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I AM Love Eternal

Over this past year, we all as a collective have faced many challenges. They say character is shaped by how we each handle the challenges we face in life. My own life experiences deliver the greatest lessons. The people I encounter and engage with serve as my best teachers. I believe in the power we each hold inside our hearts to be the best instrument for direction in life. Steven D. Farmer, a shaman that I admire highly, writes about love in this way:

“All wounds stem from the illusion of separation from Source and all of Creation. The route of healing this wound is through cultivating love and compassion for every being on this planet, including yourself. Not a bland standard of unquestioned acceptance, but a heartfelt sense of profound relatedness to whatever you perceive as apart from yourself. True compassion requires not only the feeling of warmth that emanates when you are in touch with your heart center, but in acts of kindness even if this simply means being a fully attentive listener. Respect the fact that your heart is a giver, putting out electrical energy and a receiver, drawing in magnetic energy. These energies are best sensed by attending to the steady flow of your breathing while also noticing your heart area. Righteousness, fear, anger and judgement are some common ways that block your natural desire to love. Forgiveness is not only letting go of judgement, but also seeing through the illusion that you and All-That-Is are separate. Look about you and inside you, and do your best to love whatever you see”.

WOW, I just love that and when I first read it in his book entitled, “Earth Magic” I could feel soul shivers throughout my entire body! We are all interconnected in this web of energy that runs throughout the entire Universe. What I do unto others, I do to myself. All living things require love to exist in harmony and balance. As a shaman, this is a passage I share during my healing sessions. I believe in the power of our hearts, minds and souls interacting with the energy of love for the most profound healing. I write often that I believe love to be the greatest untapped superpower there is. We all have the ability to love, we are made from and of it. We are the Light. My prayer is that each and everyone of us begins to investigate our own soul, engage in loving ourselves for this is what will create change in our world.

Light of Love

Each and everyone of you my dear readers is the I AM of love eternal. Discovering this within myself has changed my life and is what drives me to write, heal and teach others about the beauty life holds for all of us. No matter what you look like, believe in, how much money you have, who you love or any other label this world can slap upon you, you are first and foremost LOVE.

Today my heart is so happy and filled with immense peace because my partner of seven years is arriving here in Florida after a long 6 months of living apart! I have learned so many lessons, uncovered many revelations about myself and experienced innumerable ah-ha moments during his absense in my daily life. I noticed this week while I was preparing for his arrival that there is still an amount of emotion locked inside that I have reserved, not allowing myself to feel fully from my Dad’s passing, until I am in his arms. As an intuitive empath, my own emotions are so deep. Fully feeling them is still a scary proposition for me. There’s definitely a part of me that needs to collapse in his arms and sob.

My mind, body and soul are rejoicing in celebration for his upcoming arrival tonight! I honor his heart and our love bond in these poems. He is my best friend, my greatest companion and the man I love most in the world. I have never felt this way about another human being and I believe I never will again. They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone and in many ways that has become a fact for me. I have embraced so many aspects of self in his absence, becoming a master shaman and losing my Dad, I feel like a completely different woman today. My heart sings loudly feeling his presence is nearing.

Music of my soul

I calculated that over 4,000 hours have passed since I last saw his handsome face in August for his birthday when I surprised him in Dallas. Each moment has served so many feelings, so many colors painted, songs I both laughed and cried to while dancing….each little bit.

Every. Minute. Every. Hour. Every. Day.

His love enraptures my entire being, crashing into me like a tidal wave. I fell hard and fast upon our first encounter when a mutual friend introduced us. I was just one year into my divorce then and wasn’t looking to get into a relationship. I have always believed that’s when love hits you, crashes into you, when you are least expecting it. We became friends first which was important to me. I remember the day I told him that I loved him like it was yesterday. He didn’t say it back, not at first. He was so overwhelmed by the fact that he had never truly known the kind of love we share and didn’t know what to do with me. He admitted to not being good at love. It has taken us years of healing, as individuals and as a couple to fully embrace our special bond that has lasted lifetimes. I have experienced many visions of our souls past lives together. In many of them he was my master, my teacher and I his apprentice. In this lifetime, I am the master and he my apprentice.

Crashing into my soul with love

I pulled a bunch of very prolific tarot cards this morning all pointing to completion, dreams becoming reality and trust. I have worked really hard on myself in these 6 months. I will continue to do the inner work necessary because I am compelled by soul. I’m an deep, old and noble soul. For me, this is the most humbling way to be seen in the world and an honor. I value the lessons, the steps taken through both pain and bliss, because each and every moment serves as another thread to the tapestry my life is. I told a dear soul sister of mine this today and then wrote this poem.

Soul shining love and light for all

In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations or to purchase any of my 4 books of poetry please click the link below. For a personalized autographed copy please send me an email and use my PayPal account for payment.

24 thoughts on “I AM Love Eternal”

  1. Wow, this is such a beautiful post filled with so much magic, purity, heart, authenticity and eternal love!!! While reading this, I felt the entirety of my being smile. Your heartfelt words just created such an effortless flow of energy. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, and each poem got better and better!!! I’m so happy for you that you get to see your partner!! Thank you so much for this gem, such a recharge for my energy and heart! Lots of love to you soul sister 🤍🤗

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    1. I’m so pleased it serves your soul in healing and love❤ that is my intention. We all deserve this! Tapping into this energy is extremely potent and life changing. Our evolution is married into this energy provided by the cosmos. I’m merely a conduit, I hear its message and feel guided to share it with others. It’s my soul’s pleasure ❤ What a beautiful experience you have described. I’m honored❤ Namaste dear one🙏

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  2. Love this post. You have told me so much about your own journey, but I am always amazed at the parallel in our paths. You are such a magical, loving energy, and I absolutely enjoy reading your poems and your insights into the world around us. Everything is connected, and I so happy for you that you are meeting up with your partner again. When I started seeing my partner, it did not go well at first. It was a rough start, and I remember my mom telling me that sometimes love is a process. Those words helped me to see that relationships have a course all their own, and it is better to go with the flow. Enjoy your time with your loved one. I am happy for you.

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    1. I love you so much and know that our connection serves many purposes in this life Kelly! I await our next session with joy filling my heart as I get to witness your growth, it’s medicine for my soul. Your Mom’s words of advice are true gold, it is a process. Being patient with myself in order to allow the lessons within the process is where I have been able to see love for what it is. We each have a unique love language. My partner’s differs from mine and that’s how we click. We serve each other is compatible ways. The flow of allowing is where we pick up the wisdom. I have learned so much about myself through this relationship. Love is a many splendid thing for sure❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  3. That’s amazing! I’m not there yet! I’m all about self-righteousness and all that. But I figure, why not? It amuses me to be self-righteous.

    I’m so happy for you that you’re being reunited with your significant other! Oh, that’s lovely. YAY!! 🙂

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  4. I absolutely love the quote from Stephen Farmer. It is the absolute truth. We spend so much time being disconnected from Source because of our fears that it’s truly amazing to see how we find our way back. Everybody’s story is different. All I can say is that timing is everything. It is no coincidence that your man is arriving now so that you both can finally continue your beautiful journey together. Your excitement literally jumps off the page. 💗 I’m truly happy for you. And can I just say that there are so many surrounding you that love you and are so very proud of you. I keep getting this incredible feeling of awe at how much you’ve grown in such a short amount of time. You know I never know what’s going to fly out when I respond to your posts. 🥰 You’re an amazing woman as are your poems!!😉 Love ya sister!! 🤗💃🏻❤️

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    1. Reading your response here connects me directly to the many guiding Spirits that guide, protect, heal and love me. It’s a hug from the Universe in the best of ways❤ Today I cried many tears of joy and gratitude for how far I have come. That’s been made very clear lately. I pulled heart chakra, spiritual union, spiritual strength and the world card tonight and could hear the angels singing. I humbly accept their praise. This work that I’m doing has saved my life in innumerable ways and brought the most special of people into it….YOU💗 I am so grateful for our connection and you are never far from my thoughts. I value you so much and know that our work together is just beginning, it’s so exciting 🎆
      Thank you for loving me and guiding me at the most divine times, every time. I love you❤❤

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  5. Such a beautiful expression of truth and love that radiated out of you soul filling our hearts your expression of joy. Love your poem and am soooo excited for you to see your beloved and can’t wait to see pictures of your beaming faces!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Such a beautifully written post and so full of many truths. The connection we have to each other and the collective universe seems to be beginning to become understood by more and more. Thank you for doing what you are doing here and I wish you the absolute best with the reunion with you partner. Enjoy the moments and keep up the great writing.

    My best…

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    1. Thank you so much my friend 😊 There are many of us awakening to our soul’s destiny and understanding that love is what we all need to broadcast more and more for harmony and balance to be restored. Thank you for your kindness 🙏 Blessings of peace, joy and love to you.


  7. I feel your love loudly through your words, Maria! I am so happy and excited for you to be with your soulmate once again!!! I totally get the part about breaking down and letting your emotions release once back in his arms, it’s human! Enjoy the love! 😉😍💕

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    1. YES ❤ the gift of love is magic shared between each one of us. My heart is at peace now and the breaking down has begun😘🎆 Thank you for seeing me and for being on the love train❤🚂


  8. “We all have the ability to love, we are made from and of it. We are the Light. My prayer is that each and everyone of us begins to investigate our own soul, engage in loving ourselves for this is what will create change in our world.” Absolutely! A lovely share! Happy reunion, may the joy release in abundance; an overflow of untapped superpower, love eternal!

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