Moving on

In my last post my dear readers, I disclosed how hard of a month April had been for me. I want to write a bit about why exactly I feel this way. After months of contemplation, an insightful deep dive into my soul and a lot of praying I have decided to move back to South Florida. Florida has been a second home to me after New Jersey. While I was born and raised in the Garden State, most of my family has resided in Florida specifically my dear Nana. It’s a bit of a bittersweet move because I’m doing it separately from my partner of seven years.

June 1 2020 my partner and I plan on being reunited and going snorkeling to celebrate our love. I’m blessed to have such an intimate connection with a man who always has my best interests at heart. He truly is the love of my life and I thank God for him every single day for teaching me not only about myself and the world around me but about love. Giving, sacrificing and receiving everything I need perhaps not what I always want to hear, but always what I need. That is love.

I’m thrilled to be taking this long car trip from Dallas to southern Florida with my son Ty. Finally after ten years of living apart we are going to live together! God has finally answered my prayers. We are currently about ten hours from our final destination and it’s been so magical getting to spend this time with him. I’m so proud of the mature, kind and responsible young man he has become. Getting to take this car trip with him has been a fun adventure. Ty looks out for his Mom and I feel our bonding on and over these past two months has brought us even closer which warms my heart exponentially.

This move is sort of a redemption for him because he attempted it first this past August. Then after only a month he decided to move back to Rhode Island. Nobody said being eighteen was easy. He missed his friends and his girlfriend too. This time around we are moving there together. The possibilities are endless, sky’s the limit!!

I can’t complain, Ty’s done most of the driving too! He’s such a careful and safe traveler. Especially doing this during a pandemic. He had to take two flights here and now this nineteen hour long car trip we’re on. Each step of the way, reminding me to wear my mask and wash my hands.

I won’t go into detail but the timing of this move was sped up due to the current situation I was dealing with at my last living arrangement. No, it’s definitely not ideal to move across state lines during a pandemic but rest assured my dear readers I had no choice in that part of it. Everything happens for a reason and despite the timing, moving without my partner and the pandemic….I haven’t felt this free in years!! It’s amazing how differently you can view a situation from the other side of it.

I’m mostly excited to get back to my beloved happy place, the beach!! I can hardly wait to float in the ocean and dig my feet into the sand. Ahhhhhh, paradise for me. I definitely consider myself a beach girl having been raised and living on the coast all of my life, close to a beach too. I spent thirteen years living in Rhode Island during my first marriage and I shared with you here my dear readers about the glorious beach house I resided in there. Whenever I need to bring myself to my happy place in my mind, I always envision a place that is a combination of a Rhode Island beach and a South Florida one. Visualization has been one of my go to tools for relaxation and reducing anxiety for a long time now.

In recognition of the many feelings and emotions that have bubbled up to the surface, I did what I do best. I wrote this poem on Monday, as I sat on a bench at a favorite park of mine that I love to run too. I usually take a break during my run by sitting at this particular spot where I can see the tall skyscrapers of downtown Dallas against the picturesque backdrop that is White Rock Lake. I enjoy watching the birds swim here too. I believe I was a bird in a past life. Lately, their behavior has touched my soul and resonated within me in a profound way.

White Rock Lake Running trail

I’m blessed and fortunate to have made some great friends, learned a lot about myself and resurrected my love for running while living in Dallas these past three years. I don’t like good byes so instead I say see y’all later😉

Free as a bird

20 thoughts on “Moving on”

  1. That purple flower on the running trail makes me excited for when my yellow rose bush we planted starts to bloom. It’s gonna get down to 31 degrees-in May-tomorrow night with a frost warning! I think Mother Nature forgot the midwest for this whole spring thaw thing. 🙂

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    1. Awwwww yes, sounds lovely!! The weather sure has been up and down and all over the place. My son flew from RI to Chicago and told me the weather was terribly cold and dreary. In TX it’s been in the 90s already. We are in Noethern FL currently and it’s 73.
      I love flowers❤

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      1. It was 87 Saturday with 80% humidity. Tomorrow it’s dropping down to 31 degrees. With my seasonal depression, I can’t seem to get my feet under me, you know?

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      2. Exactly! I completely understand my friend. Honestly, I had SADD when I lived in the Northeast. After my divorce in 2012, i moved down and and never looked back. I can’t stand the cold any longer. My youngest son still lives in RI and I only go up for a visit in the summertime😉

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  2. What wonderful news of starting the next chapter of your life. I’m happy to read that such a good change is coming. You belong at the beach.

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    1. Thank you V, I sincerely appreciate that😎🏝 it’s glorious to be with my Ty. We just arrived last night, he did most of the driving. Plus, we video chatted my youngest son Miles! I haven’t seen him in almost 4 years and he wants to come visit us here!! Now THAT will send me over the moon😉

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  3. We have to press on, we have to move on. Every moment is a blessing, when you get to the other side… of what your heart needs to first see. There’s a blessing, within every season! Wonderful to hear the lovenof a mother, getting closer to the heart of a child! Happy Mother’s Day!

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    1. Thank you Warren! This entire experience warms my heart so much. My son did most of the drive too. For an almost 19 year old, he is everything I hoped he would ever become when he was little…..kind, generous, thoughtful and so loving ❤

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    1. I have been restarting and calling do overs for my entire adult life. I feel this latest step forward was something I have been rehearsing and practicing for for a long time. Change was necessary and very welcomed despite the pain this time. I view life as a series of lessons with many important things to learn from. I agree with you my friend, very rewarding. Thank you for stopping by and reading😊

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  4. Sorry for the late response, your comment was in my spam folder! I’m truly touched and humbled. Should your group need anymore guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love grassroots volunteerism and can always make to for worthy causes. What do you focus on?


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