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What’s your word for 2020?

This is my close out post for 2020 my dear readers. I want to ask you what word highlights your 2020? This question came to me while I was having a solo dance party in my room. Music and dance is my healing balm, the salve my heart needs to heal my soul. What helps heal your soul my dear? Music electrifies the beat and provides the rhythm that allows me to groove, to feel the most free and 100% ALIVE in my body! I want to leave you with a couple of dance videos because that is my soul. I have studied and practiced dance for most of my life, now I dance for fun and to heal! Today my dear Nana would’ve turned 100 years old. She is my guardian angel now and has been for almost sixteen years. She is dancing through me tonight.

So as we close out this year, I’m curious what word you can tag to 2020? My word is beautiful. I know many don’t see this in its totality when we think about this year. The big picture for me is that no matter what, I have learned from and leaned into the pain. I have embraced the change. I walked through all of it with my heart full of love. I made the absolute most of the situations I found myself in. Losing things and people and also gaining inner wisdom and peace.

Was this year easy? Hell no! Did it hurt like hell, YES! I am much better for it all as this year is at it’s end. I keep saying this and it rings so true for me, the new relationship I have with my Dad now that he’s on the other side is strangely beautiful. His presence grounds me in strength within the invisible world of Spirit. Missing my life partner being in my world daily has proven to me how damn strong I am. My soul’s journey continues. I am so grateful for all the love I have been blessed with.

“Word Up” by Cameo

I am an old and noble soul. I embrace every aspect of life because each part of this journey makes me ALIVE! I AM the hurt, the elation of love, exciting experiences, heartbreak, sadness, innocence, curiosity, failure, pain, wisdom and so much joy and love wrapped up with inner peace. It’s all available, a kaleidoscope of feelings that lies inside each of us. Learning how to bend without breaking is the journey. Remaining a mountain of strength amongst the chaos. You can too my dears, I am living proof that we can and do heal. I believe in each and every one of you. I am grateful for each one of you on this journey with me. I love each and every one of you. You are my teachers and my guides. We are soul’s reflections within each other as we walk together. We can all be birds. My Dad shows up every day as one. Find your inner bird and be free!

Truth bomb
“Birds” by Coldplay

In light and in shadow, always with love. If you’re interested in a shamanic healing session, tarot card reading, my recorded meditations or to purchase any of my 4 books of poetry please click the link below. For a personalized autographed copy please send me an email and use my PayPal account for payment.

9 thoughts on “What’s your word for 2020?”

  1. What a fun question, and beautiful’s a great word for you!! 🙂

    Hmmm….. my word for 2020… self-value, for sure, because I mastered that virtue, and it’s what I came into this lifetime to accomplish! Go me!! YAY! (I’m not trying to sound that braggy, but I’m just an enthusiastic person!) 😀

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  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thank you. Seeing people dance (especially when they are good at it like you are) makes me so happy. I have a big, big smile and joyful sounds emitted having watched you dance. One of my favorite 2020 videos was one of the dancers from A Chorus Line in NYC dancing to The Opening on zoom in quarantine after everything was shut down including their production. That and “Say Their Name” with the dancers from the Northwest Tap Connection. I think dance along with music is one of our most divine attributes and how we worship, and I don’t just mean to “worship songs”, how we protest against the dark and bring light into our souls and the world. And although I actually am a truly geeky dancer, (really no false praise needed) I love to dance and one of our traditions at St. Paddy’s Day is everyone — no matter how respectable the guest, no matter how new the friendship, no matter how grumpy the adult child — everyone has to do an Irish “jig” to Celtic music before they get to eat the meal. And everyone does. And God said “and it was good” –LOL! Finally — what a perfect word for you to choose. I think of the verse in Isaiah 61: “For The Lord will turn your ashes into beauty”. That is what you do in this post and your life. Many blessings for joy and thank you for this joyous start to my own day. As that great song goes, “I hope you’ll dance” (and keep dancing!) — Shalom, Jane

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    1. Oh my Jane, my heart is a flutter with your outpouring of love❤ Shamans in ancient times would ask each villager upon their inquiry of any impairment or illness, “when was the last time you sang? When was the last time you danced”? For that is how our souls stay in tune.
      I love your St. Paddy’s Day tradition 💚 It is not that quality but the effort and intention within the movement. We all need to sing and dance to stay grounded in our body and rejoice for the life we have. Your mention of Isaiah 61 suits me so well.
      I am so grateful for our connection ❤ much love, joy and peaceful blessings to you always and especially for 2021✨🎆💗🙏


  3. What a thoughtful question. 2020 has been rough, both personally and in a more universal sense, but I feel like a lot has been learned and priorities have come to light for many. I guess if I had to attach a word to 2020, it would be vision, as in 2020 vision. I feel that we are all seeing a little clearer now, even if that clarity shows a lot of things that aren’t very pleasant or that desperately need to be changed about our lives and our world. That is true for me both personally and in a more broad perspective.

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    1. My friend, this is so true. I’m twirling inside with the feeling of warmth in seeing the vision. You’re right, all of it has been made clear. The priorities have risen to the surface and with them come both the ones that are beautiful and the tjinfs that we have a more challenging time facing. ALL are necessary for growth. The importance of these visions are to live with more of our personal truths that propell us to our freedom. That is my word for 2021, freedom. This is the 2nd year I have been establishing my intentions in this way, within a word. My word for 2019 was transform and indeed I accomplished just that. 2020 is beauty now at the end but when I wrote my intentions out for this year in the beginning or end of last year (I usually do this in the last week of December) I wrote create. I have 100% created a new life for myself. I also created professionally my books and took on becoming g a master shaman. I share this to tell you that the power of intention is magic. We are the masters of our emotions and of our reality. We are all worthy and we all deserve to live our truth, stand in our power and claim our freedom. You my dear are seeing this. I wish nothing but the best for you🎆❤🌠 Love, light, enough shadow to shine brightly, joy and peace unto you🙌

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