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What’s your impossible?

Every day do something to challenge yourself, a lil reminder that the impossible IS possible. If you are comfortable you’re not growing. Getting comfortable with uncomforbility pushes you to evolve and get closer to your authentic self. It’s all in your mindset. What’s your impossible? Please feel free to start a dialogue with me on the comments section below😁

6 thoughts on “What’s your impossible?”

  1. Wow, you’re upside-down! I can pray behind my back, but I can’t do that! 😮 Work that headstand!

    My impossible is finding a literary agent, but it feels more possible now than it ever has before. In the past, I’ve had social fears and paranoias about agents, but right now, I feel up to the task of having a business relationship. So maybe I’ll find one this time! YAY!

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    1. That goal is absolutely within reach my friend!! You can always self publish through Amazon like I did too😁
      Last February I put my 1st book of poetry together with really little effort, making my dream of becoming a published author come true. I believe in you my dear 100%💜
      Thank you for your kind comments. I have been practicing yoga for 20 years now which is crazy to think about. I take my fitness and health very seriously because I want to be around here on our planet for as lo g as I can🙌💪
      My book of poetry is entitled, “Emotional Musings”. Keep an eye out for my second one that I plan on publishing sometime next month😊


      1. Ohh, congrats on the poetry book!! That’s great! I’m glad you’re going to publish another, too!

        Oh, I do self-publish! I just never get any sales! With my current as-yet-unpublished novel, I want to go “big time” and get publish-published! Thanks for saying it’s within reach! YAY!

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      2. You go for it then! I had a few company’s asking me to work with them like Balboa press and Hay House but I would have to pay them and at this stage in my life I can’t afford that. It’s a huge bonus going with a real full time publisher because they handle the advertising and book signings, etc. Someday that may happen for me but I didn’t publish for the financial bonus, it was solely to get my words out in the Universe.
        Tomorrow night I’m performing at my 2nd poetry slam, I will be sure to video it and post😁

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  2. funny thing is that I start to feel restless if I’m not being challenged, it’s like I feel more alive when I get to use my powers 🙂 it’s a pro and a con. Need to learn to just be sometimes and not let restless thoughts disturb my inner peace.

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