Intentions for love and trust

It’s been two weeks since I sat in my shadow, dove deep while consciously and intentionally releasing some deep wounds I have been carrying for years my dear readers. This week in my apprenticeship for my shamanic healing work, we talked about boundaries both ethically and personally. I realized again just how serious the work of energy healing is and how my approach to my own life has shifted in the past few months.

I reread some of my posts from the start of 2020 when I first set my mind to learning the art of shamanism. It truly does suit my spiritual being and my soul’s purpose. I now understand much more about myself and God’s plan for me. It’s created a very freeing yet grounded place simultaneously. It has had me reconsider however how I interact with others both physically and emotionally.

Actions aka boundary setting

As usual I have been sitting in quiet contemplation and asking Spirit how best to proceed. My main channel has always been my writing, the messages come through clearest when I put pen to paper and allow free flow writing to spill out. At times like this my mind screams at me,”I must know” while my heart, which is always the guiding force whispers, “You already do”. The answer is love. Trust what is being presented and surrender the need to control. Just love Maria, yourself first and others will follow🙏

I have spent many years being numb, deaf to my own inner guidance, my soul’s intentions for me. I’ve written before about this concept but it bears repeating now. We are multidimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. At times in this past year my spirit has guided me to places my human side didn’t feel comfortable embodying yet. Then it’s like a game of tag while my human self plays catch up to my spiritual self. Integrating it all to include the voices of my inner child, ego and higher consciousness or highest self has been an emotional roller coaster for me. Just when I’m ready to let go, Universe says “ok, here’s a test” and throws a big life lesson at me to see which direction I choose to go.

This week my partner and I finally booked his plane ticket here. I then bore witness to how he had to proceed with this major life change, getting his personal issues in order. That is a new boundary for me. I have always wanted to protect him, shield him from pain yet I have realized that he has his own journey to live. The issues he has faced, steps he has taken to heal and help himself astound me. Everything truly does unfold in God’s time and only He can mold us in the ways that are best for us, in that Divine timing.

I’m reminded of what my dear friend and Divine Interventionist Joel Adifon told me when we first started working together in April. He advised me on how much patience I would need to employ, the staring role it would have in my next steps and healing journey. Today I know exactly what he was referring to. Not only am I to remain patient with myself but I must yield to meddling in other’s paths for them to be able to execute their own journey’s and God’s will for them.

I said, “Yes God, I trust you and I love you for the gifts you’ve bestowed upon me. I’m grateful for the strength and understanding you’ve provided for me in order to survive my darkest days”. Then God conspired with the Universe and said, let’s see how much she really does love and trust. Cue the past four months in my life. Losing my job and place of living yet gaining a much deeper sense of self and purpose while finally being reunited with my son Ty. God has also provided a way to keep me financially afloat during these months so that I could see all these changes to fruition. My grateful heart is overflowing with thanks and praise. Thank you God🙏

As we head into this holiday weekend, full moon AND lunar eclipse…I’m again sitting here in the stillness of my heart ready for the next chapter. I’m thankful for all that I have learned, especially the losses for they have showed how strong I have become. Losing things means it’s time to make room for new things, ones that will serve my alignment going forward. I trust in that. The people in my life who support me and love me no matter what. I love them. Mostly, I bow my head in grace for being present to feel all of these blessings and know that the best is still yet to come😉

Love & trust

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18 thoughts on “Intentions for love and trust”

  1. “Losing things means it’s time to make room for new things, one that will serve my alignment going forward.” How true. To me, life is like a river ( over-used analogy, I know): the path changes over time and the water is never the same. This is the thought that struck me the most in your post.

    God’s best to you on your brave journey.

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  2. It’s all about the intention vs unintentional. I have just spoken to my husband about it and I concluded that if you have to justify something, you are doing what you do, out of fear; unintentionally…

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    1. 100% yes! This work I’m doing is extremely focused on intentions which is helping me to be even more mindful.
      I’m always willing to look at how to further peel back the layers and know myself and what/why makes me tick😉 Intentions play a big role in that. Thank you for reading and commenting my dear🙏

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      1. Your kind words here have made my day for that is my intention. If I can shine some light my heart is a peace. I’m happy to do that my friend. Blessings to you and take care🙏

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  3. Thank you for sharing your story. It looks like you’ve learned some very valuable lessons. I find that the shakeups we experience in our lives is more about what needs to go, what area needs change. I feel it’s because these are areas we tend to cling to and resist the change. And the fact that you trusted in that process and allowed this change to flow through you is courageous. You’re an inspiration and a light for others. 💞🤗

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    1. I’m receiving and feeling these kind words, thank you so much. Yes, my life has been in upheaval for awhile and these changes needed to happen. I’ve been in a mourning too which I had to process. It’s a change of gears. Thank you for your comment🙏

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