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Learning to match my nature to nature

Understandably my dear readers, there is unsettled chaos in our world. The events unfolding in the United States are a result of our broken system. The behavior of the current leadership is abhorrent and filled with hatred, jealousy and divisiveness. At some level, our world is always experiencing chaos whether on a grand scale or a more subdued level. What I am focused on is the wellbeing of myself and others. Healing from the human condition has always fascinated me with curiosity and wonder. Please be mindful of what you are consuming and how it can trigger and affect your delicate emotions and internal rhythm. At this time, learning how to center and ground yourself is vital.

How to find alignment

Place one hand over your heart and the other on your belly. Now take a deep breath into your belly through your nose counting to five, observing how your hand will rise. Hold it for five counts and then exhale through your mouth for five counts. I practice this before meditation and I usually repeat it five to seven times. This is circular breathing and helps bring you into awareness of your body. I like to close my eyes and bring a place in nature I find most sacred to mind, for me that is the beach. I allow my imagination to draw in the many sounds, sights and smells all around me. Then I repeat these two mantras, my poems, over and over again until I feel myself fully settled and peaceful. I invite you to practice this as often and for as long as you feel guided to internally my dear readers. I believe this practice can help you live a more heart centered existence.

What I use in my healing sessions for grounding

So often it’s easy to find ourselves triggered by what’s happening around us or within our relationships. Intense emotions can leave us feeling sad, angry, helpless, useless etc. etc. My journey of healing the trauma I have experienced has shown me that my self care is priority number one. Feelings are inevitable please allow yourself the grace in which to feel them. Then tend to them and decide how best to respond to yours from a loving place for we all deserve love. When we practice selfcare, we are honoring our ancestors who didn’t know how to care for their own health and healing in the many ways we are afforded to today. We are celebrating their many sacrifices for the lives we live today.

Joseph Campbell said, ” The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature”. I have a picture of this quote over a human heart on my altar to remind me to focus on this everyday. When we are attuned to our own authentic spirit and nature, we can make better choices in life for not only ourselves but for those around us. Getting out in nature is the best way to breathe and reconnect with our nature. Air, taking our first breath is the first element we take communion with upon being born into this life. Take notice of your own breath and how easily or labored it is. Being mindful of our basic needs, breathing and hydration will drastically improve your wellbeing my dear ones. Drink plenty of water. The key is to drink half of your own body weight every day to stay properly hydrated and replenished.

Life goals

These are my most recent poems that I would like to share. We can all be dancers in the light of our beings and feel the flow of the Universe. The Sun of life surrounds each and everyone of us. Feel into your heart, live by your soul’s spirit and embody the light of love you find there. If your curious about my shamanic healing sessions and working with me, please like and comment on this post. I love sharing how I am “Triumphing over Trauma” and living a life of purpose and heart centered love. It’s available to us all. Namaste my dear readers.

Feel that life giving energy in the Sun🌞

In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations or to purchase any of my 4 books of poetry please click the link below. For a personalized autographed copy please send me an email and use my PayPal account for payment.

27 thoughts on “Learning to match my nature to nature”

  1. Oh this post is filled with so much beauty and flow that creates such a magical escape from reality! The poems are fabulous too, just a WOW piece overall!! Well done, much love to you 🤍🤗

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  2. Love this! There are so many great things for me to think about here. The Joseph Campbell quote is wonderful, and I love that you have his quotes in your office. It is another indicator of our souls’ connection through time and space. I truly need to take a step back at this time and go back into nature. I am have gone too far into my mind lately and cycling a bit too much on my troubles. I also need to drink more water! This is so important and I have not been focusing on self-care. Thank you again for your words, advice, and wisdom. Love you much!!🥰🌺☘️

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    1. Always my dear Kelly, always. I keep a tab on the collective energy and I felt this post could serve many right now. It’s what I do to stay grounded and mindful. Adjustments are always necessary and I applaud you for recognizing that when our minds become overactive, we can neglect our basic needs. I hope you find time to get outside even for a little while. Sending you love and healing. Our shared connection always makes me smile with warmth🥰🙏

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  3. Joseph Campbell had much to say. I love the vital suggestion to hydrate. I so easily forget that. That’s a great breathing exercise. In Zen and Shamanic training the encouragement was to watch little children breath, the tummy is round and extends on the inbreath. You never find the little ones sucking in their gut and breathing from the upper chest. As a side note the little ones never lock their knees either. Locking the knees drives the breathing back into the upper chest. I find that useful but hard to manage. Sigh. Take care of you my friend!

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    1. Mr 2 Bryan, from years of trauma and involuntarily/subconsciously holding my breath, I find i breathe from my upper chest often and not full deep belly breaths. Plus dancing and holding one’s core habitually taught me to suck in😉 Yes, children are our best teachers with their carefree natures still in tact. I often watch them when I’m out and about for cues to just be and enjoy whatever life is bringing us🌈
      Did you ever watch Mr. Campbell’s PBS series on The Power of Myth? I recently re-watched it while studying to become a shaman and I pulled so much from it. His work is such a gift to us all. Receiving your kindness my friend and shining it right back at you🤗❤🙏

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      1. Awww Namaste my friend. I feel as though we are both dancing within the light of self love and grace that provides the inquisitive sparks to fly overhead on the journey to soul. I’m always searching for the lesson, the meaning and how I can grow from an experience. The kudos are mutually felt dear Bryan🥰🙏🌠


  4. I’ve always been dreadful at doing anything breath-oriented or medication/focus-oriented! Just not for me! But I approve!
    For seriousness, when I was younger, I was obtuse to current events. I miss that and can likely never get back to it. But life was simpler then.

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    1. I completely understand the challenges of breath, focus and meditation from years of trauma. It took many rounds of EMDR until I could fully practice and feel the benefits. Also, practicing conscious breathwork helped me to move stagnant energy from said traumas that still remained deep within my energetic being. You and I are both fans of “The Nody Keeps the Score ” and how jam packed it is with information on how trauma settles into the body and is held by an energetic charge. That is the work I do as a shaman to release it.
      Yes, life was much more simple in our child’s mind. It’s a place that can be revisited and accessed through tending to our inner child and sharing in the activities that brought us joy and passion from our youth. We all deserve to feel that carefree love and joy again. It’s a part of healing, reparenting ourselves. Sending you so much love dear Meg❤

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    2. I also wanted to add that any mindful focus is a challenge at 1st. Observing our monkey minds takes patience with ourselves and practice. Giving ourselves permission to be graceful and gentle with ourselves. I always say it’s progress over perfection😉


  5. Such an inspiring post!! I don’t think I could handle life today without my daily connection to nature, just a simple walk off trail is all I need! To see, smell, touch, and breathe in the air, so healing! 🙏☺🌞🌸

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    1. Absolutely!!! Me 2 Tiffany. It’s the greatest one of my blessings, getting to sit out here on the lake we live on or walk to the nature preserve near by and watch the birds💚🌱🍃
      Communing with nature makes my 💚 😊

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      1. 100% soul powered 💗 I too gain so much inspiration in my solitude spent in nature. How blessed are you to live near the mysterious and beauty of the canyons. Makes me miss the West coast so much 🥰


  6. “I love sharing how I am “Triumphing over Trauma” and living a life of purpose and heart centered love.” A Dancer of the light, shining the Sun of Life. The mantra, “I Am Love!” Lovely poems, to inspire a heart!

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