In light and in shadow, always with love ❤️ Namaste ðŸ™

4 thoughts on “In light and in shadow, always with love ❤️ Namaste ðŸ™”

  1. Maria,
    I’m enjoying each day as they arrive, no longer trying to fix yesterday or stage tomorrow in an effort to avoid some imagined negative event. Gratitude for each breathe, and hope for the ability to Serve my fellow man. I have more parity with being mindful from day to day. Letting the ego fall away isn’t such an easy task it manages to sneak in occasionally and I’m reminded how selfish and lonely I really was. Your a special lady. ~JohnA.

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    1. Hey there my friend 😊 so happy to hear from you and know that you are taking insights of this journey along with you, healing your heart and expanding more into soul. What a beautiful and precious life we are blessed to experience ✨️


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