This is me

Spoke with a girlfriend of mine yesterday and she inspired me to show more of my personality in all that I share online especially my theatrical side. Those who know me in real life know how much I love to dance, it’s my deepest passion that started at 2 yrs of age.  At one point in my life I wanted to dance on Broadway. I trained intensely for many years, quit suddenly at 16, throwing it all away. (I will get into why in later posts) I’m pushing myself back into that world since my 2nd dream of being a writer has been realized because I self published my book of poetry last year for Amazon, “Emotional Musings”and I operate this blog. …..now it’s time to get back into dance.

Solo dance party💃🎉

This past weekend I took my first ballet class in over 10 years. Last evening I took a jazz/funk class. Both classes were equally amazing, kickin my🍑

I’m determined to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone because I feel alive when I’m dancing and listening to music. I feel the most ME that I have ever felt, since probably high school. Despite my tech blunders and disorganized room (who cares right?) I keep doing it.
I also started a little project. I painted my first mini canvas yesterday with a poem on it. Who knows where it will go but the point is I’M DOING IT!! Live your life out loud and without self consciousness. It feels A-MAZING 🥰💜🙌

14 thoughts on “This is me”

    1. Me 2 lol….FB and IG muted it bc of copyright…whatever. I have definitely watched many videos with songs and I’m unsure how to get around that one😉 thanks for your comment my fellow Maria😁

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    1. I absolutely love to dance!! I made a commitment to myself this year to get back in the dance studio and on my days off that’s exactly what I’m doing!! It feels my soul and my spirit! I’m also looking to teach again too, I miss it so. I focus on little ones ages 3-8 and I call my program Tiny Dancers💃❤

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      1. That’s perfect actually! I took the AM shift today as a favor to my co-worker because she is very sick. Also, I’m trying to save as much $ as I can for Ty’s visit here in 2 weeks !
        Call my later tonight, really looking forward to hearing ALL about it😁🙏

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