The wounded healer interview

Go to https://mentalhealthathome.org/2020/06/25/wounded-healer-interviews-maria-emotional-musings/ to read my interview for Ashleigh’s interview series. I didn’t realize how both empowering and healing doing this interview would be for me. I always say I have lived a few lifetimes in this one life journey here and this reinforces that concept for me.

Enjoy your day my dear readers!

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7 thoughts on “The wounded healer interview”

    1. 100% my friend, I whole heartedly agree! Imagine if we all dropped our masks and were just honestly ourselves? Your comment touched my heart. I’ve never been one for compliments but that’s also something I’m leaning into these days. To me it’s, I don’t see any other way. I sincerely do hope to inspire others. My life is now full of color and joy, I’ve worked really hard to get here and it feels amazing when others can understand the struggle. Thank you 🙏

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  1. What a wonderful way to share your story and to help others who need to know they are not alone! Unfortunately, there are too many of us that are healing from past trauma, bless you for your work and for being so strong, keep sharing, Maria, you are an inspiration!

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    1. You made my day with your kind words
      💜💜💜 that’s all we can do, keep living, learning, growing and healing! My mission has always been to live “Triumphing over trauma” and allow others to feel they aren’t alone and can overcome obstacles in their life! Thank you so much Tiffany, love ya😘🙏


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