Rooted in love

Yesterday when I awoke my dear readers I felt like a major shift had taken place in my body overnight.  I stepped into the backyard and the sun was shining so brightly, not a cloud in the sky. The air felt crisp and clean with no humidity at all. I stretched out on my lounge chair to first meditate and then read the daily passage out of Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening”. I can’t express enough the warm feelings of happiness and joy that started to spread throughout my body from my feet to the top of my head. An overall sense of hope for the better days that lay ahead is rooted, anchored in my soul and after I was finished meditating tears came streaming down my face.

I have been conferring with a few of my other friends who are also empaths and they too feel this shift. We are becoming more grounded into this new paradigm and our gifts for everything extra sensory and higher consciousness are becoming more and more enhanced and realized. I feel we are leading the way for the rest of humanity to enter into a more caring and cooperative system. In a word, it’s pretty damn cool.

The energy was flowing steady and in such a way I felt inclined to practice a ballet routine I haven’t danced in many years! Afterwards, I put my bathing suit on and soaked up as much glorious sunshine as I could take😎

I have had so much creativity coarsing through my veins lately. I ventured back into the much warmer late afternoon sun 🌞 with my journal, sketch book and paints. Yesterday’s weather was most definitely a perfect 10, Mother Nature was showing off her beauty and all creatures in nature were a buzz in it too! I have been jokingly calling the backyard “Wild Kingdom” because there are multiple species of birds in the many trees back there. Oh those magnificent trees caught my eye and my heart today becoming my muse🎨

I ❤ 🌳

After I finished my painting, I took a dear friend of mine’s suggestion to put on some 90s music and dance it out!! I credit R.E.M. for the inspiration to last night’s dance party and their song, “Shiny Happy People” was most befitting to my mood😉 I just love how much dancing frees my soul and makes my ❤ so happy! I’m so grateful to be able to see my own soul’s purpose and have all of this time to sit with myself to strengthen the bond I have with myself. It’s days like this that allow me to look in the mirror and honestly tell myself, “Maria….I love you” and my dear readers that is a marvelous feeling. Something really good is on the way, I just know it!

I am choosing to learn from these endless seeming days we have in quarantine. As long as I have my morning routine locked down as tightly as the city I live in….I am going to be A OK😊

Feeling this big heart of mine expand as of late into an even more compassionate, understanding and deeper well. Sending so much love out to the world today. Feeling called to spread my inner light wide and steady so it may reach whomever needs a bit of unconditional ❤ today. Be good to one another, we are entering into a whole New Earth my dear ones😉

This empath’s ❤

This poem was originally written a year ago but I feel compelled to share it in this post because it’s exactly how I feel.

I wrote this poem two days ago after morning meditation and journaling. Keeping in constant communication with myself about what my true intentions are allows my love to radiate from the inside out my dears🥰

Lover of the light🌠

After I wrote this poem, I painted this. My Mom fell in love with it so much I decided to send it to her so she can frame it. We both love the sun so much and because she lives in Florida, it’s perfect for her home on the lake 🌅

Love & Light

Wishing all of my dear readers a wonderful holiday weekend with an abundance of love, good health and peace ❤✌🙏

16 thoughts on “Rooted in love”

    1. HA!! I am doing my damndest keeping myself occupied and entertained😉 I look at times like this like the only way is up my friend. Keeping an optimist appro6to it all helps me from day to day. There’s always another way to look at something. No matter what, I choose to be grounded in love. For me it’s the way I cope with all of this. Limiting the news as well is key, for me at least😊

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      1. I like your approach. I was doing well and now I keep having these moments of sadness . So strange. Yes doesn’t help a lot is going on. But I’m not one who likes this feeling. And so I’m going to try your approach. And yes no news. I can’t listen to it as well. 😒

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      2. Kim you know me as a more upbeat and optimistic person and the dips into sadness make me feel heavy too! Thankfully I had a reset on Monday by doing a Reiki session with Lindsey. I really needed an alignment adjustment. Yes, I don’t like the television in general because it’s a low frequency and messes with me that way.

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      3. Yes I sure do know that about you.i find when I feel this way . It makes me think of myself as weak. Nothing like punishing ones self. . This Lindsey sounds good. I feel I could use an alignment.

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      4. I’m telling you it won’t hurt, she’s doing donation based treatments so now’s the time. It would definitely be helpful to have a professional like her work on your energetic field right now. You are by no means weak and yes, no more beating yourself up got me😉
        I’m going to text you an extra layer of what I have going on here.

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