. Then I performed a much needed energy upgrade. Shamanic healing is spiritual surgery my loves and is made possible by my intentions and powerful love force magic aided by Spirit and my ancestors. My body feels like new again, fresh clean energy fills every cell and fiber tissue of my being so that I can continue to walk my path, gaining so many new and exciting insights along the way. Everything is energy my dears. Emotions are just energy in motion and you would be amazed at how pulling out icky, sticky old stagnant energy bound into chords and blocks helps rejuvenate the body! It’s profound work that gets to the root of everything that ails us as human beings here. The body was perfectly constructed to heal itself yet all the crap we surround ourselves with, consume and digest through interactions with others and what we choose to put into our mouths greatly affects how we feel and therefore dictates how we respond or react to absolutely EVERYTHING!

The 7 main chakra points

My mission here is clear, to keep “Triumphing over Trauma” and as you my dear readers can tell by reading my posts here these past two years, I have lived a life entrenched in trauma and pain, carrying many mental health diagnoses(mainly it’s all CPTSD) yet today because of the art of shamanism, my outlook on life has done a 180. The zest I feel for life is immeasurable and the beauty I witness in all of God’s handiwork brings tears of joy to my eyes and injects my heart with so much love on a daily basis. I can feel myself completely and I’m operating on my pure soul’s spirit ✨

One can really see changes in their life once they start to appreciate and be grateful for the pain they experience. The flow of everything keeps on allowing for more acceptance and a greater embrace for what life presents us in any given moment. I have written here that my mission is clear, to graciously and with a grateful heart, help do my part in healing humanity one heart at a time. Imagine if every single one of us committed to doing that too? I created a hash tag for it….. #fightofthelight and I vow with the new book I’m writing the manuscript for now to boldly do just that. “My Soul’s Light” is a labor of love and through my poems express the unwavering love God has for each and everyone of us.

Mother Earth is crying out to us, can you hear her?

At times throughout my day, I take a moment to listen and tune in. While in these moments of silence, often times I am overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness yet I know I am never truly alone because I have God’s unconditional love within me, guiding me along my path. I’m reminded to keep going even if I should stumble, to speak my truth even if my voice starts to crack. Nothing can ever hold me back. I am the master of my emotions and I choose to alchemize the energy around me to aid others in discovering and uncovering their own light. That is God’s greatest gift to us, the light of love 💖

Humans are so resilient my dears and I’m living proof that we can and do overcome experiences that have the potential, in our minds to break our spirit. I refuse to believe anyone of us could ever truly be broken. The soul is a burning cavity of purity and love that can never be destroyed (energy never dies) and it’s through the magic of love that all is overcome. How is change created and where to start…..Ask yourself these questions…..

How much do I love myself and the people I choose to interact with? How much toxic crap do I allow into my system through other’s words and the food I ingest? Do I realize it’s ALL a choice and only I have the power to change it? Am I just mindlessly consuming?

My prayer

Right now on the planet, the world is watching the United States because of its global superpower status in the world and the election about to take place in less than two weeks time. I take my citizenship and right to vote extremely seriously because others laid down their life to give it to me. I also know that no matter the outcome, whomever gets elected, won’t change my own heart or how I choose to show up in the world. We are one and I choose to treat myself and others with as much love as possible. THAT my dears is what fuels long and lasting change. Peace, joy and love isn’t a new concept. The wise among us have written novels about it, given impactful speeches on it and sang about it for centuries. John Lennon immediately comes to mind here.

I beg of you, take the time to listen to your own heart and show yourself the love you are lacking so that you can express these values through yourself and your own life. That directly impacts everyone around you and pours into more people, so on and so on. Get it? Change starts on an individual level. Give yourself the opportunity to heal. Express love. One person can make a difference. It’s simply in our roots.


In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in booking a shamanic healing session with me, a tarot card reading, listening to my meditations on InSight timer or purchasing any of my 3 books of poetry available on Amazon, click the link below😊


18 thoughts on “Strengthening my roots”

  1. This is just awesome!! Such a bright spot in what I have found to be a particularly rough month. 💜 So much truth…from releasing the coping patterns that no longer serve us to grounding our chakras and so much more! Clearly you are leading the way for so many people that will be healed by your voice, your words and your energy. Thanks for shining your light so brightly for all the world!! Much love sister 💖🤗

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    1. Namaste dear one🙏 I’ve traveled many paths to understand and believe that love is the only way to go. It’s an honor to play my part and put as much love out there as you do my sister in spirit. Always a pleasire to interact here and cosmically too as we channel the same pure messages of love and light🌠🙌💗🤗

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  2. Good Morning Dear Maria, No better to start my morning with your clear vision and poetry, the great chakra chart and John Lennon singing beconing us to our truth and deeper truths. I will keep the vision in my heart and together we will be the future love for generations to come,
    You are magic sister and I’m blessed to know you! Have a beautiful day! ❤️ Cindy

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    1. If I could attach a selfie here (I have zero clue how to do that 🙃) you would see my big smile and tbe love in my eyes for you😍 we are sisters in love my dear and together, we spread the message of how magical love is❤ Thank you for being a meaningful and pure energetic gold part of my journey 🙏


      1. Awww I get chills reading this and I can see your cute4 upside face smiling at me. so sweet and I wish I could tell you how to do it. lol. Yes we are sisters of heart and soul. you are so welcome and thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Great post. I love the phrase “It’s all in perspective, My dears.” I was reminded of a Shamanistic teaching when I was a child. “Everything is a reflection, study the projection. Change what you see by addressing the seeing, not the view” Whatever I project and attend becomes the ground I stand upon. A shift in perspective is a shift in the entire universe. Thanks for this. Take care of you.

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    1. That’s beautiful my friend and I must agree, I feel your words deeply in my work which graciously spills into my day to day interactions. We are all here to care for our spirit and once we take the steps to these shifts, an entire new world opens up. One that is loving, balanced and empowered by soul❤🙏 thank you for reading and commenting here🤗

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  4. What a complex and truthful post! I know how hard you have worked in order to be where you are today. Finding love, our true nature, is THE most difficult journey one can embark upon. I also don’t like “labels” regardless of how many the “medical” establishment like to attach to my name. I AM ME. I have suffered in ways that would make your skin crawl yet it all led to growth in huge increments. And to live in love, peace, and joy is an achievement by far outstandingly huge! Now you are reaching out to others to assist them on their own journeys! I applaud you! I like the way you have derived your own belief system which all of us IMO should do. I also respect how you interact with Mother …. I’m right on the same page. There have been times lately that tears are on my cheeks for what Mother is showing me. What a pleasure it is to have crossed paths with you. I’m so glad you found my blog. I did follow you …. I know I can learn from you. Thank you so much for being who you are! xo

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    1. Your lovely words have struck a deep chord in my heart my sister. I have endured and survived a lifelong of traumatic pain growing up as a psychic channel with all my sensibilities set to high and akin crawling unfortunately was a piece too. We made it out and walked on like the warrior goddesses we are. Many, so many of us have fallen prey in this patriarchal world. I’m thrilled you’re following me and it’s always a humbling honor to be seen, felt and heard within another’s soul. We are each other’s mirrors and are constantly learning and evolving from 9be another❤ Happy to meet you😊

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      1. My life mirrors yours in ways that stun me. I’m not “psychic” per se but rather “intuitive”. I “know” things and I’ve learned to not ever ignore those knowings. I’ve had to learn how to protect myself which has been a very long journey just in of itself. I have to be very careful to this day how much I expose myself to people especially crowds. I’ve learned to rise above and to allow their energies to slide off of me.
        The time for the “goddess” has come, the matriarchal, powerful female energy. I feel it. And when I do I am transcended so high my feet do not feel as if they are on the ground. There is a very high pure frequency energy that has come into this dimension, and it takes time to adjust to it. What JOY to meet someone who GETS what is really going on here. My soul just sighed and smiled. xoxoxoxoxo

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      2. Yes, mine too my dear. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you’ve said. It’s been a wild crazy ride for me. I was r a used to see chaos as normal and to accept uncomfortability as comfortable. It’s taken me a long time to get here and where I’m heading is a beautiful place I know. I’m newly aware of all the sensibilities strengths, awakenings and how they’ve influenced my life. I’m an extremely open and free spirited soul. Since becoming a shaman everything in my life is different and living in a goddess (less) place here is painful and confusing a lot yet I choose to lead my life with love and kindness. I’m figuring out who the real me is. It’s wonderfully comforting to know that you can relate and feel what I’m sharing here. Much love❤❤❤

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      3. Friend, if you on a daily basis stay in the state of love it won’t be long before you know who you are. It takes time yes but once you have a firm handle on this knowledge, nothing or no one can take it from you. Yes it is comforting to me as well that our paths have crossed. Too many are yet imprisoned of their own making. I know what it took for me to SEE and KNOW so instead of frustration, I pray and send those who have yet to do the inner work, much love. The rest is up to them. SMILE! xo

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      4. Yes my friend, you said it 👏 This journey is unique to all and follows no set rules. It’s an extremely reassuring feeling to be consistently supported, guided and protection by the light of love 💃🎆❤🌠🙏😊

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    1. Yes my dear, a healing session to remove those blocks would be so impactful on your system energetically which would then shift a lot of the issues. I’m always available through email to discuss. I hold over the phone long distance sessions my dear. mariaswan120917@gmail.com
      Love is really the greatest untapped superpower of all❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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