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The Bipolar Writer Episode Eight

My interview with James

I’m so pleased to share this podcast interview I did with fellow author, blogger and writer James Edgar Skye for his podcast. Please take a listen and follow him at
We are both passionate about overcoming our diagnosed conditions and living life as more than a label. Enjoy my dear readers. Comment below!

My name is Maria Teresa Pratico aka Ladysag77. I’m a woman walking this journey of life in truth having liberated my authentic spirit which has freed my soul. I use my sensibilities as superpowers and the power of my love fuels my magic as a shamanic healer.

The Bipolar Writer Episode Eight

16 thoughts on “The Bipolar Writer Episode Eight”

    1. Thank you so much Cindy for your constant love and support. I was so honored to share because James and I share the mission of awareness, advocacy and bridging the stigma to birth more acceptance of mental health diagnosed folks, breaking barriers and labels. Crrating change and empowering others to heal on their own terms, not a systems. Love to you Cindy❤

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      1. You are so welcome and your essence and energy came through so clearly on the interview. It’s such important work you that you and James are doing. You shed light on such an important subject that needs attention when 1 in 4 suffer with mental health issues. It is because of your courage and others that speak up that help move from trauma to triumph which you have so beautifully demonstrated. Love right back at you!

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      2. That is the hope and inspiration behind our work for sure. Sharing it openly and honestly allows others to feel less alone. That has always been the reason I started my blog and sharing my writing, so others will feel the bond of the human condition within us all when we fall and rise❤ It’s a mutual ❤ fest with us always dear Cindy🤗🌈🌠🎆

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  1. I have to admit, I don’t listen to podcasts very often, but I made an exception and just listened to your interview! I loved hearing the genuine enthusiasm in your voice and in your message!!! You are an amazing spirit, a true gift to society and I just know you are helping so many, keep it up my dear, never stop spreading the love and strength! 💕🙏☺🙌

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    1. Awww Tiffany, that is truly an honor my friend!! Thank you for listening and supporting our mission to share our stories and end the stigma. My life has brought me down many different roads and I now I’m celebrating basking in the glow of healing my soul and being able to fully express myself. What I love about this platform is that people who follow me get a more intimate view into me and my life beyond my writing. Can’t stop, won’t stop 💃🌈🎆🌠⚡✌🎉


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