Oneness of love

I’m back from my hiatus dear readers feeling rested and refreshed! It was important for me to listen to the messages I was receiving internally that were guiding me to take this much needed break from my usual routines of writing and posting online. I established a new writing ritual in a workbook I purchased called, “The Goddess Journaling Workbook” by Beatrix Minerva Linden. Each day there are two questions to focus on highlighting a different goddess divided into 6 cycles for the entire year. I have found this exercise to be highly stimulating for my imagination. I also keep a daily journal and have done so for many many years. This workbook is a welcome addition to my writing practice.

Reflections of goddess energy

I’ve also recommitted to my self care routine this past month. I like to visualize myself as water, filling each moment with my entire being. Maintaining an “all in” mentality, holding nothing back and giving all of my open heart to wherever my focus is. Leaning into the connectedness of God and the beautiful creations found in our world. Choosing to reject the illusion of separateness is something I meditate on daily asking for the strength I need to thrive in our current human condition. This practice is vital to my self healing routine and my role as a shamanic healer to stay in touch with my most vital relationship to self and the environment. I took some day trips to the beach and to my favorite parks to perform Earth blessings. Each one helped me gain more appreciation of God’s unconditional love for us and how available that feeling is inside of each and everyone of us at all times! It’s truly awe inspiring and can be called upon, accessed by setting the intention for it. Vowing to live a more heart centered life, where I intend to live my daily life in true alignment with my personal values, purpose, inner mortality, personal experiences and intuition. The fullness I feel, the inspiration that has grown within me giving my creativity a boost was exactly what I needed. Here are the poems I wrote during my time away from the laptop, writing exclusively with pen and paper for the past few weeks was so freeing!

I am love mantra
Lessons learned observing nature 🦆
My day at the beach, a poem 🏖
Listening to life’s harmony
Heart 1st and open 💗
Seeking reconnection 💙
Back to basics, heart centered ❤
Seeking refuge inside
Strong spirited

Reading these here, I can see the progression of my internal story within these poems. Since March, the energy driving me was very yang in nature and powerful. This month I’ve noticed I’ve shifted into a more yin energy which feels much more serene and calm. The ending of an 10 year chapter of self healing, reconnection to soul and a personal renaissance serving as a time of transformative change. This is a change that included my attitude, behavior, habits, health and spirit. A tune up for my heart and soul to realign myself in a way that feels much more authentic inside and out. For me this meant major changes in the ways I eat, dress, analyze, prioritize and engage with the world around me. It also showed me the relationships I wanted to deepen and the ones I was ready to let go of. My partner has undergone his own awakening in light of mine which commenced fifteen months ago. In this past month, I feel much more connected to him because of his own inner growth and healing.

There is no growth without pain my dears and these past months have highlighted areas of my life that required brutal honesty that at times was excruciatingly painful to look at. Some days, it took everything in me to keep going, exercising my resilient nature by not allowing anything to ever hold me back from expressing my true self.. I made this promise while in the psychiatric hospital in 2011 after my suicide attempt. I’m grateful beyond words for the challenges I have faced, learned from and conquered. This is a quote that comes to mind when I think about my journey thus far,

“It’s sometimes the prettiest of smiles that hold the deepest secrets, the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest of hearts that have felt the most pain”.

I can relate so much to these words and they resonate deeply within my soul.

I also updated my business cards and created a hat I can wear to promote myself. I’ve never met a hat I didn’t love and this one is no different. I strive each day to live my motto of, “Triumphing over Trauma” proving that when you set your heart to change, anything is possible. Greatness of spirit is achievable and powered by love.

Emotional Musings 🥰

Please click on this link for everything Emotional Musings included my contact information for healing sessions, my books and social media



22 thoughts on “Oneness of love”

    1. Thank you my dear. I had checked on that the last time you mentioned it and I don’t have the same issue. WordPress is kinda weird like that. I wonder if others are having a similar issue. I can access the post perfectly on both my laptop and cell. Strange🤔

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  1. Welcome back!! Your poems are beautiful! I feel like you really tapped your true essence in them. I love that you went to the beach too…so cleansing. As always, you ooze love and authenticity and I love that you’re so open for all to see. 🥰🤗

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    1. You always touch my heart ❤ in such a profound way. To be se we n, heard and felt makes me so happy. I just finished a healing session and it feels so good to be on my own rightly owned path. I intend to show up in the exact way you described🥰
      I didn’t write a lot creatively, just these poems which I feel are definitely snapshots of my heart and how intensely connected I am to each word✒
      Today feels so chill, our beginning. The timing of it all feels so right 🤗

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  2. Welcome back! I can tell the repreive has been rejuvinating for you and I’m so happy to know that. Reading your poetry is a gift for the senses. You bring insight and meaning to your words and live your life authentically true for you. I love your hat!!! It is just AWESOME! Own it, where it and sell it!!! ❤️ love you, C

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    1. I’m giggling with Joy reading your reactions here, a heartfilled thank you❤ it’s such an honor to touch others by my words. To be seen,heard and felt by others is the fulfillment to life itself💗 I’m receiving your loving testimony with an open and grateful heart💗

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  3. I love goddesses and i’m india and hindu so i like durga and lakshmi who are prosperity and stuff and lights, like diwali for lakshmi and saraswati is wisdom and arts, durga is a warrior goddess who does everything. all these major goddeses in our tradition have male principles and goddesses guiding them. i am all for serving goddesses though. it just makes sense to me, but vishnu is my patron god, and dhruv taara, or the north star is who i am named after, and guides me. in my life. i believe that. but i don’t get this shamanic stuff at all….you could be a great goddess, or devi yourself…but human you know….just with you writing…you’re beautiful on the inside i know. Indian. 🙂

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    1. I appreciate your kindness and support. Shamans are the first medicine people in a tribe, they are connected to the Earth, we reconnect people with their souls while balancing their chakra points. Your culture and beliefs fascinate me. Pleasure is mine my friend 😊


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