Accepting my path and mission

My dear readers, what a transformational month September has turned out to be for me. In this post I want to briefly share what’s been happening to me since taking on my role as a shaman. I’ve written previously about how this entire journey back to myself began ten years ago in 2010 yet rapidly accelerated itself 15 months ago when I unearthed my deepest traumatic wound, being sexually molested as a child. That led me to find my teacher Lindsey and the magic of shamanic healing which propelled me into this homecoming of taking the role of a shamanic healer myself. This work is what I was created for and is the biggest accomplishment in my life.

In my last post I revealed that I was moving to Idaho to join my teacher and dear sister Lindsey Luna so we could combine our forces of magic facilitating a broader reach for our healing businesses and learn from each other more closely. I’ve accepted every challenge with gratitude because I follow my intuition these days which has led me to uncover my true and authentic self. I’m finally free and upon returning to my parents house after my week in Idaho, the pain came on quickly as realized that I no longer belonged there. The toxicity of dysfunction is repulsive to me now that I’ve healed. It didn’t take long for me to make the necessary arrangements to get here and I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially moved to Idaho 🏞

On my 1st hike after the move
Sweet walking trail

When I look over my steps this year, 2020 has been the most transformational time of my life. Yes, it’s been confusing and extremely painful yet also immensely beautiful and awe inspiringly magical. My dears, embracing the pain of the human experience has taught me to lean into the fear and alchemize it into love. Following the breadcrumbs of my heart, my feelings are how I’ve uncovered my truth. It’s been lying dormant underneath dysfunctional programming and conditioning that taught me to dissociate and not feel my own feelings for thirty-seven years. That held me back from my destiny and joy! Stepping back into my sensibilities has awakened in me my soul’s purpose. This weekend I have the privilege of giving back to Lindsey what she so lovingly gave to me upon our first shamanic healing session together in June of 2019. In innumerable ways, she saved me by clearing out energetically what was keeping me stuck and blocked from my heart. Our hearts contain the superpower which is love. There are two vibrations, fear and love….every other feeling is an offshoot of the two. It was through self love that I became my own hero and saved myself from the deep despair my life seemed to be on the inside.

Now that I’ve finally dusted off the years of trauma, polished my heart by making my self care priority number one, I’m find myself in the position to graciously give back to Lindsey by helping her heal in the shamanic way. This weekend we are embarking on a camping trip (my 1st since 2007!) together in order to fully focus on the shifts to her own self integration. The ceremony we held together that inducted me into the world as an official shaman has created many new awakenings for her. This healing is an exchange of energy, hugely beneficial to both parties. My dears, the cycle of healing is never-ending as is the breathing we do to live. Once you can accept both, the resistance eases and inner peace can be restored. Shamanic healing is deeply profound and is a game changer for what keeps you stuck. Trust me. I wouldn’t be “Triumphing over Trauma” by overcoming the many obstacles 2020 has presented to me like joblessness, twice relocating without my beloved partner while I completed my coursework and apprenticeship and self published two books of poetry. The proof is in tbe pudding they say😉

Trust the process 💗

I like to look back at my writing and the poems I create because mostly they are channeled messages from my spiritual guides and angels. I originally wrote this poem, “I hope” in early April. After reading it again, I felt or I should say my guides felt it was in need of a republication. My dears, hope is available in abundance from the Creator. God offers us a chance to constantly try again, an endless amount of do-overs. Take a chance on yourselves. My favorite acronym for hope is Hold On Pain Ends. I’m living proof my dears and so are YOU💗

“I hope”

If you’re interested in scheduling a shamanic healing session (held in person and over the phone long distance, tarot card reading or purchasing any of my three books of poetry….hit this link. Love yourself 1st, so that you can love others❤


18 thoughts on “Accepting my path and mission”

  1. Hi Maria,
    So glad to find you here as I was going to check in as it sounded like some big shifts were coming into fruition and there you are in your new digs!~ So happy for you to find roots there and shed the past and what a perfect time with fall! Is your partener coming, your son? Lots of new beginings while you build your sisterhood there. Love this… “Now that I’ve finally dusted off the years of trauma, polished my heart by making my self care priority number one”.
    Your poetry here is beautiful. Big hugs and love as you grow your branches in such a beautiful spot geographically and in your soul. Always love and hugs.❤️🤗 Cindy

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    1. Receiving all your gracious love and support Cindy🙏 My partner will be joining me soon and my son went back to live in R.I. temporarily. He will visit soon I know because he is curious yet not ready. He told me only a year ago that he shares my sensibilities. He’s not in a position to articulate what he’s receiving yet but I know he understands how our gifts work. We are supposed to radiate love from the inside out, hold space and alchemize fear. Right now at 19, he’s not “all in”. Yet he’s been watching how my life is unfolding is the last 15 months and is my apprentice 💗
      It always feels like a great big hug from you when you comment here on what resonates with you. My goal is to spread love vibration to the masses and knowing that you have my book and read it to your yoga students is so humbling. So much love back to you there in California. Yes, I’m excited for fall because I haven’t experienced Autumn since 2012! Enjoy your weekend sister🙌🤗

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      1. You are so welcome and thanks for your loving and heartfelt words always. Oh good, I’m glad you will reunite with your partner!!! It’s true your son is at an age where he is defining himself and valuing his independence I’m sure. Experience is our greatest teacher.
        That is so sweet I love your book as well as a place to hold light when I teach! Sending big hugs and enjoy the seasons as they unfold. I always feel you through the ethers as well.
        Thanks dear sister. ❤️😘


      2. Hi my dear kindred spirited sister❤ Not sure when you left this beautiful message but again, it’s in my spam folder! WordPress drives me bonkers at times.
        It warms my ❤ that you can feel me and my soul through my poems and I’m ecstatic that you love my book🤗 A big hug and lots of love Cindy!
        In light and in shadow, always with love💗
        Namaste 🙏


  2. Lovely post and so happy for you to be in place of beauty, friendship, and spiritual essence. Loved your line “the cycle of healing never ends”. We can see that with a sense of dread or depression, or as you say later, with a sense of hope. I feel hopeful having read that from you today. Peace and joy, Jane

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    1. I absolutely love that you caught that. Hope can create real deep healing. I like to say I lived many lifetimes in my 42 years and I’ve never felt better. We go through cycles as does Mother Earth yet we as humans make life seem linear and it’s not. So many illusions, no reality because it’s all a perception that shifts within each one of us depending on where we are with our healing. I’m happy my words helped you today. Always keep them close to your ❤


  3. You are a beacon of light in the world that consistently shows me strength and encouragement and I really appreciate it. I’m happy to hear that you’re in Idaho. Perhaps a fresh start is a good thing! I know Florida was supposed to be a fresh start, but at the end of the day I am a true believer that you need to be somewhere you can be happy and fulfilled ❤


  4. Wow!! I can actually feel peace coming from you! Congratulations on the move!! Enjoy Autumn!! This is my favorite time of year 😊 It sounds like you both will be quite the healing force together which is perfect timing!! I find that actually very interesting that they’ve placed the two of you smack dab in the middle of the country. I’m truly happy for you and can’t wait to read more about your new adventures. 😍 And your poems are highly inspirational. I connected with “I Hope” 🌟. Sending love your way and I’m so glad you found your home 💗🤗

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    1. Thank you so much my dear❤❤❤ It’s been quite the adventure already. Lindsey is my twin flame, we’ve lived many past lives together and our bond is quite strong. I’m so excited for the work we’ll do. YES, Autumn is my favorite season too and I haven’t experienced it since 2012🍁🧡🍂 So much love to you ❤

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  5. Hi,

    Just found your blog and also came to know that you are living with Complex PTSD and have dissociative episodes at times related to flashbacks of your past traumas.

    For your conditions, I would like to say that taking 1000 mg Niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3) with food thrice a day (for long term) would help you to manage PTSD and dissociative episodes. You can read further about it in a book called “Niacin – The Real Story”. It is available free online in PDF version, just google it.

    I think that with that you would be better able to heal all in this world. That is why I just dropped in to share about what I have learned.

    Thank you for wonderful blogs.



    1. Yes my friend, that’s my truth alright. I had to leave the noise to hear it. Now I’m listening and following along to my soul’s purpose and mission. Thank you for reading and commenting here🙏

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