Writing from my soul

My dear readers this piece may seem rambling yet it’s a peek inside my stream of consciousness journal. When I read it back to myself I often chuckle because I think in such rhyme and metaphor. I amuse myself on days like today when my heart strings are being especially tugged. Today is my eldest son’s 19th birthday. It also marks exactly 3 months since I kissed my partner goodbye, for now, we plan on being reunited here soon once he can get his personal affairs in order. Our current world’s dilemma gave our lives a really good shakeup, as it did everybody else🌍

Don’t get me wrong, this is by no means a negative thing. Change and transformation are necessary in life. I chose to embrace whatever is thrown at me with a “it is what it is” mentality and roll with it. That’s the challenge, life is 10% of what happens and 90% how you react or respond to it. My dear readers, since my mission here with my blog is to be 100% transparent, you can clearly read about my challenges. I absolutely refuse to let anything take me down, out or under…..EVER! It’s the warrior in me to survive, learn and keep pushing forward embracing each moment for what it is💪

Just one year ago I made myself some self care promises to include certain practices that I wanted to instill into my life daily. Reading, journaling, meditating and exercising are the four agreements I keep with myself (I’m a huge fan of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The 4 Agreements”). This routine, along with a few others are non negotiables for me. They are how I survive in this world as a woman who is extremely self aware, an intuitive empath with keen psychic abilities who has a gigantic heart. I must protect myself and love myself first and foremost. Here’s a peek at what I scribbled today✒

“This writer’s soul is a place I often go to hide from the thunderous energies and plunders of all the others. Negativity is such a bummer as it pulls me down in spirals that threaten to darken my upbeat and light morale. Whenever I feel a quivering sickness inside my belly, investigate I will to search out its origin of dwelling. Perpetually it’s another’s hell I’ve uncovered seeing through to their sickness and confusion. It closes in on my light without much warning. Always vigilant and prepared, I mentally construct my light shield and soon I’m covered. A bright white wall of light six feet around and six feet high, I slip inside and now safely occupy. I can take a deep breath now. My mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and cosmic energy is fully intact inside this wall while I never wander away mindlessly far from home without it. I’ve spent years constructing this wall of light, brick by brick so nothing can penetrate it, it’s so thick. Mostly it’s in place to block out other’s fears that threaten to distract my train of heart and love”.

My fellow empaths understand exactly what I’ve just described here because they too use this mental exercise in their bag of coping tricks. I thought I should share it in case anybody else is having a tough time out there dealing with some people who just seem to walk around in a cloud of darkness. There’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just that we empaths can get really thrown off by this vibration and most often it’s best not to absorb it if we can catch it. Then we can continue to shine and spread out our love’s light. I envision empaths as the human version of the Care Bears🌈

God’s smiling at us🌈

Here’s the poem I wrote in honor of Ty’s birthday. I’m regularly blown away by this young man. Lately, people have mistaken him for my brother which I must admit is hilarious 🤣 He takes after his father height wise at almost 6 feet while I’ve remained 5’2 since 7th grade!

“You electrify my ❤”

Today at the park, I recorded myself reciting it😊

For my Ty💗

Lastly, this is a poem I wrote describing what this past year has truly felt like, reclaiming my soul and going through this spiritual awakening. I’m more me now than ever. Blessings and love to you all my dears 🙏

Want to contact me for a tarot card reading or a shamanic healing session? Check out my books of poetry available on Amazon. Click this one link for all my information in one place😊


26 thoughts on “Writing from my soul”

    1. Thank you my lovely friend ❤ I reread the book every year and recently got the audio to listen to on my bike rides. When I 1st read it 15 years ago, it really changed my outlook. It’s one of my go to’s for comfort and validation. Glad you liked it😁

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  1. We really do all have a “bag of tricks” don’t we? I go into a white room to chill. 😁 Sometimes the color changes based on what I need. This was a great post! And your poems are amazing!! Happy birthday to your son Ty!! 🎂🥳 Thank you for sharing your strength and courage, it’s truly uplifting. 💗💞

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    1. Awwww i wrote this with my fellow sensitives in mind and to know you “get it” warms my ❤ My partner knows about all my quirks lol😆 and has ceased asking or questioning me on them. Light bothers me, sounds, frequencies etc….like living here with my parents and all their electronics constantly on especially the TV drives me bonkers🤯 I spend 99% of my time here at home with earbuds in to block it out. I adore the patio because I can be outside with the amazing energy off the lake by all the palm trees. It’s truly magical out there. That’s where I do my yoga and hold my healing sessions. I’m so fulfilled knowing I can uplift and virtually hug others. So much love my friend ❤❤❤

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  2. We have so many similarities it’s uncanny. Lol Ok this keeps popping up so I’m just going to throw it out there…I know you’ve written poem books but are you working, contemplating or thinking about writing a different kind of book? Perhaps life experiences? 😊

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    1. You are on my trail sister!! I’m getting a lot of signs lately to really buckle down and do a memoir! I’ve been contemplating it for years, literally 😁 Now is the time I feel. I just downloaded a follower on IG’s guide, a how to check list. I love that you threw it out there🤗

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      1. Nothing sneaks past me…except for that reply button 😂 Ok well then that’s more confirmation for you to pursue it now. It came through very strongly so I had to. I’m looking forward to reading it!! 😉🤗

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    1. Awwww thank you Cindy for saying that😊 my son and I were separated for the past 10 years and just recently started living together again. It’s been just these past 3 months. My youngest and I are still estranged, he’s 15 and I haven’t seen him in 4 years. My ex-husband has caused a lot of damage, parent alienation is real. I have every faith that once he feels safe, he will reach out to me. Until then I love him from afar.

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      1. I write about my journey of being a stay at home Mom for 12 years, then the messy divorce ten years ago which started my self healing journey. The original mission for my blog which started in October ’18 is to inspire hope in others so they feel less alone. There are many posts about the situation with my boys and ex. I like to say I’ve lived many lifetimes in 42 years😉
        Yes, my heart has taken it’s lumps but it’s made me so much stronger. My resilience is like Tephlon. I’m firmly rooted in “Triumphing over Trauma”. Thank you so much for uour kindness and support Cindy ❤🙏 It’s my relationships with other women that is my lifeline 🥰

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      2. LIfe is mysterious what it throws us to have to go through. This was definitely not for the weak of heart. Your courage to show up and make it through this trauma is to be applauded you and your bravery.
        You indeed serve a much needed population! You are so welcome. You have a beautiful heart with so much to give and share. ❤️🙌🙏


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