I don’t want to

This will be another short post. I want to share with you my dear readers what a blessing it is to write and have the ability to channel my energy into my poems. At times, when emotions are running hot…that’s when my creativity comes alive. I wrote this one just last night.

Emotional pain yields breakthrough in my creative process

This poem below is a message from my inner child, my little Maria to my adult self. Healing is a process that has taken a deeper dive into all the facets of self. Some people name their alter ego, I have not but lately have been considering it. Just to keep them straight. I know my partner likes to refer to me by a different name when I’m displaying characteristics that are unsavory. I keep pushing myself to uncover, untangle and help my true authentic self emerge more and more often😁💜

15 thoughts on “I don’t want to”

  1. Those are beautiful poems! Great job!!

    Yeah, I’ve learned recently that naming different aspects of yourself can be fun! It reminds me of how my brother once had two pet cats, and he named them Princess and Fatty. There’s just so much potential for humor there!

    I hope you have a wonderful day today!! It should be a great day!

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  2. I can relate to the feeling of having an alter ego.

    Powerful last line. ‘heart in tatters, don’t believe it matters’. Well written. Perfectly describes how it feels when your pain just doesn’t matter to someone you love so much. ♥️

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