Thanks and grace

Since I have arrived her to stay with my parents and soak up this South Florida sunshine 🌞 my dear readers the only thought that keeps recycling through my mind is love. Our world is in panic and fear mode due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus so to transmute that and be the alchemist that I am, my only job right now is to radiate love from the inside out. Our thoughts create our reality and what you think you attract (Law of Attraction). What if we could infect one another with love?

Dad & I out for a walk
Mom & I by the closed beach
The beach is my happy place🌞

Even though the beach was closed we could still walk along the sidewalk for awhile. It’s important for both of my parents to keep moving their bodies and walking in the bright sunshine is great for everybody’s mind, body and spirit!

Love & Peace

I just adore having one on one time with my parents. As the middle child of 6, there was hardly ever any alone time for me. Last night was amazing as I shared my chakra balancing crystals and sound healing meditation with both my parents!! To be able to get to the point in my life where I see them for the humans they are, they have lived through so much at 75 (Mom) and 86(Dad). They deserve healing and peace now. My Dad has full blown Dementia and had a TBI a few years ago when he fell over the parking curb at church, cracking his skull open. He has also undergone open heart surgery. Over the summer he survived pneumonia and sepsis. My Mom calls him her miracle man💪

Dad’s new additions in healing

My Dad also doesn’t hear very well and reads lips a lot. He kept calling the meditation “medication” which is really what it is, for the soul. My Mom told me she could feel the healing powers give her tingling under her back and begin to swirl through her stomach which describes our sacral area. My Mom has a lot of unresolved trauma from her own childhood and first marriage. Our sacral is the center for our feelings. This morning when she woke up she kept telling me how much lighter she felt, especially in her stomach area! She asked me to get her her own set and download the app I use for the sound healing which utilizes Solfeggio tones. You may go back in my past posts to learn more about what sound healing is all about😉

I have thoroughly been enjoying the release of any time constraints! Time management can often be my nemesis my dear readers. Without those limits I feel free as a bird and today I was able to practice a lot of self care out on the patio which overlooks the lake. The energy I feel when I’m by the water is so invigorating and drove my passion for yoga today. It felt so peaceful, stable and reassuring.

Tree pose🧘‍♀️
My OM✌
Practicing balance
Snuggles with Dad🥰
My Nephew (18 in 10 days) & my niece (20)

We had a delightful and delicious family dinner with my sister and her children er young adults. I get such a kick outta them since now they both tower over me and I once held them right after they were born🥰 The two of them are so upbeat and funny which kept all of us laughing during our get together. My nephew Nick is a senior in high school and has had all of the memorable senior year festivities canceled yet is taking it all in stride. My niece and Goddaughter Gabriela will begin working from home next week. They both understand the circumstances we are under and they love to laugh and joke with all of us “old people”. My baby sister, their Mom just turned 40 in October making the two of us the youngest of my parents children 42 (me). We are reminded now just how “uncool” we are. My sister Gina and I love to break out our dance moves and remind them that we still got it💃

Nicholas and Gabriela

Our minds and energy are more powerful than you think. Allow the fear & panic to flow through you. Return to love. Practice self care and then check in on your loved ones. My only intention is to spread love and affirm peace. It is contagious and will become inspiration for all to do the same creating a giant ripple effect ❤ Be still even for 5 minutes everyday by asking God for grace and saying thank you for your blessings. Turn off the TV, especially the news my dear readers! Return to your ❤ which is where all of us started from anyways….love. Focus on it and envision your arms around the world. Our entire Universe needs a hug right now🥰 Imagine, like John Lennon sang about if all of us did that? BOOM…..this current situation with the Coronavirus is a forced reset of priorities. Look for the blessings in this time we are being given or as I see it gifted. They are abundant. While I was out by the lake this afternoon a few of my bird friends walked right up to me. Seeing the beauty and message in nature makes my heart happy. It is free and it is all around us. The sunshine here is awesome 🌞 plus this virus doesn’t like it. Try to get some fresh air and sunshine if you can. We will only get through this together, as a collective because we are all connected. In the meantime I love each and everyone of you🥰✌🌠


Florida day 1

My Mom and I sat by the pool this afternoon and took in the glorious sunshine here in South Florida. On this day 14 years ago, our beloved Nana passed over into the spirit world to become the ultimate guardian angel. She and I communicate often and I know she is in bliss now. Always such a generous and kind hearted woman, never met a stranger and loved life as she lived it to the fullest. I love her and miss her dearly. I’m so happy I get to spend some quality time with my Mom and Dad in beautiful sunny SoFlo 😎

My Mom is the best
Glorious sunshine 😎

It felt amazeballs to sit on the lounge chair next to the pool and bask in the sun’s energy and warmth. As I drifted off to sleep I kept telling myself, everything is as it should be, you are loved and you are blessed 🙏

Nana, my guardian angel

Tonight my Kom cooked cormbeef and cabbage with boiled potatoes and carrots in honor of our Nana. We toasted her as I played “Wind beneath my wings” my the insurmountable Bette Midler. We played thos song at her service and my Mom and I both got emotional. Nobody could ever compare to our Nana. My angel. My light. My guide🌠🌈🙌🙏✌❤


Let love shine

During these uncertain and rapidly changing times, it’s important to allow our feelings to flow as they will. It’s normal to feel the fear and panic that is swirling through the planetary energy because of the affects from the Coronavirus. However, it’s just as important to not get stuck in a negative downward spiral of anxiety and worry.

I speak from experience my dear readers because for the majority of my life I was frozen by fear, paralyzed by it actually. I found myself in these terribly painful dissociative episodes and debilitating panic attacks not to mention the routines I created to soothe my OCD. There was a period of time when my oldest son Ty was a baby that I didn’t even leave my house. My anxiety and overthinking ruled my days as I found myself repetitively washing not only my hands but my home and beyond. Those were dark days my friends and I’m grateful to be past them now!

Yesterday I woke up with a vision for a new painting. I have always enjoyed using paints but have mostly used oils. This past holiday season while scrolling mindlessly on Amazon, I discovered these fantastic watercolor pens. They are refillable too and make using this medium so easy with virtually no mess! Not that making a mess bothers me these days however clean up is a breeze with these pens. My creative juices flow quite quickly and at times my time management is lacking in between my daily chores, practices and work schedule. Sometimes I feel the urge to paint when time doesn’t always allow for it. Lately I feel there are just not enough hours in my day, I bet many of you can relate to that!

Love vibration in full color

My dear friends and the owners of the boutique I manage decided to close down for at least this week and had me shut down a lot earlier this past Saturday night. It’s out of our control my dear readers and we all must abide by what our governments are advising for our own safety and health. I am choosing to look on the bright side of this unexpected time off. I have many creative projects to explore and execute this week. My mother found very reasonable airfare to South Florida from Texas and I will be leaving for there tomorrow morning until Friday night.

I am really looking forward to spending quality time with both my parents because they are elderly and time is so precious. Our weather here is calling for rain all week and being out in the sunshine of Florida feels much more positive for my spirits! My parents live on a glorious lake with a wonderful nature path nearby within walking distance and I’m really looking forward to spending time in nature too. Getting to float in the ocean and in the pool is also top on my list. Creating these serene moments of calm and serenity allow me to take mental photographs in which I can then utilize for meditative imagery when I feel stress mounting. Being able to visualize an oasis in my mind has helped me tremendously during my healing journey and one of the best practices I was taught ten years ago when I began down the path to self.

I want to remind you my dear readers that our minds can create the best and worst scenarios for our reality. It is a choice which way one wants to travel through thought and feelings. By practicing yoga and meditation I have allowed for space to be able to observe these choices so that I can best choose how my day will unfold. I chose to follow my heart and listen closely to my intuition. Deciphering between ego stories and my soul’s voice is a gift I have worked really hard at obtaining and one that I don’t take for granted by impulsive actions. I enjoy where I am in life today, the inner peace I feel and the love I feel radiating from the inside out. I have served my time feeling depressed and anxious. Those dark days and years have led me here to become the master of my own emotions and realize how much I actually do control my own reality. I’m no longer a victim but the hero of my own life’s story. This is the epitome of my motto for living, “Triumphing over Trauma”. Walking out of the shadows and into the bright light🌠

Allowing love & light to shine from within

When we chose to radiate love towards ourselves, even through times of conflict, we provide healing for our soul. When we are radiating love towards others, we reciprocate the love and kindness that they give us in such an abundance that it helps in their own healing creating joy for both the other person and for ourselves. It’s a transmuting force of energy and my wish for our world right now. Sending you all love, light & peace ❤🌠✌


It’s a lovely day

Getting closer to my highest self by allowing a clear running dialogue brings me such peace. Added in some extra meditation lately to hear my inner voice. Tap in my friends and start living your soul’s purpose.

It’s gonna be a lovely day y’all….still focused in that ❤ vibe, radiating love🥰

When all else fails I put my music on and dance it out!! Sending you all love & light🌠❤

Dance it out💃
Listen to your soul’s voice

Staying in the love vibration

Not matter the current circumstances my dear readers, I am choosing to reject all of the fear being pumped into our society currently. Despite the fact that it is Friday the 13th and the Coronavirus is threatening the health of millions, billions throughout all of humanity……keep in the love vibe. Please. Love is the highest and most powerful of all energy vibrations ❤

Here are eight helpful tips you can practice to keep love running through your mind, body and spirit 🥰

  1. Become conscious of your thoughts. Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality. We truly are our thoughts💭
  2. Find something beautiful and appreciate it. I do this through meditation and visualization.
  3. Be conscious of the foods you eat. Again, you are what you eat.
  4. Drink water and plenty of it. It’s the best way to rid the body of toxins
  5. Meditate. For at least 5 to 15 minutes every day. It’s a muscle that can be built over time, repetition and practice. I have been incorporating meditation into my daily routine for 10 years now and practicing yoga for 20. It’s never perfect but is progress in keeping myself balanced and centered 🧘‍♀️
  6. Be grateful. Especially with yourself. Show others kindness and practice the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated🙌
  7. Practice acts of kindness. Both random and intentional, our world needs this now more than ever✌
  8. Get your blood pumping by moving your body for at least 20 minutes daily. Why not smile while doing it too….studies show that smiling while exercising has an even more beneficial impact on your overall health in the long term 😁

No matter what, reject all fear. Stay in the love vibration ❤🙌

This morning my creative mind wanted to play around with different types of poetry formats. Tapping into my passionate heart and my ability to empathize, using compassion to understand humanity. My message here is to love one another now more than ever❤