In light and in shadow, always with love ❤ Namaste 🙏

Hello, my name is Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson. I’m a woman walking this journey of life in truth, having liberated my authentic spirit which freed my soul. I’m a divorced mother with two teenage sons. I use my God granted sensibilities as a psychic channel, medium and intuitive empath as my superpowers. The power of love fuels my magic as a shamanic healer with a focus on healing trauma. Writing poetry is how I connect with my soul, her name is Serena. Living life as a creative force assists me in achieving my soul’s purpose while I express myself through writing poetry, hosting a blog, dancing, painting and practicing yoga. My motto is “Triumphing over Trauma”. In 2011, I first became aware that I needed to reconnect with my soul after a suicide attempt. I have explored my mental and emotional health which led me to a more spiritual approach where I find myself today. Many routes have brought me to where I am as a God centered being. The light I receive from God’s love has helped me to heal and see the immense beauty life has to offer. Healing from the human condition, unraveling programming imprinted by others to create a better internal belief system is a never ending cycle. I can now say that I love myself totally. My spirit is free from cover and I choose to spread love and kindness. My goal is to help heal humanity one heart at a time through writing and the art of shamanism. Allowing Spirit to speak through my vessel as a clear channel is a humbling responsibility and something that gives me great joy to share with others.