New Mantra

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Idaho to perform a final ritual ceremony for my dear sister friend and teacher Lindsey Luna. This will mark the ending of my apprenticeship and the beginning of my role as a shamanic healer. This journey has been my focus over the last fifteen months but more specifically the past five. I’ve learned so much from Lindsey, about myself and healing. I’m bursting with excitement as I feel major shifts happening inside me.

It started last weekend with an overall sense of calm, a more feminine yin vibe that I wrote about in my last post. Everything feels slowed down, natural, not forced or requiring me to exert much energy. I’m an extremely energetic person yet this past week feels like I’m moving through a pool of jello. It’s hard to really describe but this poem is my attempt at articulating my internal story💙

Aquamarine dream

I haven’t been publishing a lot of my writing on any of my online platforms because I’ve been focused on writing for my ceremony and also spending more time with my personal journaling. It’s extremely important for me to process and express myself right now. I’ve spent this week with myself, in solitude and silence with nature as my backdrop. The lake I live on provides so much stimulation for my spirit to thrive in. A new mantra came to me the other day in meditation and I want to share it here.

“I receive light, I give love”❤

This is what I recite to myself during my own personal healing sessions and the ones I hold for clients. It’s simple yet powerful as I envision myself as the conduit for both declarations. I think it’ll serve as a muse for my next painting😉

When we can slow down and go inside ourselves, our truth is revealed. We connect with our own spirit and soul essense ever guided through God. The feeling both during and afterwards is so relaxing and freeing. Even if you do this for 5 minutes everyday my dear readers, I urge you to go there. Give yourself to yourself and to your higher power, whomever that is for you. I don’t subscribe to any one religion. I prefer to acknowledge all the ascended masters who walked this Earth from every established religion and interpretation of God. I read all literary offerings from the Bible to the Koran. I’m blessed to have been gifted my dear Nana’s leather-bound Bible after she passed, complete with her writings and observations on each chapter and the verses she liked. It still smells like her too which I love❤

I’ve been rewatching “The Power of Myth” which is a series of interviews Bill Moyers had with Joseph Campbell. I was first turned onto his teachings while I was a sophomore in high school and my Humanities teacher assigned us his book to read. I have always felt drawn to mythology and its teachings. As Mr. Campbell says, “the absolute mystery of life, what he called transcendent reality, cannot be captured directly in words or images. Symbols and mythic metaphors on the other hand point outside themselves and into that reality”. Myths point us in the direction towards our own truths. I love to explore different cultures and myths weaving my own beliefs to the surface.

I took this picture in my favorite park the other day and attached one of Campbell’s great quotes to it 💚🌱

We all have a sacred space inside

These are two other poems I’ve written this week that reflect where I’m at in my journey. I feel these are very representative of my inner world and my soul. I won’t be posting next week so I can be fully present on my trip. I will definitely fill you in my dear readers once I return and have processed everything 😊

A peek inside
What it’s like for an empath

In the meantime, click on this link for everything “Emotional Musings” my books and contact information to book a healing session with me



20 thoughts on “New Mantra”

  1. I am soooo happy for you as I know what these trainings entail. Congratulations Shaman Mother Maria!!! You have so much to give from all of your growth in living life.
    What a beautiful poem! Welcome back to our community! Can’t wait for your book! ❤️

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    1. Your comments here are giving me goosebumps 🥰 I’m happily receiving your love❤ I have worked so hard for this and it means the world tohave that recognition ❤ I will catch up with ya on the flip side of this adventure. I haven’t taken a trip like this, to our west coast in 10 years!! I’m so pumped😁

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      1. Oh I’m sooo glad. You deserve it. I’m so happy to hear you are feeling that internal recognition and external. The work you have done is reflective of the time you have put in to create the life you want. Wow, Have the best time and can’t wait to hear All!!! 👏👏❤️

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    1. Thank you sister🙌 I’m so happy 😊 taking this step honorably and with so much loving gratitude for the journey. Being seen, heard and felt is a blessing 🙏 ❤


  2. Congratulations on this truly amazing achievement! 💜 It’s highly fitting that you’re apprenticeship is ending and your shamanic healing is beginning at this time. Enjoy your trip!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!! Loved your poems and the photos of those magical trees. 💗✨😊

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  3. This is one of my favorite posts of yours (so far — 🙂 ). So many treasures in this one I will need to reread it several times focusing on the different truths and affirmations. Well done and thank you so much for first taking the solitary time to prepare yourself for writing this and then for sharing it with us. Shalom — Jane

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    1. Your kindness and support warms my heart. My writing is my deepest and most personal expression. When someone feels a resonance with it, I ‘m deeply touched. Namaste my dear❤❤❤


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