Spread your wings and fly

As I sit here on the patio, the wind is blowing, the waves on the lake are rolling to the shore and I am at peace. I have held five one hour shamanic healing sessions so far and oh boy is this an amazing vantage point to be at as I get an up close and personal view of people from both an energetic and deeply spiritually perspective. It’s an absolute honor to bring peace, clarity and happiness to my dear friends and family in this way. Like a baby bird who opens its wings for the first time, feeling the air, instinctually starts to fly. That’s how this time in my life feels. After 10 years of a lot of inner work and healing, I get the privilege of helping others by spreading my light and love.

I have written often on here about how much of an impact different writers, their quotes and books have impacted and inspired my life. Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Oscar Wilde, Maya Angelou, Shakespeare and Mark Nepo, to name but a few. I read Mr. Nepo’s, ” The Book of Awakening” every morning. Today’s passage is the inspiration for my post which is titled, “Revealing Who We Are”.

“No bird can fly without opening its wings, and no one can love without exposing their heart”.

For most of my life, I lived in my mind, hiding behind my intellectualism and over analyzing EVERYTHING! I’m here to tell you my dear readers to live life to the fullest and be happy, you must lead with your heart, not your head. Love is the answer. It heals everything. Allow it to permeate into every aspect of your being. When you are feeling anything but love, ask yourself what needs to be done to get back into the love vibe. I promised Trini Lind of https://www.pathsofthespirit.com that I would post a video of me happy dancing so here it is my loves!

“ENERGY” by Disclosure

My intention from here on out is to live life for me by allowing my soul, Serena, to take the wheel. I want to concentrate on writing, my first love and healing under the brand I ‘m growing, “Emotional Musings”. When you discover your destiny, what fate has in store for you, the only option is to grab it with both hands. Poet Horace says, “Carpe diem” which means seize the day and I’m here to tell you to seize the hell out of it! It will eat away at you if you don’t. Let nothing stand in the way of your soul’s purpose. Trust me, seeing what happens to people when they reject the intention God has set into them through their spirit is devastating. It will eat you alive and you won’t find true happiness no matter what you do.

It’s an army we will build, a healing one that is. It’s what will save humanity my dears, each one of us healing in a deep way from the pain of being human. My teacher and beloved sister friend Lindsey Luna has a plan and I along with others like me are going to lead it. All humans have the ability to read energy and heal it. God created us as such efficient machines that can heal ourselves! We need to go back to the ways the first people survived. Eat what comes from the ground naturally, use more herbs-not pharmaceuticals, feel our feelings-not act like stoic unfeeling beings.

Here is a poem I wrote about my love for writing and I’m dedicating to all of my fellow writers on here that I adore and admire. This is for us.

Thoughts of writing

I fully understand that none of this would be happening if I didn’t have my deep faith in God, hope for a brighter tomorrow and love for humanity. My gratitude for my family and friends whom taken care of me, supported and loved me along the way.. Our time here is so precious and short my loves. Make the most of yours.

Divine reverence

Interested in a tarot card reading or healing session? Want to read my poetry, check out my books at https://linktr.ee/Ladysag77

8 thoughts on “Spread your wings and fly”

    1. Thank you my dear💃 I have been thinking about our wounded healer interview a lot lately because that is the path of a shaman. We must first heal ouselves, before we can help heal others. This year has been a whirlwind of major change for me. I sometimes get caught in the emotions of it all just trying to process it😉

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      1. It sure is, life keeps surprising and astonishing me. If we take the time. Beauty surrounds us all. We are constantly supported by Mother Earth. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the sun that warms us and the rain that washes away our fears and brings us rainbows of hope 🌈

        I sit in quiet solitude, tears streaming down my face at it all…..in awe🌠🙏💗

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