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Feeling is healing

Often times we do whatever we can to mute, disconnect and halt our feelings. I know this process well my dear readers. Through the trauma, abuse and self destructive ways I attempted to stifle my feelings in the hopes of erasing what was going on, I came to understand there is no way to escape the pain. What I have learned my friends is the only way to truly live is by feeling, for that is healing. Listening to the notes of each heart song, brings me closer to my authentic self and creates a bridge to my soul. To feel is to heal which in turn elevates the soul.

This Saturday my family and I will bid an official farewell to my Dad. My Mom chose to hold the memorial on the same date as their first meeting which was a blind date, 45 years ago. It’s very special for her. I’m honored to be giving a reading during the Catholic mass that will be held in his honor and reciting my poem “Daddy” while the choir director plays “How Great Art Thou” my Dad’s favorite hymn. It’s also three months to the day he breathed his final breath, crossing over to the spirit realm, to be with God and the angels. I’ve been feeling lots of different emotions as you can imagine my dear ones. The difference of focus for me now is that I don’t judge my feelings. I surrender, I accept and I feel them. However they surface, with anger, with tears or with laughter. All of it serves.

Curiously investigating feelings to heal

This poem, “Inner Landscape” was recently named post of the day on the app I use, Mirakee, to create my poems. I have been using this app for over two years and this is the first time I have been recognized by this honor. I must tell you the sheer joy I felt receiving so much love, kindness and support from the writing community on the app and on the social media platforms I shared it on. My hope and prayer is that by sharing my journey of healing, of learning to live by my motto of “Triumphing over Trauma”, I can inspire others to do the same. This is another poem about healing, based upon chakra health which leads to a richness and wealth of well-being.

Chakra health =healing wealth

I would also like to share with you my dear readers a clip from a show I have been binging on Netflix called “The Magicians”. This clip is of the cast singing in remembrance of one of the lead characters, their dear friend who passes away tragically after a magic spell that leads to an unexpected outcome. It really impacted me as I watched it, tears spontaneously fell from my eyes and poured down my face. I’ve heard this song so many times ,yet not in this tempo, which allowed the meaning to shine light upon my own grief. We get such a short amount of time in this life for the people we connect with to leave an indelible mark upon our hearts that we may not recognize until they are gone. We are presented with that choice, to “Take on Me” when we love someone. These special relationships teach us so much. My Dad is the strongest and most humble person I have ever been blessed to know and love. He was a man of few words, the strong and silent type, so when he spoke he commanded attention and you listened. I’m so very honored to be his daughter, getting the opportunity to “take on him”.

Lastly, I will close this post with two other poems that reflect my heart and healing at this time along my journey. I urge each one of you my dear friends, tap into your heart, feel your feelings, heal and continue to discover your authentic self, which is your truth. It’s beautiful. It’s you!

Honor your spirit

In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations or to purchase any of my 4 books of poetry please click the link below or click the Services tab in the menu.
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27 thoughts on “Feeling is healing”

  1. I loved The Magicians til my favorite character died. That and no wifi means no streaming service.

    I need to work on accepting my feelings rather than judging them. Baby steps. Gotta shake off the deep depression before I am likely to succeed but I can try to be kinder to myself.

    I truly appreciate the positivity and love you share here. I envy those qualities. More for me to work on. πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Absolutely, life is always a work in progress. It’s in the in between moments we get a glimpse of our truth, our bare self and that is what I express here. I’m happy it serves you my friend.

      I just discovered the show on Netflix and am so intrigued since I strongly believe and practice magic regularly as a healer.

      Interesting that you used the phrase “baby steps” because one of my guides told me that today. It reminded me of what my doctors always stressed to me at the hospital when I would be too hard on myself. I pray you continue to walk in your truth, step by step, to further reveal the light inside of you Morgan. I can see you. Love to you❀


  2. Beautiful piece, I truly loved it!! Your words hold such a powerful, genuine and loving vibration that always lifts my spirits and makes me feel at home! I’m so sorry about your Dad, but, it sounds like you and your family are doing a beautiful job at honoring him and his spirit…he will always be with you! These poems are fabulous, Inner Landscape is indeed quite awesome!!! Keep shining and being that beacon of light you most definitely are, hugs and love sis πŸ’›πŸ€—

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    1. Your words here Ace are the hug I so need today. I’m so happy to share with you my soul’s reflection and know that you feel that wonder and mystery of love tooπŸŽΆπŸ’œ It’s such an honor. Here’s to our soul sister connection πŸ’•

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    1. I’m to determined to share it all, the bittersweet and the beautiful joyful music of my heart song. It all serves. Thank you for consistently supporting my writing here my friend, it means so muchπŸ™

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  3. Congratulations on the recognition of your poem Maria! That’s just awesome.
    Ok how wild is this.. last night I sad the words I just read… feeling is healing and then as I kept reading you wrote about the chakras in the same way I did in my poem yesterday. This says it all about our connection. Your poems are beautiful blessings of truth and love. I’ll be thinkig of you this weekend in all of your glory, joy, sadness and whatever comes up for you. Enjoy reading your poem which is such a gift to your Dad and your family. β€οΈπŸ€— I’ll be holding you in light and love.πŸ’–

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    1. Yes, I’m often blown away with the information I pick up on and write and how the synchronicity plays out with others I’m connected with. It is amazing. There is magic everywhere, we are full of it and it’s just waiting to be released.
      Thank you do much for your words of encouragement Cindy. Last night’s class was a hug from you to my entire being. I’m so grateful to take part in your yoga gifts. Love to you my dear, you’ll be there in spirit with us on Saturday πŸ₯°

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      1. I know me too and it happens with us often. Such gifts of the heart.
        It is my pleasure and it is such a gift to share yoga together. It is an honor. Thanks for the love and I indeed will be with you in spirit. πŸ’–πŸ€—

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  4. Post of the day!!! That’s really awesome!!πŸ’« All wonderful things lining up for you!! It’s so great to watch you expand your light into the world. Every week it’s somethings new…something to really be proud of. Just look at how far you’ve come!! And I enjoyed the Magicians version of Take on Me. It was quite moving. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow knowing that your Dad will be right there enjoying every word that you wrote for him. β™₯️πŸ₯°πŸ€—

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  5. I’m getting caught up on my reading list! I believe you already had your father’s memorial, I hope that it was a lovely day that brings you love and light to carry you forward! Your dad sounds a lot like mine, strong and silent type, it’s been 25 years and I still miss him every day! πŸ₯°β€

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    1. Thank you sweetie, it was yesterday. It was beautiful. I’m going to put together a post about it tomorrow. It was the homecoming he deserved. My family and I are very happy.


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